Mags Morning Inspiration

One of my soul projects at the start of Covid-19 was to develop my digital skills and have the confidence to do some live shows. I also wanted to facilitate some soul-discussions over zoom and were able to do a couple of great ones including ‘The Global Connect’ which brought a group of amazing artists together! We also did another one with Wilson Jn. Baptiste, exploring the Power of Language During Covid-19. There are more to come! This has kept me busier than I could have imagined but it is reinforcing for me that “when we are aligned with our soul mission, everything falls in place!”

Here are a few videos from my FB page which you may enjoy! Do drop a line, let me know how you are doing and remember that you can support my work by liking, sharing and commenting.

Videos from Mags Morning Inspiration:

How Do You Deal With Loss?

Nurture The Talent Around You

Be Engaged In The Now

Let Healing Power Flow Through You

Being an Inspiration for Others

Risk being seen and being known for all your splendor, beauty and awesomeness

Inspiring Great Leadership

How do we help to ground others with our intentions, words and energy?

My Mom’s Legacy

See the God Force Everywhere

Keep Your Life Simple

The Rain Won’t Stop Because You Can’t Handle More

How Have Words Shaped Your Past and Your Future?

Gratitude has the Power to Transform Our Lives



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