The power of unleashing your creativity – I built my own bird bath

I believe that our neurons can be fired up by immersing ourselves in creativity – dancing, art, music, play, gardening, sculpting, cooking and even decorating and re-organizing. The brain loves it when we move away from the routine of thinking the same things over and over again to engaging ourselves in creating something using our imagination. As we engage in the creative process, there are many health benefits including a boost to our overall mood, rewiring the brain and relieving stress.

The last couple of months were tough for me, juggling studying and work. However, I immersed myself in a creative project to build a bird bath using mosaic and instead of adding stress, it added lightness to my packed agenda. It fueled my studies and my creativity flowed in abundance. Not only for the bird bath but several other creative projects were inspired by the bird bath!

I used at least a couple hundreds of broken pieces of glass to build this beautiful bird bath which I call ‘a windy summer day’. It shows petals and leaves flying around, with raindrops in-between. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea of a particular pattern or what the end product would look like. Each day, I spent varying lengths of time playing with the broken pieces of glass until I noticed that I was capturing patterns that looked like petals. As I went along, the theme ‘a windy summer day’ came to mind and low and behold, it took my creation to another level which got me more excited about creating the product. In between my studies, I would take fifteen minute breaks to work on my mosaic and somehow this seemed to energize me in a way which got me more alert when I got back to my books.

Bird bath
‘A windy summer day’

I am a player with thoughts and manifestations. I believe that we have this huge untapped power inside of us which is begging to be released into the universe. How do we unleash it? Certainly not by doing the same thing over and over and over again! I believe that our brain and emotional bodies long to connect with the creative life force within us. Perhaps the only way to engage with this creative force is to step outside of our comfort zone and to do things which we have never done before. When I look at my bird bath, it affirms that creation is opening up the mind to possibilities by simply being present in the act of creation. We need to give ourselves permission to do / be / create.

How are you inviting creativity in your life today? How are you using your lifeforce to create magic? For me, life is a huge canvas which I get to play with and create magic around me because I know for sure, that I am created with all that is Source. And SOURCE is infinite intelligence.

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The Power Of Writing Your Soul Mission… You Can Live An Inspired Life!!!


I once thought that having a job called a “teacher” would be what I would be for the rest of my life. I love teaching and I was called to this profession from a very young age.  Over the years, due to changes in my life such as  geographical relocation and my search for meaning, I no longer practice being a teacher  as defined by the profession. Moving to Canada made it even more complicated because I was not prepared to go through the licensure process to become licensed to teach here.  This left a hole in my heart and there are moments when I feel sad that I don’t have a classroom and students to teach passionately.

About a year ago, I started a process of inner self-reflection to figure out what my soul mission was so that I could die in peace knowing that I fulfilled it.  I spent hours and hours reading and researching  and wrote and re-wrote several mission statements until I found the one which resonated with my soul. As I studied some of the people I admire, I realize they don’t simply have a job… they live an inspired life which brings out their creativity and causes them to experience life in a magical way. Then boom!!! Something magical happened to me  when I finally wrote something that spoke to my soul –  I had an Aha moment!   Even though I no longer called myself a teacher, I still practice the art of teaching in my current career and in my personal life. In fact, this blog is a product of living my soul mission!

Here is my soul mission:

“My soul mission in this lifetime is to learn and share knowledge which will inspire and motivate others to expand their souls and be inspired to live their own life mission. I live my soul mission by: a) facilitating, training and coaching ; b) writing and c) sharing resources and tools with and from others”

The power of having this soul mission is that I can live it anywhere and anytime and it helps me make daily decisions about how I choose to spend my life. I actually lived my soul mission through my teaching career!  I am not restricted to a classroom – my classroom is this huge earth school.  I live my soul mission when I talk to a total stranger or when I have a conversation with the lady next door or the old man who happily educates me about the plants in his garden or challenging the thoughts of my teenagers or facilitating a conference with hundreds of people. Living from that authentic space makes my soul come alive and interestingly enough I experience hundreds of “WOW” moments all day long that fuels me and leaves a broad smile on my face.  I feel joyful and that joy is instantaneously communicated to others.

Try writing a personal mission statement if you have not yet done so. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • As a child or even at any point in your life, what were some of the things you did or thought about that made you feel excited? ( For me, reading, teaching, writing, creating art)
  • What are the unique strengths you have that comes naturally to you? (For me, communicating with others)
  • Look around you… what are some of the things you collect without even thinking much about them? (For me, its books, paper, pens,  art supplies, journals, movies, autobiographies)
  • What do you like to do that feels effortless? (For me, talking, writing, talking to God, walking, enjoying nature, entertaining)
  • What do you like to do that makes you lose track of time? ( For me,  writing)
  • If you died right now, what would you regret not doing? (Not writing this blog and not creating more learning/sharing opportunities)

Now, don’t confuse your soul mission with your job!  Your job may be the vehicle to live your soul mission but it may not be the full package.  After writing  your soul mission, ask yourself “How do I live my soul mission through this job?”  You will be surprised to see that you will look at your job in a different way. This may cause you to start thinking of a different career path or to integrate some interesting elements in your current job or seek opportunities for you to do more of what truly speaks to you. For me, I discovered that while my career changed over the years, I have been fortunate to live my soul mission (even when it was not written) and that my current job is an amazing vehicle to live my soul mission in a very powerful way. The daily grinds no longer faze me as they used to as the mission is now BIGGER and MORE POWERFUL than the trivial ups and downs.

TuneIn to hear what life is saying to you and StepUp to do something about it!  Happy writing!!!! Check out my daily inspirations page to see what my last weekend’s inspiration was:)