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My title sounds like one of these commercials trying to sell something - right? I am.  I am hoping to sell the sell the idea of paying attention to our amazing livers which is 'a wellspring of renewed life, a holy place of rejuvenation.  It holds the answers, the power, the truth.  It holds youth.  It's the origin of longevity and the age reversal process.  Your liver.  It is everything when it comes to preserving yourself.""  Anthony William, Liver Rescue.

It is Saturday morning and I  curled up on my favourite sofa, reading my latest favourite book and captivated by the chapter on 'Aging.'  I felt inspired to share through this blog and I hope that you too will share what you are reading by posting in the comment box below.  

 I am completely absorbed in the information which Anthony William provides about the liver.  I am now learning that our amazing liver, if treated properly, has the ability to restore and  heal us from many ailments, including diabetes, fatigue, weight issues, ageing, etc.  The most exciting thing for me, is that the remedies providing in the book are perhaps within the reach of most people. I have discovered the powerful role which apples can play in restoring our livers and the 'danger' of too much fat!   Anthony writes from a deeply spiritual space which makes the reader connect with the liver at a higher level which brings greater lover and appreciation for all that this amazing organ does for our beautiful bodies.""  

A few weeks before I bought the book, I was silently thinking about my liver and whether I was taking care of it properly. One night, I was searching for some information about the liver, and boom - his book came up with the opportunity of pre-ordering it. I did not hesitate for a moment and since receiving it, my knowledge about the liver has expanded a hundred fold. For  several years, I have been detoxifying with lemon water in the morning and having green smoothies with celery, spinach, cilantro, kale, apple etc... which I believe has done wonders for my health.  Now I have some additional tools to keep up with the process of rejuvenation. 

Tune in to your liver.  Can you feel it speaking to you? 

If you take care of your live, your liver will take care of you.   By the way, before settling down to read, I prepared some apple to make apple crisps. It takes 2 hours to get crisp in the oven. You know what I discovered while cutting the apples?  It was the first time ever, that I cut an apple in a circular motion and I loved how lovely the core looks! Apples are amazing for hydration of the liver. 

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