Legacy Maps

LEGACY MAPS is an interactive, practical and soul filling workshop to support individuals to create their personal legacies.  This workshop goes beyond vision boarding to provide a bird eye’s view of our lives on our personal LEGACY MAP.  It takes into consideration all the key elements of a person’s life – purpose, career, family, health and well being, finance, community and most importantly, brings to the forefront, the question: “What is the legacy which I want to leave behind?”

 Most of us know what we want to do but we get stuck for all kinds of reasons and need a little bit of support to move forward in our life missions.  There are only 24 hours in a day and it seems almost impossible to fit everything in.  However, when we are not focused or we don’t have a plan, we cannot measure our progress!  In some cases, we settle for much less that what we are capable of achieving. 

 Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Engage in a multi-sensory experience to start the process of identifying with their life purpose or to re-confirm that they are on the right track in living their life purpose
  •  Write a first draft of their Legacy Statement
  •  Create a timeline which marks major turning points in their lives
  •  Reflect on turning points to identify losses, gains, lesson, rewards along with emotional ties which may be nurturing or stifling progress
  •  Develop a Legacy Map to tell a new storyline which invites passion and a commitment to take actions to create their personal legacy
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