Replace Worry With Trust

We worry about what happened yesterday. We worry about today. We worry about tomorrow. Worrying is a habit which we learn and one which sucks our emotional wellbeing. We can slowly and surely replace worry with new habits like trusting that everything will be fine, even if we don’t understand how. The more we trust God, our Creator, the Universe, in meeting all of our needs, the lighter and happier we become. Trust that all of your needs will be met.

Replace worry with trust

What Will You Be Doing This Long Weekend?

One of my soul projects at the start of Covid-19 was to develop my digital skills and have the confidence to do some live shows and bring together like minded people over zoom to share views on various topics! This has kept me busier than I could have imagined but it is reinforcing for me that “when we are aligned with our soul mission, everything falls in place!”

We are at the end of another week and I want to wish everyone a Happy Victoria Day weekend! Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 in every province and territory. It honours Queen Victoria’s birthday.

I will be missing the Tulip Festival very much this year but I am happy to have some tulips in my front garden! Here are some photos of my tulips.

Pink tulips – photographed by Jelan Maxwell
Red tulips – photographed by Jelan Maxwell

Summer is my favourite season. No question about that! Yesterday I was bursting with happiness as I shopped for soil and compost and gleefully landed the bags on my lawn! The summer months feel like a huge open canvas which I can decorate and paint as my mind, soul and heart merge in a harmonious symphony with nature. I cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt, rearrange my plants, discover what is popping above ground from the many bulbs which I planted last summer. I have already identified the garlic plants! I am super excited that I will be harvesting garlic this summer! I have lots of seeds to plant – lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes…. and all this planting will start this weekend!

Mags Garlic Plants

One of my soul projects at the start of Covid-19 was to develop my digital skills and have the confidence to do some live shows. I also wanted to facilitate some soul-discussions over zoom and were able to do a couple of great ones including ‘The Global Connect’ which brought a group of amazing artists together! We also did another one with Wilson Jn. Baptiste, exploring the Power of Language During Covid-19. There are more to come! This has kept me busier than I could have imagined but it is reinforcing for me that “when we are aligned with our soul mission, everything falls in place!”

Here are a few videos from my FB page which you may enjoy! Do drop a line, let me know how you are doing and remember that you can support my work by liking, sharing and commenting.

Videos from Mags Morning Inspiration:

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Do all things with great love

One thing that I know for sure is that when we do things with great love, love itself multiplies around us a hundred fold. It can amplify our vibration of love. It is this vibration that attracts more love to us – romantic partners, forgiveness, better relationships, opportunities and most of all an inner feeling of gratitude, contentment and peace.

The most memorable moments in my career and personal life are the times when I have done things with great love in my heart. When I am in that state, I can achieve the impossible. I have fond memories of working in elementary school classrooms and special education classes where my love for each student poured so deeply over them that I saw their transformations from being labeled as ‘unable’ to thriving and succeeding. In my work, I pour love and blessings upon everyone that I meet physically and energetically and I reap the benefits of having staff and partners who are responsive and passionate about their work and we always create magic in what we do. I believe that if we can connect through a loving energy, then our relationships will overcome natural obstacles and thrive. It is no different with my children, partner and even my plants at home. Recently, it has also been with my son’s dog Maggie who pours love all over me with her kisses.

Love is a powerful, positive emotion which can lift us from darkness and place us in the centre of a light so bright, that we radiate from inside out. Best of all, we don’t need words to express it – is can simply be felt.

As we observe Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I feel the urge to boost the message of ‘doing things with great love’. We live in a time and space where we are bombarded with many diverse messages about love. At one end of the spectrum there are people who are happily in love and will celebrate Valentine’s Day with deep tenderness. At the other end of the spectrum there are people who feel sad for various reasons – perhaps being single or being in an estranged relationship or what they hoped for never materialized. However, what if we all simply held on to the transformative power of love to know that regardless of our relationship status, that by simply pouring some love into what we do on a daily basis, we can energetically shift the vibrations around us to create a loving and welcoming space.

One thing that I know for sure is that when we do things with great love, love itself multiplies around us a hundred fold. It can amplify our vibration of love. It is this vibration that attracts more love to us – romantic partners, forgiveness, better relationships, opportunities and most of all an inner feeling of gratitude, contentment and peace.

Love is an energy. We can choose to live with this energy every moment.

Here is my invitation to you as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, to do all things with great love. This deliberate act will add beauty to ordinary days; bring healing to our relationships and add an extra zest in our steps. Our smiles will be more radiant, our words will be kinder and our vibration will welcome people into our space.

Affirmation for today: ” I choose love. I choose to do all things with great love.”

Here is my message from Valentine’s 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Going off routine may open new opportunities and new windows to your soul

Clustersyello flowersCluster of flowers

It is easy to fall into the same  routine day in and day out.  Wake up… coffee… gym… breakfast… work… colleagues… work…. colleagues…. drive home… dinner… bath…. bedtime…

Routines keep us safe and make our lives predictable. Getting off routine requires some level of effort.

Going off routines can bring a sudden burst of new energy and inspiration into our lives and it may even open new opportunities and windows to our soul.  I have learnt more about myself and the depth of my soul by going off routines and simply following an intuition to do something different.  Do I get into trouble?  A whole lot.  Is  it worth it?  Most definitely!

