TuneIn and StepUp Workshop - New York City, Saturday November 16th, 2013


You are invited to a TuneIn and StepUp Workshop

Date:  Saturday November 16th, 2013

Venue: 438 East 49th street, Brooklyn NY 11203, Top Floor

Time:  10a.m– 1:00p.m

Contribution:  $20.00

RSVP: Tuneinandstepup@gmail.com

What is a TuneIn and StepUp Workshop?

 This is a unique workshop to support people to develop their soul mission and to use tools, techniques and strategies to TuneIN to what they desire to do and to have the courage to StepUp to fulfill that mission.  We all have unique gifts but sometimes we need some support in helping us to use our gifts to serve life in a positive way. What will we be doing?
  • ¬†Meet with an inspiring young woman in Brooklyn, Carla Romain, ¬†who has fed hundreds of homeless people in Brooklyn over the last eight years.¬† I will be documenting part of her journey on Sunday as she feeds the homeless.
  • Learn from her life mission as an inspiration to help us develop our soul mission and create better lives for ourselves and others around us
  • Use some of my own experiences over the last year with my TuneIn and Step Up Journey to engage in some stimulating discussions
  • Discuss some TuneIn¬†and StepUp Challenges for 2014

A little about me:

I am originally from St. Lucia and have been living in Canada for the past 10 years. My educational background is in education and management and I have over 20 years of experience as a  facilitator. In St. Lucia, I worked as a primary school teacher, specialist teacher for blind/visually impaired children and a school principal for the St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association. In Canada, I work as the Director of Employer Engagement for a Non-for-Profit organization in Ottawa.  Our mission is to integrate newcomers into the Canadian Labour Market.  Through this work, I meet hundreds of people each year who are going through a deep transformative process as they create a new life for themselves in a new country.  They show the courage it takes to start a new life.  In the earlier part of my career in Canada, I worked as a facilitator, employment counsellor and project manager.  I also do consulting work in curriculum development, facilitation and organizational planning. Apart from my professional work, I am quite engaged in community activities and support organizations and people to move forward in their lives.  I use my skills in facilitation, coaching, writing, blogging, research, curriculum development and storytelling to get my message across. My Soul Mission: Based on my work and my passion in life, I went through a process last year to develop a Soul Mission Statement for myself so that I can live my life every day from a deep and fulfilling place. This has made a huge difference in simplifying my life and working at things which really matter. My soul mission in this lifetime is to learn and share knowledge which will inspire and motivate others to expand their souls and be inspired to live their own life mission. I live my soul mission by: a) facilitating, training and coaching; b) writing and c) sharing resources and tools with and from others. What have I achieved from living my soul mission?
  • greater joy and fulfilment
  • ability to recognize opportunities which are in alignment to my soul mission
  • a global network of like-minded people
  • fulfilling my passion for writing
  • feeling accomplished ‚Äì that if I died any day now, I feel that I have given my best shot at my life mission now
  • better management of my time and resources
  • less stress
  • excitement for life
  • management of my weight and health
  • greater awareness of how thoughts, words and actions really create the life I live
  • confirmation that our only purpose here on this planet is to figure out what we are here for!
The result of living from my soul mission has been phenomenal!  I have interviewed about 50 people this year,  written and published 75 posts,  have started the writing process for my book to be published in 2014, facilitated many workshops; been an MC for several community events, supported a restaurant by through word of mouth marketing, managed by weight and health much better and generally have had an extraordinary year! I want to support others to do the same!

My Blog: My vehicle for getting my message out there is via my blog which started in January 2013, called TuneIn and StepUp which can be viewed at the website address below. http://tuneinandstepup2013.wordpress.com/ My blog now reaches people in 52 countries with about 5000 hits. I look forward to your participation and for you to join in a TuneIn and StepUp Challenge in 2014. Sincerely, Magdalene"

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