Would I need more money or less money to afford my inspired lifestyle?


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

  As I immerse myself more and more into the simple pleasures of life, I am almost dumbfounded about why and how we ended up complicating our lives with so much stuff, so much work, so much busyness, so much debt, so much clutter, so many wants and needs that don't necessarily add more joy to our lives. I love nature abundantly. It is where I find complete soulful rest. Recently, my partner and I went on a little adventure to a small village called Wakefield in Quebec.¬† As we walked along the waterfront, where the old steam train run many years ago, we saw those ""summer-house boats"" beautifully hinged along the coastline.¬† My heart missed¬†a beat because it responded to this great desire I have within me to live close to the water in the simplest house possible.¬† I don't think it can get simpler than this!

Looking at the simplicity of the house on the water, make me think: How much stuff do we really need? Could I live with just a few kilograms of stuff?¬† Some clothes, some basic pans and pots?¬† Basic furniture? How great it would be to have less space to clean and a grand ocean to look at and more time to read and write? What a relief it would be not to have a mortgage to pay! How wonderful it would be to change my site each day and simply drift along the shoreline? What would I need to afford this lifestyle? It is said that the best things in life are free.¬† Well, I don't think that is¬†true anymore.¬† The lands and oceans were all given to us by our creator.¬† I wonder whether it was ever meant for us to OWN it.¬† We have developed such complex and expensive systems to simply own a piece of land - waterfront is so expensive! We are caught up in a lifestyle of wanting more - funny enough, the list never ends.¬† We bleed our souls to death because we have no time to attend to its yearnings because we are so busy with staying afloat with our everyday lives. This day spent in Wakefield¬†breathed ¬†life back in my soul.¬† It cost nothing to walk along the waterfront or to spend those long hours trailing¬†along the water in the utmost gratitude for the sun that kissed my¬†skin, the fresh air, the beautiful rustic fall colors, the sound¬†of the waterfall and the wind that occasionally blew through my hair.¬†At the end of it, I felt rejuvenated. What can you do to simplify your life? Would you need less money or more money? TuneIn today to what your spirit is longing for.¬† Don't let it bleed to death. ¬†StepUp and¬†¬†give yourself permission to nurture that beautiful spirit in you because it is what you need to restore your balance. Love, Magdalene                    "

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