Taking Care Of Yourself Is Not Being Selfish

I did not always know what it felt like to make myself a priority. Today, I know the peace of mind I have when I can say NO or postpone things which will not add to my well-being … or delete people who suck away at my life energy…or give myself permission to cry because even my tears release anxiety…or take in a new challenge because it stimulates me…or buy an expensive cream… or save money because it gives me peace of mind.

When I feel tired and exhausted, I deplete my own energy plus the energy of those around me.

Think of all the things which you have to do today. Is your well-being on the list?

Each of us are unique and the sense of well-being is different for each of us. For me, a 30 minute walk refuels my energy as well as having a great cappuccino in the middle of the afternoon. Once a week, I like to stay in bed longer without any agenda. Other times, I become intense about achieving a goal because it also refuels my drive to meet my own personal and professional ambitions.

What is clear to me, is that I am consciously creating my agenda to keep myself and my well-being a priority.

How are you making your well-being a priority?



Are You A Leader Who is Giving Wings To Others?

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.” Unknown

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.” Unknown

This video is taken from my FB Live Series at the start of COVID-19. It explores our part in nurturing the talent of the youth around us. Real leaders and visionaries recognize talent very quickly. The true authentic leader knows that they give wings to others and when they do that, their legacy will carry great and positive karma in the future.

What legacy do you want to leave behind as a leader?

View video – Nurturing Talent Around You.

Nature Talent Around You

How do you nurture the youth talent around you?



I Choose Love

As hard as it may seem… choosing love over hate, frees your soul.

The thought that God loves me unconditionally gives me permission to the same for others. A wonderful friend of mine called a few days ago to ask me how I am able to always find good in people, without judging them and meeting them wherever they are in their lives. My personal philosophy is that we are all people in-progress…. moving towards the light. Our paths are different. A person’s bad behaviours doesn’t not define the whole person. The worst person you can find has good in them. I am so far from being perfect… but God’s love does not judge me based on my perfections. God’s love also embraces my imperfections. This love is so pure and is not dependent on anything I do or don’t do. That love sustains me and is constant in my life.
When I think of judging another harshly, I look inwards myself. Because what I see in myself, I see in others.
Our lives and journeys go beyond what we see in the physical world. In the spiritual world, only love exists. Hate carries too heavy a price for me to bear. I choose to send love back to everyone because I know for sure that in the grand scheme of life, all what I give to the universe comes back to me a hundred fold. I live love – it is that simple.

Free yourself from holding grudges against others.
It is not worth the precious time we have to enjoy this beautiful planet. Take ownership for your life. Make it a beautiful one.



Believe In Your Capacity To Set And Achieve Your Goals

Each day I set small and big goals for myself. Sometimes, it is as simple as cleaning one closet or doing a facial or calling a friend. Sometimes it is as big as setting a goal to go back to school. Today, I start a new goal which was planted 15 years ago – to be back at university. I am starting my new MA program – Masters in Migration and Diaspora Studies.

Look out for my next post where I will talk more about my journey and how I eventually got to living this goal.

What I know for certain, is that we have the capacity to set and achieve our goals.

What are your small and big goals?



An Invitation For Newness And Rejuvenation

An easy way to elevate your energy and vibration is to create a clean and inviting space where you love. It opens your heart and soul to receive. Any form of cleansing is an invitation for newness and rejuvenation.

Happy Sunday and wishing everyone a beautiful day. In my part of the world, it is raining. After a restful morning in bed, we had a lovely brunch and then I ventured to do some cleaning – putting away summer stuff and preparing to welcome another favourite season – Fall.

There is something profoundly beautiful about cutting flowers from my garden and bring them indoors. It lifts the space immediately. An easy way to elevate your energy and vibration is to create a clean and inviting space where you love. It opens your heart and soul to receive. Any form of cleansing is an invitation for newness and rejuvenation.

Have an awesome Sunday.

How do we forgive those who hurt us?

Forgiveness…. this can be a heavy word for some. We are all vulnerable to being hurt at some point in our lives. One thing I know for sure, based on my own life experiences, is that forgiving frees my soul. It creates space for me to attract more beautiful things in my life rather than to harbour hurts which drain my energy.

Here is a short video from Mags Morning Inspiration to inspire your thoughts on forgiveness.




Replace Worry With Trust

We worry about what happened yesterday. We worry about today. We worry about tomorrow. Worrying is a habit which we learn and one which sucks our emotional wellbeing. We can slowly and surely replace worry with new habits like trusting that everything will be fine, even if we don’t understand how. The more we trust God, our Creator, the Universe, in meeting all of our needs, the lighter and happier we become. Trust that all of your needs will be met.


Replace worry with trust

#4 Soul Inspiring Places

I enjoy travelling. It is as simple as this.

