We are all as important as non-important

"   When we understand that all of life is perfect,¬† our pain is transformed to: ""It is what it is.""¬† A veil of peace and comfort warps itself around us, even though we may not quite understand all the pieces of life which has caused us pain. It is the unmet expectations of an 'ideal'which throws us to the deep edges of frustration, lack of fulfilment and even a state of unhappiness¬†or sadness.¬†¬†Subconsciously or consciously, we search for the¬†ideal husband, the ideal wife, the ideal child, the ideal leader, the ideal friend, the ideal job, the ideal house, the ideal car.... the list goes on and on. Is this a superficial illusion? Sometimes, what starts off as an ideal leads to great disappointment. When we are able to take the less-than ideal people and situations and still find peace in our hearts...this is the pah to acceptance of all¬†THAT IS. ¬†We are all as important as we are non-important. We are all light as much as we are darkness. We are all filled with Divinity as much as we are filled with that which is not Divine. When we can accept the less than ideals within ourselves, yet still¬† chose to love ourselves unconditionally, it¬†makes us so much more loving and compassionate in the less than ideal world. Be at peace with yourself. You are a perfect Spiritual Being having a human experience in a perfect world which may seem to be less than ideal. Love, Magdalene Mags Magazine is now released.¬† You can get your copy now.  "

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