The Slippery Slope

"The road was quite slippery yesterday and a man walking ahead of me skidded on the ice and fell. My first reaction was to avoid the path he had just walked for fear that I too may fall.  However, in a split second, I had another thought which pushed me to walk the same path with a knowingness that I would not fall.  What changed my mind? As the man got up and recovered, I realized that his shoes were not appropriate for walking on the ice - which is the reason he fell. As soon as my brain picked up this information, I also reminded myself that I had sturdy winter boots and there was no reason for me to fall. Afterall, I had already walked a distance and was perfectly fine.  Why change direction now, because of this man's accident.  Therefore I kept on walking and was perfectly fine. As I walked along, I could not help but laugh at myself and how I almost changed my course of direction because  of  this man's experience.  How often we (myself included) make choices purely on other people's experiences, stories and messages that have somehow penetrated our subconscious minds.   We are not all made with the same strengths, weaknesses, attitudes or even tenacity and courage.  I believe that we all carry our own luck,  and the universe, in its grand wisdom, have also built inner knowledge within our cells. Statistics and growing research in all kinds of fields provides generic information to help us make wise decisions - but it does not mean we follow blindly. Question what is ahead of you and TuneIn to your inner intuition so that you can StepUp to respond with your own unique wisdom. Your body, mind and soul knows the answers that are right for you. Create an amazing day! Love, Magdalene"

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