Claim Your Magnificence

This beauty greeted me in the garden this morning. It is one of my favourite flowers. I fell in love with it when I first saw it in the store and could not leave the store without it. It was the most beautiful and largest hibiscus flower which I had seen compared to other hibiscus flowers. It presence says; “Look at me! I am magnificent!” Each summer, I look forward to those beautiful blooms and I have the same reaction each time: “You are so magnificent!”

The hibiscus does not need seek any kind of reassurance from us to claim it’s divine beauty. It survives the winter and takes about four months after spring to bloom. It shows it’s magnificence by simply being itself. Those who have eyes for such beauty will find it and embrace it. Others may pass by unaware of it’s presence. Their lack of interest in it’s magnificence does not take away from it’s beauty or presence.

As individuals, we are all blessed with our unique gifts and talents. We all have a special space in this great universe. We were all created with a purpose. However, sometimes we get discouraged when we don’t feel appreciated, loved and acknowledged by others. It is important for us to claim our magnificence every day and be like the hibiscus. “Look at me! I am magnificent!” If you believe this of yourself, then others will believe it too. Do not let someone else’s approval determine your magnificence. YOU are magnificent. Claim it.

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Hold on to your real girlfriends – your soul healers

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Today I met a friend for tea and chat. It was after lunch and I was hungry for a little sweet desert. How can you resist lovely coconut macaroons that sit right on the counter at the coffee shop? I looked at her, nudging towards the macaroons. She shook her head and she said no. I really wanted it but did not want to eat a whole little macaroon, especially as I have just started my exercise routine again.

I looked at her again and said, “Let us buy one. We will share the calories.” We both started to laugh at the thought of sharing the calories. Even the server laughed with us as he engaged wordlessly with us. The broad smile on his face showed that he was pretty amused with our conversation. I instructed him to cut the little macaroon exactly in half so that the calories were shared equally. We laughed even more as we watched him perform the task to perfection. We laughed throughout our teatime, while taking tiny little bites in the little half of the macaroon, trying to savor it as much as possible. Surprisingly, the little macaroon lasted a long time! 

The one hour we had booked for tea and chat went by quickly. I felt my spirit soar as I left her. Laughter has a way of healing, restoring and bringing a joyful, light spirit to a space. “Remember how beautiful and talented you are.” I told her as we said goodbye. “Don’t let anyone take that away from you.” And we laughed some more until we went our separate ways.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, my simple message to my women friends is to remember that half a macaroon can bring so much joy when shared over a cup of tea, a heartfelt conversation, a sincere spirit and loads of laughter. Though our ups and downs, joys, successes, failures and pains of work, romances that bloom and those that leave us in the dump, entrepreneurship and raising a family, remember that #realgirlfiends are soul healers. Hold on to those women you can connect with effortlessly and pour your heart out to without any filters. Hold on to those women who will hold your hand and walk through the fire with you. Hold on to those who will bear no judgement against you, even when you know that you did the most foolish, illogical thing.

Thanks to all my wonderful girlfriends, sisters and soul sisters for the awesomeness you bring to my life. Thank you for sharing your life with this earth planet and letting your light shine brightly.

Remember to celebrate yourself every single day. YOU are awesome!



Are you manifesting what you truly desire in your life?

“Wait, I have something for you.” My neighbour told me as we chatted between our two houses, on a snow covered lawn.  Wilson and I had arrived home just at the same time that she and her son Damon, drove in. Since being back home from Rwanda, we had barely seen them.  She quickly slipped into her house and came back with a poinsettia plant, in full bloom.  “I got this for you to support Damon’s club’s fundraising drive.” she said.  Damon is her 7 year old son whom we are very fond of.

I walked inside with the poinsettia bloom and the only words which popped into my head were, ‘How beautiful it is to manifest from thought!”


A couple of days earlier, I was at the Home Depot and wanted to buy a poinsettia plant.  I talked myself out of it because at that moment, I could not quite figure out exactly where I would place it in the house.  The plants seem to be a bit too big for my space.   I decided that I would try to find a smaller plant.

Damon’s mom, gave me exactly the size of the plant which was a perfect match to my space.   It could easily fit on the table or on a little stand which I have in my living room.

There is something magical and reassuring about manifesting things or experiences which I really want. It makes me feel that the universe always has my back, even in the smallest ways.  How can a poinsettia show up for me, when all I did was decide that I needed a smaller plant, instead of a big one.  I said ‘No’ to the big plant quite freely.

Well… I just said it, this is one part of the magic of manifestation – DECIDE.  What is it that you want?  To say YES to something, means that you have to say NO to something else.  To say NO to something which is not in alignment with you, creates SPACE to say YES to that which you really desire.

