Do we need money or courage to live our soul purpose?

“Sometimes I am broke, but God always sends a miracle.”

One of my inspiring moments in 2012  was a conversation with a young woman I met only once in the sauna who shared part of her life journey with me. She was vibrant and had an incredible warmth around her and a captivating smile – the kind of person you are drawn to immediately.

She is a single mother of 4 kids, one with a disability.  She works in the evening as a cleaner. With her earnings, she supports 43 people in her home country by sending  $600 to her home country every month, which provides food and basic needs for each one. These 43 people are mostly the elderly whom she left back after the war in her country.

It is amazing how $600 provides enough food and comfort to 43 people because the cost of living is so much lower and lifestyle is simple.  The most important need is food.  It is even more amazing that with her humble earnings, she is able to make this money multiply to feed her family and those extra 43 people. 

We spoke about the challenges of meeting this commitment each month and  she must have realized that I was calculating to see how it is possible to do so much with so little, based on her own family needs.

 “It is not about calculating money like this, it is about having the courage to do the right thing.”  She responded to my unasked question.    “Sometimes I am broke, but God always sends a miracle.  I believe that I am doing what I am here to do. If I die today, I will die in peace and that is what is important.”

I felt very humbled as I listened to her story and we exchanged life experiences in the warmth of the sauna.   I felt ashamed of myself for complaining about the things I think that I cannot do because I think I don’t have enough.  Here was this young woman saying to me “Life is bigger than our calculations.  Have the courage to be.  Decide what you can do for others and stick to the commitment.” 

There are angels walking among us all the time. Sometimes, their wings touch us and inspires a change in our hearts.  They are not necessarily popular or rich or  super stars. They are just ordinary people who can fly because they are in alignment to their purpose…and all things work in  perfection because they have faith and their vision is bigger than what we see with our naked eyes. 

They are free to be and that freedom comes from within.

Are we lacking money or courage? 

I would love to hear of the angels whose wings have brushed against yours.  Do share your experiences with us.

TuneIn to the angels around you and StepUp to be an angel for someone. There is a beautiful angel is each of us, longing to be found.



The Slippery Slope

The road was quite slippery yesterday and a man walking ahead of me skidded on the ice and fell. My first reaction was to avoid the path he had just walked for fear that I too may fall.  However, in a split second, I had another thought which pushed me to walk the same path with a knowingness that I would not fall. 

What changed my mind?

As the man got up and recovered, I realized that his shoes were not appropriate for walking on the ice – which is the reason he fell.

As soon as my brain picked up this information, I also reminded myself that I had sturdy winter boots and there was no reason for me to fall. Afterall, I had already walked a distance and was perfectly fine.  Why change direction now, because of this man’s accident.

 Therefore I kept on walking and was perfectly fine.

As I walked along, I could not help but laugh at myself and how I almost changed my course of direction because  of  this man’s experience. 

How often we (myself included) make choices purely on other people’s experiences, stories and messages that have somehow penetrated our subconscious minds.   We are not all made with the same strengths, weaknesses, attitudes or even tenacity and courage.  I believe that we all carry our own luck,  and the universe, in its grand wisdom, have also built inner knowledge within our cells. Statistics and growing research in all kinds of fields provides generic information to help us make wise decisions – but it does not mean we follow blindly.

Question what is ahead of you and TuneIn to your inner intuition so that you can StepUp to respond with your own unique wisdom. Your body, mind and soul knows the answers that are right for you.

Create an amazing day!



Try This Free Tool To Know Your Archetype. Once you know your archytype, you live your destiny – not your fate.

“When you know your archetype, you live your destiny, not your fate. You live a truly empowered life guided by synchronicity that shows you the doors you should walk through and those you should avoid. Knowing your archetypes gives you an intuitive language to help you understand yourself and others. Once you know your archetypes, every choice you make—from a new friend, relationship, job, choice of clothing, or home décor—will be made through the prism of those archetypes.” Carolyn Myss, Archetypes of the Soul.
 I recently discovered this new tool developed to help you assess your archytype.
Click on the link below to discover your archetype.
 I found out that my primary archetype is spiritual, which is absolutely true. When I look at my life, as a woman, lover, mother, wife, teacher, coach, director, counsellor or friend, this thread of spirituality runs through everything that I do.  Another assessment, revealed that I am  a visionary and  that is also true.  These two dimensions make me a unique person (everyone is unique). Being aware of those two leading characteristics, enable me to me to be accepting of  ME as ME, allows me to BE ME and to seek opportunities which flows with my archetype. This is why I thrive in doing  some aspects of my job so well – I do what I am good at and I work with others to get other things done, which they are better at. 
Understanding our  archetype/personality/strength/ helps us  know where and how we fit in a team. When we TUNEIN to that knowledge about ourselves, we can STEPUP and even create opportunities to do more and more of what we are strongest at.
Now, I try to spend more time doing fewer things right, and less time  doing things that others can do better and faster. 
Share your archetype result with us.  Did it offer any insights about yourself?
TuneIN and StepUP in making today an amazing day!



Are we enough?

A dear friend recently asked me, “In your experience with people and human resources, what do you think my weaknesses are?  How can I improve myself to fit into the job market?”

My response was, “I can’t say that you have strengths or weaknesses  – it all depends on the situation, what you are matched to do and who you are working with.   With your strongest skills and abilities, you can be a failure if put in a situation where these strengths are not needed, nurtured or recognized.”

If I were asked the same question several years ago, I would have probably given a more logical answer which would include that he could develop his interpersonal skills more, learn another language, communicate more effectively or even be more positive about life.  However, with  my experience with people and work today, I have come to ask myself these questions more and more:

“What if we are enough just as we are?”

“Would “strengths and weaknesses” matter so much if we simply did what we are gifted at?”

“How often has someone become succesful because of a lucky break of meeting the right person at the right time and place?”

“Why is it that some people who have done everything right, and have all the right education, skills and attitude, still end up unfulfilled?”

“Why is compensation for one job/work different than another, yet we claim that each person is unique and each job is just as important?”

  A clerk can do a magnificent job as a clerk because the type of work matches with his archytype. Yet because his wages are so much lower he begins to study more to fit into a management position.  When he gets to the management position, he realizes that he is unhappy with the job, although his earnings support his lifestyle.  The soul begins to search for more…how can he balance both?

TUNE IN to the amazing person you are – not the person you think you should be. If you feel that your life is falling apart and you are just not fitting in a particular situation any longer, you are probably seeking an expansion of your soul which can happen in so many various ways which we will explore in the next blog.

You are enough. We are enough.

STEP UP and question the choices you have made that has led you to where you are today.  The answers are all within our souls but we need to start developing our courage muscles to do the right thing for our soul.  We know when we are doing the right thing… if you are doing even a tiny, weeny bit of it now, just keep on paying attention…we need to STEP UP to do more and more of what really matters to us.



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