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Every week, Mags will feature someone who has tuned in and stepped up to do something about their life mission, purpose or simply taking action to meet their goals.

July 5th, 2015:

IMAG3227“Life is about ebb and flow… and it is about being self-aware enough about what is going on in your life to know when you need to change something. Ask yourself, ‘Is this where I want to be? Where do I want to go?’ By thinking more about those questions, you will be inspired to make the changes you need to make to allow your life flow again.” Shaundra Oelsner, Senior Associate, Sunlife Financial.

Shaundra and I reconnected again after several years of not seeing each other.  This woman inspires me with her contagious laughter, big heart and the courage she had to make a major career change a few years ago when she transitioned from her 20 year career in Nursing. One day, she asked herself, “Will my salary as a nurse – even at it’s maximum – enable me to see my kids through university?”  Her  answer was “NO”.   This awareness caused her to explore an opportunity in the Financial Services Sector with Sunlife Financial.  She is now a Senior Associate and a Recruiting Manager and she has never regretted making that change.  She is thrilled that she tuned in to her financial needs and had the courage to step up to pursue a new career path which has enabled her to meet her financial goals.

By taking that one step several years ago, Shaundra started living her future.

What inspires you?  What change do you need to make?  What motivates you to make that change?

Live your future  NOW by taking a simple step to move yourself forward.



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One Comment on “Mags Weekly Feature

  1. There is nothing like a garden to lift one’s spirits and make one who owns it feel creative. It also makes one appreciate nature even more than she/he might have done, and give you respect for the great creator.

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