I have noticed some trends in my life that when I am not sure about what I want or what to do, I seem to manifest exactly that – confusion, indecision, contradiction! Being undecided is also being decisive. The  universe gives me exactly what I am thinking and feeling.

What I have learnt, is to be mindful of the messages, emotions and attitudes which I hold moment by moment. In each moment, we have the poser to choose. We can all begin with clear thinking, a deep heartfelt desire and take both small and big actions to manifest our desires.

Here are a few questions for you to think about:

  1. How do you experience life?  As a negative or positive experience?
  2. What shows up in your life?  Happiness?  Contentment?  Joylessness?  Confusion? Stress?  Lack of support? Lots of support? Helpful people?  Unhelpful people?
  3. What do you give back to life?  Support?  Love? Joy?  Happiness? Joyfulness?
  4. What do you sincerely want to manifest?  A job?  A better job? A home?  A better home?  A caring family?  More money?  More time?  More self-care?  A larger table?  An education? Travelling experiences?
  5. Try to develop a vision of what that thing you want.  What does it look like?  How does it feel? Can you write it? Draw it?  Get a photo of it?

I know for sure that I (and all of us) hold the magic of manifesting our desires by unlocking the right doors to our thoughts, emotions and actions.  Unlocking those magical doors can increase our manifestations but it requires the discipline of constantly taking note of what is showing up in our lives and making quick decisions about what we CHOOSE to KEEP and what we CHOOSE to RELEASE.

In my next post, I will look at 10 things which we can do to increase our vibrational frequency and manifest more of what we desire!

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Are you letting ‘comfortable sadness’ feel like ‘happiness’?

Another day on the couch.

A promise that I will ‘start again’ tomorrow.

A unreturned phone call or email.

A ‘stop bothering me’ attitude.

A blanked out mind.

A blurred day at work.

An empty feeling lying in bed.

Another drink.

Another slice of cake.

Another tantrum.

No visitors.

No place to visit.

No invitations.

A day goes by. A week goes by. A month goes by. Three months go by. Six Months go by. One year goes by. Five years go by. A decade goes by.

A lifetime vanishes.

Sometimes, one event happens in our lives that seem to throw us off our equilibrium.  A feeling of rejection, the loss of a job, the unruly child, the ungrateful friend, squabbling parents, the unattained dream, the loss of loved ones, the guilt of living after loss, a financial crisis… the list can go on.

Shutting the door to the world and ‘being alone’ behind closed doors, in our own bubbles, seem to even protect us. This is the furthest from truth as it could get. Human beings happiness comes from being of service, being useful and supporting life. Without this ‘contributing energy’, it is easy for us to feel purposeless.

The system seem to wear us down and a fog settles over us, like a comfortable blanket.

As my son Jelan, once said to me, “Comfortable sadness can almost feel like happiness.”

He was about 18 at the time, but has always been quite a reflective, out of the box thinker. Our conversation that morning hinged on how we ‘see’ life from our various perspectives, drawing specific reference to the vision which a giraffe has of the world is different when compared to a turtle. Our conclusion was that a person’s vision is unique to them – they can only see as far as their unique level.

The conversation expanded to our general disposition in life and how we perceive others and how others may also perceive us. He said something which left quite an impact on my mind:

“Comfortable sadness can almost feel like happiness.”

How profound. How true.

It made me realize that sometimes we hold on to sadness or any other broken emotion,  because it is comfortable and easier to live with. To step away from that feeling will require greater effort from us… and why bother?

We perhaps don’t know what it is like to be happy or may have even decided that we don’t deserve to be happy. Sometimes, we repeat our unhappy stories until we make them become ‘how’ our lives should be. Even when opportunities to be happy are begging us to join in the vibrancy of happiness, it is more comfortable to remain in our sadness. Sadness can even become a way of life and eventually defines our personalities, our lives and even the relationships which we share with others.

it is important to fight back to claim our rightful spaces on this earth because we were all born to contribute something meaningful to Mother Earth.  I admire Jelan’s optimistic nature and how he explores his life from all angles to engage in living a fun, happy and fulfilled life.

You can change this comfortable sadness to a conscious decision to be happy.

Do one small thing for someone else.

Start a conversation.

Make a phone call.

Go for that walk.

Read a good book.


Look for a ways to connect with real people.

I believe that each time the universe feels our happiness, there is a global shift in human consciousness towards greater love, compassion and kindness… and even with one single breath of happiness… the entire world beams.

I believe that sadness does the same thing… every single moment of sadness, also creates a global shift in human consciousness towards greater despair and fear.

It is  O.K. to be sad but don’t let sad moments turn into a lifetime of sadness.

It is O.K. to be happy. Multiply your happy moments over and over again.

Affirmations for the day:

I am happy.

I choose happiness as my way of life.

I embrace laughter, joy, fun… as much as I can… as I push beyond my boundaries

I am so delighted with all the wonderful people, great opportunities, amazing places and beautiful moments which this world is blessing me with every day.

