Want lovely skin, free from blemishes? Meet St. Lucian born, Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose, a pioneer in the study of natural herbal medicines.



Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose, A St. Lucian Who Inspires Others

As a tribute to observe St. Lucia’s 35th Independence Day Celebrations on February 22nd, I am featuring 10 St. Lucians on my blog who are making (or have made) a positive difference in uplifting the human spirit and adding inspiration and motivation to the lives of others.  Meet Saint Lucian born, Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose, is a source of inspiration, for women, in particular. She is the owner of Eden Herbs and a pioneer in the study of natural herbal medicines. She rebranded her company and its products and will be launching her new brand, with a soft launch for Saint Lucia’s 35th independence anniversary and an official launch in April 2014. Eden Herbs sprouted from the Caribbean's healthy tradition in natural herbal remedies to blossom into a unique service of health and beauty enhancement ... naturally. This re-branding strategy is aimed at increasing its market share in North America. Dr. St. Rose is passionate about herbal medicine which she describes as exciting, because there are so many health benefits and the line of products has something to offer to everyone. She believes that a healthy person is essentially beautiful, in a state of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing which is manifested through lovely skin - skin free from blemishes, spots, pimples, and rashes. The countenance or expression is the result of an inner peace, which is possible when one is at peace with oneself, God and their fellow human being. The positive mental attitude, which overcomes or accepts difficulties in faith and hope, is another important ingredient for this inner peace. Eden Herbs, strive to enhance your health and beauty, by using completely natural products in agreement with your body and mind. “Our motivation is to restore a patient to the maximum possible state of personal well-being. Herbal remedies do not have the aggressive and invasive action of modern drugs. Instead, they provide the necessary trace elements, vitamins and medicinal substances in a harmonious whole, so as to return you to full health” Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose Dr. St. Rose practices Integrative Medicine privately in Vieux Fort and is the Chief Executive of herbal manufacturing and distribution enterprise - EDEN HERBS. Dr. St. Rose is also the past president of Caribbean Association of Researchers and Herbal Practitioners [CARAPA] and president of Caribbean Association for Plant Science, Industry, Commerce and Use in Medicine. [CAPSICUM]. Dr. St. Rose is the holder of a Diploma in Phytotherapy, from the College of Phytotherapy [Herbal Medicine] - Sussex, England,  a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Wales School of Medicine, General Practice Training at St. George's Hospital Medical School in London, [Commonwealth Scholar award], Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery[{M.B.;B.S.] - University of the West Indies, Distinction in Anatomy, Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] award, based on the UWI open scholarship examinations. Finally, Dr. St. Rose is the past president Rotary club St Lucia South. Dr. St. Rose continues to serve her island, Saint  Lucia, in the area of Integrative Medicine and also as an entrepreneur. She is also very active in her community by demonstrating social responsibility through voluntary organizations like Rotary Club, St. Lucia South. As St. Lucia prepares to celebrate its 35th independent anniversary, Dr. St. Rose stands out as a pioneer in her field, a mother of four and a corporate citizen. Visit Eden Herbs: http://www.edenherbs.com/ TuneIn today to all the people who have been instrumental in shaping your life!  StepUp to express  gratitude to them and let them know how they inspired your life. You can also support my Ist TuneIn and StepUp Challenge by joining us for our Independence Day Gala here in Ottawa where we will further celebrate St. Lucia and St. Lucians. Read more: http://tuneinandstepup.com/2014/02/07/my-1st-tunein-and-stepup-challenge-for-2014-supporting-20-families-who-have-been-affected-by-flooding-in-st-lucia/ This week we have recognized four other St. Lucians  who inspire others through their lives. Read more here: http://tuneinandstepup.com/2014/02/16/three-inspiring-st-lucians-in-ottawa-providing-a-culturally-rich-experience-which-brings-the-caribbean-to-the-people-of-ottawa/ http://tuneinandstepup.com/2014/02/17/recognizing-mrs-ruth-magdalena-louis-a-retired-st-lucian-school-principal-who-save-me-and-inspired-my-life-and-the-lives-of-many-others/ Spread the good karma by sharing this blog! You can also FOLLOW the blog by subscribing to it (on the side bar) or LIKE our  FB page! Contact me if you would like me to highlight someone whom you think is truly inspiring! Love, Magdalene"

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