Too many goals for 2016?

"There were years when I had no idea what I wanted to achieve and there were also years when I had so many goals that I felt like a failure at the end of the year for not meeting my expectations. Then there were years where I did things a little bit different and voila... I felt accomplished! In 2010, in the midst of a major life transition which left me very demotivated in planning goals, I thought I would escape life by watching 100 movies.¬† You may call it the goal for 2010 but to be honest, for me it was more a way to bury myself in avoiding the real issues which were confronting me.¬† I asked friends for movies and scanned the internet to see all the best movies over the last few years. I curled on the couch in the evenings and escaped into my own little world.¬† Do you know what happened?¬† Most of the movies seem to be speaking directly to me with very clear messages from the actors and actresses and the general storyline.¬† By the end of that year, I made some major decisions which re-directed my life to a better 2011. In 2011, I was in a better space.¬† My theme for that year was '365 Fabulous Days' and indeed I had 365 fabulous days.¬† I even used a Calendar to mark each fabulous day!¬† My days were consciously filled with love and joy.¬† Some days were planned more than other days but what was most important, was that I was purposely directly myself to be present, enjoy living and do things which brought me happiness. In 2012, I started this blog - TuneIn and StepUp.¬† This was an effort to begin my dream of being a writer. I devoted 3 - 4 hours daily to writing about whatever inspired me.¬† As I focused on this one thing, other things also started to fall in place in my life.¬† My soul felt clearer.¬† Words were flowing through my fingers. I found greater joy and excitement in living each day and using my intuition and eyes to see the world through different lenses.¬† I grew my courage to ask strangers for their stories and to take photographs of them.¬†¬† I travelled across countries and cities to cover stories which mattered to me.¬† As my soul expanded, so did my thirst to live a more meaningful life.¬† In 2012, I also met my life partner - through blogging.¬† My main life lesson for 2012, was the importance of listening to the calling of my soul. In 2013, I continued to write and also developed  "

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