Being happy is a decision.

Getting up from the couch is a decision.

Making that phone call is a decision.

Let us make some good decisions and live joyfully… it is our birthright.  Don’t let comfortable sadness deny you of a happy, fulfilled life.



Want to look and feel younger with more energy?

My title sounds like one of these commercials trying to sell something – right? I am.  I am hoping to sell the sell the idea of paying attention to our amazing livers which is ‘a wellspring of renewed life, a holy place of rejuvenation.  It holds the answers, the power, the truth.  It holds youth.  It’s the origin of longevity and the age reversal process.  Your liver.  It is everything when it comes to preserving yourself.”  Anthony William, Liver Rescue.

It is Saturday morning and I  curled up on my favourite sofa, reading my latest favourite book and captivated by the chapter on ‘Aging.’  I felt inspired to share through this blog and I hope that you too will share what you are reading by posting in the comment box below.  

 I am completely absorbed in the information which Anthony William provides about the liver.  I am now learning that our amazing liver, if treated properly, has the ability to restore and  heal us from many ailments, including diabetes, fatigue, weight issues, ageing, etc.  The most exciting thing for me, is that the remedies providing in the book are perhaps within the reach of most people. I have discovered the powerful role which apples can play in restoring our livers and the ‘danger’ of too much fat!   Anthony writes from a deeply spiritual space which makes the reader connect with the liver at a higher level which brings greater lover and appreciation for all that this amazing organ does for our beautiful bodies.”  

A few weeks before I bought the book, I was silently thinking about my liver and whether I was taking care of it properly. One night, I was searching for some information about the liver, and boom – his book came up with the opportunity of pre-ordering it. I did not hesitate for a moment and since receiving it, my knowledge about the liver has expanded a hundred fold. For  several years, I have been detoxifying with lemon water in the morning and having green smoothies with celery, spinach, cilantro, kale, apple etc… which I believe has done wonders for my health.  Now I have some additional tools to keep up with the process of rejuvenation. 

Tune in to your liver.  Can you feel it speaking to you? 

If you take care of your live, your liver will take care of you.   By the way, before settling down to read, I prepared some apple to make apple crisps. It takes 2 hours to get crisp in the oven. You know what I discovered while cutting the apples?  It was the first time ever, that I cut an apple in a circular motion and I loved how lovely the core looks! Apples are amazing for hydration of the liver. 

Remember to let us know of your favourite books! 



Laugh… it clears away stagnant energy

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” Khalil Gibran
Laugh 2

She told me that she found me in the big room by following the sound of my laughter. That, made me laugh and she also started to laugh. Our laughter rang through the room and we suddenly both become conscious that we were being looked at.  We quietly stifled  and  reduced our  laughter to a giggle but the glimmer in our eyes was probably louder as we found our own little quiet spot.

She said that my laughter brought her joy and that she seldom heard this hearty laugh anywhere. I don’t know why I laugh so spontaneously and I have found myself in trouble several times because of this laughter that rises like a drunkard from somewhere deep in my soul. Last year, a few colleagues and I were asked to stop laughing in an empty café because our laughter was too much for owner. We never went back to that café and I have often wondered why our laughter bothered the owner of the café so much.  She did not seem happy either.   Sometimes, I am very unconscious of my laughter until someone draws my attention to it.  I laugh because some things are funny but I also laugh when faced with situations that are quite serious and the only way to calm my nerves is to laugh.

But here is what I think about laughter: Each time I laugh, I feel that angels come running to my space and they dance around me as long as my laughter lasts. When I am worried, I laugh to make the angels hurry along even more. Do you know what else? I think that laughter clears stagnant energy and the angels come to sweep away all the webs of anxiety or fear that is trapped  around my energy field.

Not surprisingly, research is proving that laughter has similar benefits to exercising!  There are even laughing classes now to teach people how to laugh!

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” E. E. Cummings






Congratulations to our photographer – Nyamulola Kambanji


20160621_170327Mags Magazine would like to congratulate our talented photographer, Nyamulola Kambanji,  for being the photographer for the WOW (Welcoming Ottawa Week) award winners! She did an incredible job with the photographs!

Mags Magazine has been the recipient of your work and your passion continues to shine! You are a great example of living your passion.

Congrats to all the award winners for reaching out to newcomers from your heart and creating a lasting impact in their lives.


Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) is an annual, week-long series of dialogues, cultural and celebratory events, sports activities, documentary screenings, and other fun events designed to convey the genuine welcome and hospitality of Ottawans to newcomers, while providing opportunities for quality interactions between residents, old and new. To learn more about WOW please click here.

Exhibits will remain at City Hall until July 3rd.  If you are in Ottawa, do visit the exhibits and learn more about those great individuals.