What is built from within, will stand the test of time.

"The RIO games demonstrate such excellence, passion and commitment at various levels - of the athletes, of families, communities and countries. I admire that resilience, focus and determination of our athletes, both in winning and also not being placed at the top. There is no loser.  I have tremendous admiration for each person who took up the challenge to compete.  Every single act of commitment to our passions is a blessing to the world in one form or another. Their performances remind me that each of them built their skills and competences over a long period of time.  We can apply the same principles in our daily lives and work at molding excellence within us so that whatever we do, whatever we say, wherever we are... we can safely say that, ""This is the best version of me and my efforts in creating excellence within me.""  What is built from within, will stand the test of time. Love, Magdalene"

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