The tragedy of withholding emotions... love, affection, anger, frustration...

"I came to an interesting conclusion today that we withhold love from others when we cannot retu When love is truly love We can express our emotions freely. I can tell you that I love you If I showed you what I looked like, when I feel angry, would you still love me? if I showed you that I really loved you, would you run away from me? If I showed you that Several years ago, one of the therapists worked with asked me, ""Why do you withhold your anger?"" ""What do you mean?"" I asked. I am not angry. She probed further and I went away with a headache as I realized how much anger was really stored in me, disguised as all other names. She said, ""When you go home, you can hit a pillow, cry, vent, write it in a journal... but you got to deal with it."" Anger is one of those emotions that I was taught not to show. We were suppose to be good children and somehow if that ugly face of anger popped up, it meant that something was wrong with us. Today, I know that there is nothing wrong with feeling angry. Anger is an emotion like any other emotion and it calls our attention.

Have you ever witnessed love being ""measured""?

Do you know what I mean?

It is the case where someone is crazily in love with another but before they can express it or commit to the person, they need to check all kinds of things - family history, credit check, criminal records,


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