My painting for Ukraine and all those who suffer from war

Over the weekend, I was inspired to paint sunflowers for Ukraine, the people of Ukraine and all those who are victims of war.

In this painting, there are four sunflowers at different stages of life:

an opening bud

a small bloom

a large full bloom

a fading bloom letting go of seeds and sunflower dust

These represent life that never dies. The seeds fall on the ground, the wind blows them across the earth, the birds eat them, the bees feed from them and life gives birth to life.

As long as there are seeds, life will continue to exist. 

There is rain in the background. 

This represents the tears we shed.

The tears of the people of Ukraine.

The tears from those who died


in pain


trying to flee

from bombs and missile strikes

not being able to say goodbye...

The tears of the people left behind

not knowing what happened

not knowing where their loved ones are

with traumas from this unwarranted attack

with haunting memories

trying to make sense of life…WHY?

The white dots represent hope and rising energy

that life never dies

life creates and recreates itself

and every storm runs out of rain


While this painting is for Ukraine, the truth is that it is the same for all those who are experiencing war, torture and battles. 

Everyone deserves the chance to live a dignified life.



'every storm runs out of rain’ is a line by Maya Angelo

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