The WOW effect.

" Some days are dull. Some days are exciting.¬† Some days are boring. Whose responsibility is it to make our days matter? Can we shift our days from being humdrum to adding the WOW effect? I don't believe that we can have WOW days every day but I do believe that we can be proactive¬† to have¬†¬†WOW experiences often enough.¬† WOW experiences helps to¬†boost our energy, lighten our mood and¬†may even change our DNA. ¬†WOW experiences live in our bodies long after the experience, and can¬†transform us by shifting our¬†thinking and helping us to¬†reach for what¬†may have been impossible before.¬† WOW experiences lift our vibration. As our energy rises, others are attracted to us because they can feel the WOW effect all around us.¬† We become playful, excited, joyful, curious and can even be entertaining as well.¬† We can even sell a WOW product and experience to another because it has touched us so deeply. Four of my WOW experiences over the last few months include: a) Watching that giraffe strut pass the land rover at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.¬† The majestic beauty of the creature and the manner in which it claimed it's space, WOWED me. b) Sitting at Washington Square listening to music from various¬†musicians.¬† One evening, there were drummers who were drumming African music and I could feel the music coming from their souls.¬† Each beat left me feeling, ""WOW, they are so talented!"" I was moved to the fact that they chose to bless the¬†square with their talent by showing up at a public park to play music.¬† In one particular instance, an older woman moved as closely as she could to a black musician who was playing a saxophone.¬† His music left memory which WOWED my internal auditory system. c) Experiencing¬† superb customer service¬† in Kenya.¬† I watched young people serve with a smile. They demonstrated proper¬†etiquette and¬† great care for their guests.¬† This happened very often. I thought,¬†""WOW! They are so well trained.¬† They provide excellent customer service."" d) Doing a photo shoot with my friend Nyamulola.¬† When she came through the door, she looked at my face and said, 'WOW! You look so glamorous!"" The impact of the photo shoot was stunning and made me think, ""WOW! I am looking great in those photos!"" Sometimes, we may not even have to create the WOW effect for ourselves.¬† It happens when you are paying attention to what is around you.¬†Nature provides endless opportunities to feel the WOW effect -¬†watch the splendor of a sunrise; walk along a deserted beach;¬†stand on top of a mountain; pick berries; cut fresh flowers; listen to the quiet sounds of a¬†sleeping baby...¬† I am sure that you can think of so many more examples. You can be proactive in ensuring that you put yourself in situations where your passion, interest and likes come together - it is likely that you will find something to say: ""¬†WOW I LOVE this!"" Live your future now... create WOW¬†moments! Love, Magdalene            "

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