The Rain Won't Stop Because You can't Handle More...


The rain won't stop because we can't handle more neither will the birds stop flying whether we like or dislike them. The sun will come out each morning and the darkness will take away the light of the sun, whether we like it or not. The nature of life is just that - we did not create it nor will we stop it despite of what is going in in our personal life.

We cannot imagine what anyone's worst pain is or their greatest joy - to each his /her own. At some point in our lives, we get to realize that nothing is so personal - everything is simply a thing which is not temporary or permanent - it is just what it is.

I like to think that I am on my path and everything or everyone who shows up collides with me or I collide with them. We hang around for a while, we part ways, we skirt around each other to avoid the collision but ultimately we will all collide with who and what we need to, to accomplish our life purpose.

The sooner our little, egoistic minds can let go of all that ""I am being affected"" ""'Why me?' ""I don't deserve this"" the sooner we step into the ever flowing stream of life to be with what is. Don't stress over life... all of life existed before you and I appeared for a little holiday here... and all of life will continue with or without us.

Learn how to dance in the rain and make lemonade with lemons; learn how to go deeper into yourself to find your own worth when no one else can see it. learn how to be at peace with yourself with what you have, not what you don't have.

Best of all, learn how to be the rain and the sun...UNSTOPPABLE.

Can you see it? You are part of the life force and just as the sun can't stop shinning, you too can't be stopped from BEING and LIVING your purpose.

Choose your path... at the end of it all, that is all what you are responsible for.




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