When you have a life mission or vision, your life takes on a whole new lease....

I have always known that my life is about helping others. I have memories of myself, when I was just a little girl about 4 years old, sitting outside in the dark crying my heart out because I couldn't help the people in need and was too young to know how to help or even understand that deep emotion that enveloped me so often. My little brain spent hours in the night creating possibilities and solutions to the problems I saw. Interestingly, most of what I created had nothing to do with me... it was mainly about other people and I spent hours asking God to help someone or the other because I believed that God knew everything and all things were possible through that power He had.  Where does a The amazing thing is that God seem to hear many of those prayers or somehow I seem to physically manifest those possibilities my mind seem to create. 


what my mind seem to imagine.  Back then, no one spoke about creative visualization or soul purpose or how people can one can 


 I felt the need to help other people from somewhere deep within me and up to now my empathy towards people have not changed at all. I have tried really hard to change it and to become unobservant to the needs of others but I seem to be rather unsuccessful in doing that.

But was there really a need to change it? Why did I think it was wrong to be that way?

I have gone through so many deliberations about my life purpose trying to choose the perfect career that makes me live whatever this life purpose is supposed to be. After almost a full year going through the process of writing a mission statement (that was harder than I thought) that felt right for my soul, I can safely say that I have written one which resonates with my soul and have pleasantly discovered that while some careers will support it more, I am fully able to carry out my life purpose on a daily basis regardless of where I am or who I am with.

"My soul mission in this lifetime is to learn and share knowledge which will inspire and motivate others to expand their souls and be inspired to live their own life mission. I live my soul mission by: a) facilitating, training and coaching ; b) writing and c) sharing resources and tools with and from others"

I  clearly see why I have been successful at some of the jobs/careers I have followed over the years and why I have been miserable in some others. The jobs that spoke directly to my authentic soul were effortless - I lived within them and there was no separation of my life from the job. It was all one. The synchronicities  that happened during those jobs spoke directly to my authentic soul and allowed me to do those things almost effortlessly because it did not feel like work. I worked as a teacher with elementary school kids and thrived. I worked with children with disabilities and thrived. I worked with teachers and school principals and organizations that needed support and I thrived. I can live my soul mission whether I am having a conversation with the boy next door, or  with my 16 year old daughter or standing before hundreds of people or writing this blog or participating in learning from someone else! It is an awesome thing to realize that I can leave this earth and know fully well that I gave my best to fulfilling that life mission!

As I work right now in the field of employment, I can feel how difficult it is for us to change our careers or find the perfect job.

What is the perfect job?

This powerful feeling of empathy and desire to make a difference in the life of another, resides in my soul and it is a natural part of who I am. For that matter it is my unique strength - NOT a weakness. It gives me an authentic voice to what my soul seem to naturally engage in. But why did I think I have to change it at various points in my life? Somehow, I thought that being at the top of the corporate ladder where I had to get to and to do that I need to be less sensitive and more "stratgetic" and more "structured".

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