At the start of COVID-19, I decided on one goal for myself – this is to develop my digital skills. This was in April 2020. Since then I have done several things including starting a Mags FB Live session at 9:00a.m. which I later branded as #magsmorninginspiration and then a new series #Soulinspiringplaces. Both of these have now been added to Mags Magazine.
Working through this process has been rewarding, educational, thought provoking and has made me become more aware of the story teller inside of me which is longing to be more visible to the world.
This project kept me motivated through COVID-19 and will continue to be a focus for me. It is not perfect yet but I learnt to let go of perfection a long time ago and embrace myself, my life and my experiences as a work in progress… always excited about my ‘what’s next?’
Did you set any goals during the COVID-19 period?

Here is my latest video: #4 Soul Inspiring Places – Britannia Park

What places inspire you?

What places make you feel more aligned to your soul and spirit as you walk through them?

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LEGACY MAPS is a Mags Magazine Signature Workshop.

LEGACY MAPS creates a space for an interactive, practical and soul filling workshop to support individuals to create their personal legacies. This workshop goes beyond vision boarding to provide a bird eye’s view of our lives on our personal LEGACY MAP. It takes into consideration all the key elements of a person’s life – purpose, career, family, health and well being, finance, community and most importantly, brings to the forefront, the question: “What is the legacy which I want to leave behind?

Length of time: 8 hours (over 2 days)

July 24th and July 8th from 3p.m. – 7p.m.


Most of us know what we want to do but we get stuck for all kinds of reasons and need a little bit of support to move forward in our life missions. There are only 24 hours in a day and it seems almost impossible to fit everything in. However, when we are not focused or we don’t have a plan, we cannot measure our progress! In some cases, we settle for much less that what we are capable of achieving.

Workshop participants will be able to:

a) Engage in a multi-sensory experience to start the process of identifying with their life purpose or to re-confirm that they are on the right track in living their life purpose

b) Write a first draft of their Legacy Statement

c) Create a timeline which marks major turning points in their lives

d) Reflect on turning points to identify losses, gains, lesson, rewards along with emotional ties which may be nurturing or stifling progress

e) Develop a Legacy Map to tell a new storyline which invites passion and a commitment to take actions to create their personal legacy

f) Reflect on their legacy roots, make decisions and take action about how to honour those legacy roots


“A full way to learn fast and find my own inspiration from past to build my future.”

“This session with Magdalene makes me feel that it is ok to look at myself in order to know how I can help people’s struggles, help other women and also myself. I felt so comfortable.”

“Thank you. Very enlightening”

“It was useful because I can project my future and to prepare me to create my own business”

“The session was very enlightening and empowering. I am now ready to prepare myself for a future project.”

“It was very fundamental, educational and inspirational. Much more than I was looking forward to learn.”

“Magdalene, I appreciate you coming to this session with us. I have learnt that now I can try my soulful encounter.”




Would You Give a Stranger Your Car?

I am grateful to meet earth angels like Ben and his family. It is admirable that a total stranger would hand over his car keys and trust that everything would be fine.

On the evening of May 29th, my daughter Dawn and I went to Canadian Tire to buy a bike for her. After a long and painful wait, we finally got the bike. However, when we got to our car, the bike would not fit in the car.

The gentleman in this picture was sitting in his car, watching us struggle with the bike. He came over and offered to help us but the bike was simply too long to fit into our car. Dawn suggested that she could ride home but it was too far and she was not familiar with that part of the city. We both felt frustrated. The man’s wife and sister-in-law came to help but to no avail!

Mentally, I started running a list of names of friends who had large vehicles but unfortunately not a single person I could think of had a large enough vehicle to accomodate the bike.

“How far do you live?” the gentleman asked.

“About 15 minutes away,” I responded.

“Here is the key to my car. My car can take the bike. Why don’t you use my car to take the bike home and come back here to meet me. My wife and sister-in-law will be shopping and I am sure that they will be in the shop for a long time!”

I was not sure what to make of the offer. Dawn and I looked at each other in confusion. Was this man for real? Was he really giving us the keys to his car when we had no idea who he was? What about Covid-19? So many thoughts run through my mind as I stared at the bike, my daughter, the man and his car. Realistically, what were our options? The bike would certainly have to get home… in someone else’s vehicle! After some persuasion, I nervously accepted the offer, took the keys and we transferred the bike to his car.

Dawn and I drove to our house nervously. I can’t remember when last I drove someone else’s car. You have no idea how much cortisol flowed through my body to the point where my mouth was completely dry! I prayed fervidly to God to help us get home safely. We were so grateful when we arrived home!

On the way back to drop off the car, Dawn stopped at the grocery story to pick up a hanging basket for the family. We got back to Canadian Tire safely. I have never been more relieved. She gave them the flowers which we had to insist that they had to accept. We chatted for a while and at the end, the man whose name is Ben, said: “We do this kind of thing all the time, helping others. Just pay it forward.”

I am grateful to meet earth angels like Ben and his family. It is admirable that a total stranger would hand over his car keys and trust that everything would be fine.

Would you give a stranger your car in a situation like this?

With all what is going on in the world right now, we need more people like Ben and his family. May the Creator of this amazing universe continue to bless them.

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.” Dalai Lama

Listen to my latest video: How can you make a difference?

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