Take your power back and stop trying to change other people…


 Over the last few months I have listened to many, many experiences of others expressing disappointment, disillusionment, frustration… not getting what they want or not having love returned to them or not being in the ideal job with the ideal wages or benefits. With age and wisdom, I have come to realize that there are some things we can control and others we have absolutely no control over. I also know that we can choose our battles.
We can control what we do with our time, our money, who we let in our lives, who we have sex with, who we have a relationship with, who we eat with, which charities we give to, how we dress, whether we sit all day on the couch or get some exercise in our day, how many job applications we do each day, which companies we apply to, which university or college to attend,  what type of wine and food we eat… all of these are  within our control.
We cannot control who loves us back, who hires us, who says whatever about us, who chooses not to be in a relationship with us, who likes or shares our social media posts and most of all we cannot control life and death.
I believe that the simplest way to  reclaim and love ourselves  back to wholeness after being disillusioned and disappointed, is to start taking note of the small and big things which we have control over to direct our path the best we can. It is not the ‘things and people’ we need to change to get a different result. We need to change how we think about our situation and to be immersed in thinking and doing things which raise our vibrational energy to the higher vibrations of love, peace, joy… When we feel these strong, powerful emotions the people in our lives also begin to change. Negative people cannot stand being around deeply positive people… they flee away. When they flee away, don’t worry about why they are no longer your friends.  It simply means that you are making space for more beautiful people to enter your life. Sometimes, people are simply not in alignment with our energy at a particular time in life but they resurface at another point.  Our vibrational energy determines who and what comes into our lives.
Take your power back… don’t try changing people… change YOUR vibrational energy. It can begin with something as simple as using positive affirmations daily:
“I love myself. I choose peace, joy, happiness in my life.”
“I love doing things which make my soul feel happy and radiant.”
“I am grateful for my life.  I will use my life to be of service to others.”
“I am love.  I am peace.  I am joy.”
 Personally, I  engage in small acts of love, kindness compassion as much as I can every day.  I enjoy gardening, reading, meditating, praying and writing because these things replenish my soul energy.  I  pay attention to others and compliment them when I see the beauty in what they do because by lifting someone else, I add a beautiful uplifting energy in the world. I  dress beautifully and exercise regularly because I want my body to know that I love and respect it.
If we don’t love and respect ourselves enough, how are other people going to love and respect us?
Live your future now by stop blaming others and start focusing of yourself. YOU are so worth every bit of love and good energy which you invest in yourself.
(Photo credit:  NK Photography, Nyamulola Kambanji – Wow Feature, Immigrants of Ottawa)

How my dreams and intuition guided me to expect the death of loved ones…


“I had a bad dream last night” my dad told our neighbour the morning he was admitted to the hospital for a simple surgery. “In the dream, I was trying to push a drum of water over but the drum wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I tried. This is not a good dream.”

After the surgery, he got into a coma and died two days later. In retrospect, I believe that his dream was a sign alerting him to the fact that he would be fighting for his life and would lose the battle. It represented the struggle he faced while he was in a coma, trying to say something but could not get the words out. Based on several other small changes he made before leaving the house, such as leaving a new candle on the candle stand, arranging all his clothes neatly in the closet etc., I have a feeling that he intuitively knew that he was not going to return home. But how can one boldly say such a thing?

Do we know when we are going to die?

Prior to his death, I had a series of dreams which alerted me to expect his death and I tuned in to them quite quickly. For several weeks I dreamt of lots of food, cake and celebration, which are symbols I have come to associated with death. I dreamt of him looking younger and driving a car in several dreams (very similar to dreams I had of my mom driving a car weeks before she died). However, there were two compelling dreams that remained vivid in my mind and which has affirmed for me that there is a world beyond this physical space we occupy. About five weeks before his death, I dreamt that his deceased brother-in-law, Gaston, knocked on the door of my dad’s house and said to me “Go and call your father for me. I am here to get him… and when you come with him, bring a bottle of rum for us to celebrate.” In the dream, I got my dad and brought him to Uncle Gaston, with a bottle of rum.

When I woke up, I pondered over this dream. I had heard from my mom (who was a dreamer and had prophetic dreams), that when the dead appears in your dreams to get the living, it is a sign that they will die. It was this dream that pushed me to visit him a week later, when I found out that he was sick. I shared this dream with him and he cocked his head to a side, in deep thought. We never spoke about the dream again but he was very pensive throughout my visit.

Are the deceased alive somewhere and are still connected with us? Why would they appear to some of us and not everyone?

During my two weeks with him, I felt the need to be of service. For each small task I did for him, I did it with all the love and gratitude my heart could feel. My intuition told me that these two weeks would be all the time I would have left with him and I heeded to this message. After my two-week visit, we held each other and both sobbed. My intuition told me that it would be the last time I would see him alive and I felt that we both understood this. We said goodbye.

As soon as I returned to Canada, I dreamt that a colleague pulled out one of my molars which disintegrated in the palm of my hands. I woke up and reflected on what I had heard from my mom – that when you dream of a molar being pulled out, it means that one of your parents will die. Prior to her death, I dreamt that I pulled out one of my molars as well. Again, I pondered over the dream and shared it with a few friends who all tried to comfort me by telling me not to take the dream seriously. But there was a knot in my stomach and the gut feeling that he would die. Yet, even knowing this information at an intuitive level is difficult to explain to others because dreams are open to such different interpretations and who are we to predict the future anyway?

My dad passed away a week later. One of my sisters mentioned that she too had a dream where our deceased Uncle Tony came to look for my dad but my dad was afraid to go with him. In the dream, she said that he was in a cardboard box at the bottom on a flight of stairs and was afraid to get out of the box to climb the stairs. Other family members and friends dreamt of lots of food and cake – signs that they have associated with death.

Looking back at  the big and small signs leading to the deaths of several people I have known, I realize that even when the signs stare at me in the face and are so direct, I still hesitate to acknowledge the message in many cases. A few months ago, I also lost a best friend. A week before she died, I dreamt that her dog came looking for me and carried her pants to me in it’s mouth. After I took the pants from the dog, it signaled me to follow it and led me to a small cottage. At the door, it showed me a silver key on the ground and signaled for me to take it and open the door. When I woke up, I knew intuitively that my friend would die. And she died a few days later. She passed away as I was writing my last letter to her but even not being with her, I could feel her energy was being sapped out of her.

Why do I suppress my gift for dreaming and my intuition? Until now, I thought that I am not important enough to have such as gift. I have no formal training or education in this matter except tons and tons of experience and anecdotes which I am now more readily open to accept as an important part of who I am. I am now more open to embrace those gifts and not treat them as something to be skeptical or try to get approval from others or try to prove it to the logical mind. We are conditioned to think logically (which is also important) but I believe that we are slowly losing our natural instinct to listen to our intuition and dreams to guide our life paths or to give insights about things in our lives.

Are you a dreamer too?

Do share with us your experiences with your dreams.

TuneIn to your intuitive abilities and StepUp to decode what you feel and what you dream about. This knowledge has the power to lead you to a beautiful mystical path where your understanding of life flows with a knowingness that all things are as they should be.