Where does your soul speak to you? Where do you speak to your soul?

"A few readers have asked me, ""So what is your soul anyway?"" Since defining my own soul mission, I have engaged in deep conversations with numerous  people who are also on their own soul journey searching for meaning within the various threads that hold their lives together. I use the word ""soul"" quite liberally with an intimate understanding of what it means for myself but one of my favorite authors, Deepak Chopra  defines it in the following way: ""The soul is your core consciousness, it is the ground of your being. It has two components. One is called Jiva, that is the personalized soul that recycles through time on a cosmic journey and it is Karma, memory and desire. The conditioned soul is part of an unconditioned soul called Atman , which is part of the universal soul called Brahman. The purpose of the conditioned soul is to create the evolutionary journey to unity consciousness. We do this through being, love, and creative expressions and through service. The soul is also the co influence in the meaning--context relationship and archetypal stories. The soul is the source of all our lives. It projects as the mind, as the body and the universe of our experiences."" https://www.deepakchopra.com/video/view/210/ask_deepak__what_is_the_soul_ So if the soul is the source of all of our lives, how do we take care of it?  How do we nourish it? In my own soul journey, I have been through times when my soul felt parched and I could feel the life force draining out of me.  During those periods  I had no desire, no energy, no passion. When I look into my own eyes, they looked back at me with a lost look and I remember saying to people close to me ""I feel that I am walking in the dark.  I feel lost and it is as though I have no purpose to live."" But what led to those dry spells where my soul felt so lost?  I had too much going on; I was in the wrong relationship; I disliked something I was doing; I felt untrue to myself; Inspired by the scenery at the cottage of a lovely couple we visited over the weekend.... Sitting on the docks Feet dangling in the water Waves lapping gently against the rocks Eyes feasting on the distant shores of greenery Separated by the shimmering glimmer of cool water A gentle summer breeze blows across my face All I can feel is gratitude for this space As I surrender myself to the space between me and the open blue sky What is deeper that this space of solitude? This space where I can hear my soul and my soul dances with joy So ecstatic to join with Me... it waits so patiently for me to show up...to come home"

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