A Million Blessings Between the Earth and the Sky…

Yesterday I wrote a small blog about how changing perspectives can change your results. While I was lying on the ground getting the photos of the sunflowers, I had an awakening moment of the limitless space and blessings between the earth and the sky. Now, I see the sky everyday and I walk and live on the surface of the earth so what jolted this wakening? In that particular moment, with a few view of the clear, blue sky with my back against the green grass, I felt a deep surge of gratitude flow through my body. I felt blessed feeling the sun on my skin and being able to experience the space between the earth and the sky. What limitless blessings we have in this space!

As I returned to my routines I found myself reflecting more about my awakening moment. We have over one million blessings between the earth and the sky – we only need to tune in to what flows to us more often. Often, I find myself rushing through my many activities during the day – so I know that there is a sky and an earth but I don’t tune in often enough to feel that huge sense of gratitude for all that exist in this limitless space. The best part is that most of those blessings are free. I am grateful that I have my senses to see and experience this beauty; friends to spend time with; a warm cup of coffee to enjoy; a book to read; a person to meet from a different culture; big and small animals to watch; planes that fly through the skies; plants that inspire me to garden; children to remind me of the beauty of youth; the dying to remind me to embrace and live life as fully as I can.

I like to think that I am on vacation here on this earth. I want to tune in and enjoy all the blessings between the earth and the sky – millions of blessing! I believe that the more we can count our blessings, the greater our blessings will be.

What blessings can you count now?

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Need to change perspective to get a different result?

I had a little burst of inspiration to get photos of my sunflowers this morning from an unusual perspective. I found myself lying flat on my back even crushing some of my other plants so that I could capture those gorgeous blooms against the brightness of the blue skies. This required much more effort than other shots which I have taken in my entire life. As I look at these photos, I think of how looking at something from a different perspective can make all the difference between boring and exciting; low yield vs high yield; high quality life vs low quality life; living from a place of limitation or expansion. Our perspectives can lift us or drown us; build us or destroy us; take advantage of opportunities or let opportunities pass us by.. and it is all up to us to figure out when to change perspective, let go of a perspective or adopt a new perspective.

Sometimes it means giving a bit more, going the extra mile and even enduring some discomfort along the process.

What perspective have you changed that brought in a different result for you?



A Lavender Sprig to Soothe Your Soul and a Candle to Light Your Path…

Do you know what I keep on thinking about? How easy life can be lived with simple pleasures which require creativity and passion. It is hard to believe, even for myself, that an hour in my garden, without any disturbances, is enough for deep rejuvenation. And my lavender plants make it so worthy with their sweet, lingering fragrance.

This is one of my new lavender plants. My older lavender plants did not grow this year and I was very disappointed. To make up for my disappointment, I bought some new ones. They grew rapidly and surprised me when they bloomed towards the end of summer. One of my favourite moments in the day is gently pulling at the sprigs with my fingers and slightly crushing them to release the sweet fragrance, which lingers on my fingers for quite a while afterwards. Each time I do this, I am reminded of the quote by Mark Twain which states: “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” How profound and deep.

To make the experience more magical and intimate, sometimes I light a candle next to the lavender plants in the purple candleholder. At dusk, the lit candle makes the garden look ever so inviting and enchanting.

So here is a little postcard for you with a lavender sprig to soothe your soul and a candle to light your path. Be well. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Where beauty does not exist, create it.



Don’t allow moments of unhappiness to become a lifetime of unhappiness

I found this sign against a boutique in West Port, Ontario and I think that every word is true but also it is not always easy to live up to these words.

It is in our human nature to get upset, disgruntled and unhappy with people in our lives. Don’t allow moments of disruption or unhappiness to become a lifetime of unhappiness. Five bad minutes of your day does not have to spoil your entire day. We can develop a mindsel to simply say, ‘this moment will not define my day or my life.’ Make up, apologize, ask for forgiveness… do whatever you need to do deposit a little drop of goodwill in the energetic field around you and move on.

Ask yourself if this moment of unhappiness is worth carrying on for the rest of your life. If you died today or tomorrow, would you have any regrets?



Another Dream Come True

I have fantasized about walking through a vineyard more times than I can count. My fantasy became true today! One item checked off from my bucket list!

I must confess that I have felt jealous when my friends talk about their vineyard experiences. I have researched countless vineyards across Ontario and Quebec and drooled over the photos and the experiences from the visitors. Each summer (for the last 6 summers), I have had it on my list of things to do but somehow never got to it. What is it that draws me to a vineyard? I believe that it all started from reading romance novels when I was in my teens. The couples who walked through the vineyards were always in love and the vineyard seems to be a perfect place to walk and celebrate their love. Some couples even got married at vineyards. I also love wine and grapes. So if you put it all together my attraction to vineyards can be summed in three words: romance, grapes and wine!

This is another re-affirmation for me that we simply need to keep on reminding ourselves of the things which we want to experience in this lifetime. The earth is our school as much as it is our playground. Whatever we can imagine has the potential of becoming our reality. Keep your visions, dreams and ideas alive by constantly revisiting them. They may not happen right away but don’t lose hope – as long as it is in the vortex, it is only a matter of becoming aligned for the manifestaion to happen.

Here are some photos to enjoy. Being in nature is the best thing for the spirit.

What is on your bucket list? Do you need to create a list of the things you wish to experience in this lifetime? Start today and go after each one!



What is the WINNING factor?

What is the winning factor for you?

Mags Magazine

Over the last couple of weeks, I have experienced a bunch of people, including myself – WINNING something or the other, or even WINNING someone! Two of my friends are getting married!

Christmas brings on that magical feeling that boosts our feelings of giving and receiving gifts, love and treasures all around us. There are many more opportunities to participate in social activities and most people seem to be in good spirits.

At our Christmas staff party, I won a beautiful collection of teas. Several other colleagues also won prizes from performances or by participating in a raffle draw.

Gemma, Aranjit and I

At a recent fundraiser, two of us won prizes from our tables, after my partner had jokingly sang, “abakadabrah… abakadabrah” on our tickets!  We have decided to take him to all future fundraisers!

Chinese Community Centre win

Those wins made me think about many other times I have won prizes such as a $10,000 prize draw…

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Claim Your Magnificence

This beauty greeted me in the garden this morning. It is one of my favourite flowers. I fell in love with it when I first saw it in the store and could not leave the store without it. It was the most beautiful and largest hibiscus flower which I had seen compared to other hibiscus flowers. It presence says; “Look at me! I am magnificent!” Each summer, I look forward to those beautiful blooms and I have the same reaction each time: “You are so magnificent!”

The hibiscus does not need seek any kind of reassurance from us to claim it’s divine beauty. It survives the winter and takes about four months after spring to bloom. It shows it’s magnificence by simply being itself. Those who have eyes for such beauty will find it and embrace it. Others may pass by unaware of it’s presence. Their lack of interest in it’s magnificence does not take away from it’s beauty or presence.

As individuals, we are all blessed with our unique gifts and talents. We all have a special space in this great universe. We were all created with a purpose. However, sometimes we get discouraged when we don’t feel appreciated, loved and acknowledged by others. It is important for us to claim our magnificence every day and be like the hibiscus. “Look at me! I am magnificent!” If you believe this of yourself, then others will believe it too. Do not let someone else’s approval determine your magnificence. YOU are magnificent. Claim it.

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