Why do I care less at 46?

"    Why do I care less at 46? Today, I celebrate my 46th birthday and I have concluded that I don't need to be ""a strong woman"" or an ""independent woman"" or a ""professional woman"" or a ""homemaker"" or ""anything"" kind of woman. I simply want to be a happy¬†person who¬†want to live more¬†happy moments. Just as God made the birds and the trees; the moon and the stars; the heavens and the earth... I too was created as part of the great universe. I have the right to be here. Just as in the life cycle of a flower which blooms and dies, my life too will bloom and die. At the end of my life, I simply want to die knowing that I took full responsibility for this one life I have - MINE. At an earlier part of my life journey, I lived with so much guilt for not fixing all the problems I saw around me and not doing more to show how responsible I was in making the world a better place. Now, I know for a fact, that all of what we gain or lose in this lifetime, has to do with the seeds which we plant in our souls from our previous lifetimes and within this lifetime. Each seed is sown in the moment and each moment should never be taken for granted. Fear and love are the two spectrums which dominate our lives all the¬†times. If all of our moments can be rooted in love, which also roots trust, then we can all learn to care less and live more. Fear roots us in doubt and robs us of our joyful moments. Even when we feel the grips of fear, we can consciously create a better moment by saying, "" I embrace this fear/anxiety/uncertainty which I am faced¬†with in this moment, but I choose to trust that life/God, will take care of me and all my needs will be met.""¬† We can choose to live in love or in fear.¬† We can choose to move from fear and doubt to love and trust.¬† We can do it moment by moment. What is a moment anyway? A breath. A thought. A blink of an eye. A heart beat. A look. A touch. A smile. A feeling. A space. A conviction. A consciousness. A decision. Although I don't have complete control over each moment (God is always in control), I know that I can decide how I want to shape each moment. A pleasant thought, a pleasant feeling, a pleasant action, a pleasant space... collectively each of those moments create the future.¬† We don't need to live the future by projecting our fears. So I care less about all the things and people and situations that create¬†calamities and destruction¬† of people and societies and¬†nature. ¬†I no longer feel the need to fix them. I live for moments that make me feel alive, happy, healthy and joyful. All those moments will vibrate into the same wavelengths of others who choose to live this way and collectively we will create harmony which will result in a better world... but most importantly, my consciousness is fueling my body to LIVE and FEEL happy. The world needs more people rooted in love and trust. Love, Magdalene  "

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