How I gave $5000 away in a month...

I feel so rich. After attending a conference on Wealth and Finance, I came to the amazing conclusion of how rich I am even when I do not have the actual money in the bank. Surprisingly to me, when I calculated everything which I have given from myself this month, I feel proud to say that I have contributed over $5000 towards my community, my friends and various projects.

Sometimes, we get caught in the trap that we don't have enough money to do the things we want to do and keep on working harder and harder to save or to make more money. We believe that when we have more money, we will be able to give more.

What if we saw our wealth beyond money?

Wealth encompasses our assets, our skills, our experience, our ideas, our social capital and networks - when we start thinking about it deeply, we will realize that we are  WEALTHY and it all begins with a shift in our minds.

How did I give away $5000 in a month?

a) Life Coaching: I have coached about 5 people in the last month on a variety of subjects using my experience and knowledge in the fields of employment, diet, marriage, exercise, depression and helping them to re-think their goals in life. I have invested about 40 hours in this process. If I had to put an actual cost on it, it would be about $2000.00 at a minimum.

b) Offering A Professional Service Free of Charge: When a business colleague asked me to support her in interviewing candidates for a very specific job at her organization, so that she could pick the right person, I immediately agreed. She trusted my professional opinion. It cost about 1/2 a day which is a value of $500.00

c) Designing a Wedding Ceremony and being the Master of Ceremony: It was a pleasure for me to help a dear friend with her wedding plans. I invested about 40 hours in planning, creating a vision, organizing information, researching cultural traditions and rituals, setting up logistics, facilitating processes, marriage counselling, creating and printing the programs and purchasing small items to create the right ambiance. It turned out to be a great success. The actual cost would have been about $3000.00

I can continue giving more examples of how I have used my skills to contribute to others and to life in a meaningful way. For most of my life, I have done lots of volunteer work - it is only that I have never put a cost to what I have given back to the community or my loved ones. As soon as I shifted my perception, I saw myself in a different light - I got excited about how RICH I am to be able to make such an amazing contribution, even when I don't have that money sitting in my bank account. Isn't this cool? Doing those things which I AM GOOD at, has expanded myself in a beautiful way.

I believe when we are aligned with our purpose in life and we feel connected with our soul, we invite miracles and the supernatural in our lives.  We accomplish the impossible, we see all things as perfection, we look beyond daily mishaps and have the feeling of riding on a wave where the Universe hears our biggest and smallest desires.  When I opened my heart to asking the universe to show me my wealth, it provided opportunities for me to see how wealthy I am.

We are all richer than we realize. Today, Tune In to those amazing resources you have and feel your richness. Step Up to use your wealth to serve your community, your family and your loved ones. Do the exercise and put a cost to it...

You too will realize that YOU ARE INCREDIBLY RICH AND TALENTED!!!!

Love, Magdalene      

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