What is the WINNING factor?

"Over the last couple of weeks, I have experienced a bunch of people, including myself - WINNING something or the other, or even WINNING someone! Two of my friends are getting married! Christmas brings on that magical feeling that boosts our feelings of giving and receiving gifts, love and treasures all around us. There are many more opportunities to participate in social activities and most people seem to be in good spirits. At our Christmas staff party, I won a beautiful collection of teas. Several other colleagues also won prizes from performances or by participating in a raffle draw. At a recent fundraiser, two of us won prizes from our tables, after my partner had jokingly sang, ""abakadabrah... abakadabrah"" on our tickets!  We have decided to take him to all future fundraisers! Those wins made me think about many other times I have won prizes such as a $10,000 prize draw for furniture, a job, a box of Christmas gifts, a lunch basket, a wine glass which can hold an entire bottle of wine, etc... what made all those wins come together? Have you won something? During my first year at college, I participated in a Math Competition and won! During the game, my Math Professor whispered to me, ""Your confidence is shaking your opponents.""  At the end of the game they too told me that I was so confident in myself, that they gave up before they even tried to win!  We all laughed but I also knew that they were much brighter at Math than I was! Was my confidence the winning factor? So what is the magic formula for winning? I conclude that it is simply SHOWING UP! You don't stand a chance if you don't show up for opportunities and be willing to take risks. Showing up for our lives means being  present and also being emotionally, intellectually and socially connected to ourselves and others. We show up for our lives when we:
  • speak positive messages to ourselves
  • participate fully in opportunities which are available to us
  • communicate our needs, desires, wants to others
  • allow ourselves to be vulnerable
  • have an open heart
  • be attentive to the needs of others
  • create opportunities where gaps exists
  • are confident that we are winners in every aspect of our lives
  • meditate, dress up, take care of our bodies, exercise and invite good energy into our lives!
There are also our every day wins like waking up healthy, having access to good health care, being part of a loving family, having a job, coping with loss and tragedy in our lives, having our senses intact, having good friends and access to finance, letting go of what no longer serves us. Grab your small wins and consider yourself a winner at life! Remember too that you cannot win the lottery without a ticket! Love, Mags  "

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