A Million Blessings Between the Earth and the Sky…

Yesterday I wrote a small blog about how changing perspectives can change your results. While I was lying on the ground getting the photos of the sunflowers, I had an awakening moment of the limitless space and blessings between the earth and the sky. Now, I see the sky everyday and I walk and live on the surface of the earth so what jolted this wakening? In that particular moment, with a few view of the clear, blue sky with my back against the green grass, I felt a deep surge of gratitude flow through my body. I felt blessed feeling the sun on my skin and being able to experience the space between the earth and the sky. What limitless blessings we have in this space!

As I returned to my routines I found myself reflecting more about my awakening moment. We have over one million blessings between the earth and the sky – we only need to tune in to what flows to us more often. Often, I find myself rushing through my many activities during the day – so I know that there is a sky and an earth but I don’t tune in often enough to feel that huge sense of gratitude for all that exist in this limitless space. The best part is that most of those blessings are free. I am grateful that I have my senses to see and experience this beauty; friends to spend time with; a warm cup of coffee to enjoy; a book to read; a person to meet from a different culture; big and small animals to watch; planes that fly through the skies; plants that inspire me to garden; children to remind me of the beauty of youth; the dying to remind me to embrace and live life as fully as I can.

I like to think that I am on vacation here on this earth. I want to tune in and enjoy all the blessings between the earth and the sky – millions of blessing! I believe that the more we can count our blessings, the greater our blessings will be.

What blessings can you count now?

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Show up for your life today

Show up for your life today. Be grateful for all the good and the bad that is going on in your life. Although we may not understand why some things have happened to us or to others, we cannot and should not remain in a state of sadness or sorrow nor feel that we are helpless to show up for our lives.
Today is a new day. Today presents 24 hours of opportunities and blessings. Those who have eyes to see these opportunities and blessings will grab them! Their hearts will feel the messages of hope that are whispered  all through the day.
You may not be able to change the world but you can create a positive change in your mind and in your space. Each small positive change adds to the power of the universal shift towards positivity and greatness.
Our affirmations today:
“I show up for opportunities and blessings in my life.”
“I take responsibility for adding positivity to my space.”
“I am a positive-thinking person.”
“I meet wonderful and amazing people.”
“My life is full of opportunities to create the best ME.”
Have a great Wednesday.