What are you welcoming into your life?


I found this cute little sign for my garden. WELCOME. A simple word which brings a deep invitation - for someone? something? an experience?. Until this moment, I never thought of the depth of the word, WELCOME

Most of us use this word to invite or greet others into a space. Most often, AHEAD OF TIME, we will think of creating an experience to welcome them such as providing food and drinks, clean towels, a well made bed, a small present, a well set table, a warm environment, a well thought of experience etc. We can feel when others create a special welcoming experience for us.

Have you ever though of how you welcome yourself into your own life or what you welcome into your life?

I welcome the wonderful gifts of nature into my life.

I welcome people who nurture and support me.

I welcome exerise and good nourishment for my body, which carries me all through the day and night.

I welcome kindness from others.

I welcome the feeling of safely and security wherever I go.

I welcome a work environment which challenges and uplifts my spirit.

By thinking ahead of what you CHOOSE to welcome into your life, you automatically attract more of the same. Eventually, you will realize that you are living a life which welcomes YOU first. This also automatically multiplies and makes it easier to create a welcoming space for others. We cannot treat others better than we treat ourselves... therefore be kind and loving to yourself and it will naturally draw more of the same to you.

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