Today was a great example of going off routine. I held a workshop at the University of Ottawa in the morning.  Normally, I take a taxi back to my office but I decided to walk back – which took about an hour. On the way back, I discovered this great field of black eye Susan’s right next to my office, at the Museum of Nature.  I was pleasantly surprised because I love those flowers.  It also jerked my mind to think that although it is so close to me, I had not even noticed it because I have kept my usual work-home routine for the last few weeks.  I have even also spent my lunch hour indoors catching up on work or having lunch with my colleagues.

Summer is a great time to add a bit more to our usual routines and to get out and discover what is around us.

Try a walk at lunch time… take a route which  you have not taken before!

Go out for a day trip! Discover a city which you have not been to before.

Have an awesome day!




Are you so busy trying to fix life, that your own life is slipping away from you?


 After many years of trying to fix myself and people and things around me, I have come to realize that this “fixing” business is just a lot of crap.  We are somehow conditioned to believe that something is wrong with us or someone else and we need “something” to fix us.  My perspective now, is that in the grand scheme of things, the only person you have responsibility for is yourself and your soul knows all the answers to the things you want to fix. What we do need, is the courage to act on what we feel. Somehow, most of us are buried in the clutter of other people’s ideas or ideals and we are held hostage by things which have nothing to do with our authentic self.  Who are you?  What does your authentic self say to you? Whatever you decide to do or to be – it will be just that… and you will draw to yourself, similar energies and people who are simply in alignment with you and match with your emotional vibration. When  you are in alignment, there is no need to fix anything or anyone… life simply flows.

That means you FEEL that you are in the right job.

You FEEL that you are in the right relationship.

You MOVE when you FEEL you are in the wrong place with the wrong person.

You don’t apologize for being true to yourself because YOU know that what feels right for you.

You FEEL that you are longer struggling to be more, to have more or to do more.  Whatever you have to do FLOWS with you.

You FEEL an inner contentment that sits quietly inside of you.

Just for a moment,  try not to fix anything, anyone, any problem or any system. In this moment, you will find peace regardless of whatever is confronting you. Keep on multiplying this moment over and over again… and you will realize that you can live a greater, more magnificent life by not needing or wanting to fix yourself or anyone.





Just keep on repeating, “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you….”

I give thanks now  for what I have considered to be flaws and weaknesses because these are actually assets when aligned with the right people and circumstances.

I enjoy more moments of simply being fine wherever I am because I know for a fact that something in my thoughts took me to that place.  If I am not happy with where I am, I know now, that I need to change a thought pattern to get me more where I want to be.

If you can’t compose a peaceful inner space…how can you fix anything or anyone? Your vibration of peacefulness will attract more peace… then you won’t need to fix anything…. You will find that inner space to be true to yourself. All else will fall in place.

TuneIn and StepUp to simply being the best of who you are.  Life will align with you. Guess what – YOU are perfectly fine, perfectly made… and you are right where your thoughts have led you.



“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He says… hummm, what does he want???


I was shopping at a department store last Saturday, minding my business when suddenly a man stepped in line with me.

“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He said it very light but there was also a seductive tone.  He is tall, cute and has a playful energy around him.

“Oh… thank you.” I said, thinking that the conversation is over.

But he kepts on walking with me.

“Just look at you… You are wonderful.  You make colours look nice on you. … You are warm… you have such a good energy about you.”  He is actually quite dramatic using his hands to showcase me as this beauty he has just found.  His eyes light up and the expression on his face is all light and priceless.

“Thank you,” I said, blushing a bit because it is not a usual thing for a person to be so open like that. It seemed that we are shopping together as he walked right next to me with his hand on my cart!

“I am an architect” he said. “I love beautiful buildings and love art. You are a work of art.”

I blushed some more.  Gosh, I think to myself. How do I get rid of this man now!

“Thank you.”  I said.  “Now, what can I do for you?” I said with a smile on my face, now mischievously pushing the boundaries.

Being a writer too and since starting this blogging journey, I am always curious to know more about what makes people tick. This is not a typical conversation in Canada with a Canadian man.  In my experience, Canadians are very conservative, very careful in how they approach people. I am a female, coloured person. He is a white male. We are perhaps in the same age group.  If I were in the Caribbean and approached like this (the language would be a bit more colourful), I would completely understand.  The way our men approach our women, most of the time, is pretty upfront and direct, filled with what I call “sweet-talk”.

“Nothing” he said. “I just needed to express all of this to you because I may never get a chance to do it again. Sometimes you have to say what you feel.”

“You are quite direct.” I said.

“Why bullshit around?” he replied. “What should I do?  Wait for three months to tell you? A year? Six years?  Who knows, I may never get the chance again!”

“Thank you.”  I said.  “I truly appreciate your sentiments.”

“Would love to have coffee with you sometime.” He said.

“If you are looking for a relationship, I am not available.” I said. “It would be useless leading you on.”

“I appreciate you telling me this.” He replied.

“You very bold. You do say what you have to say.”  I said. “It is not a usual thing.”

We spent a few minutes speaking about his life, his career, his family and his general sense of what he felt about life.  He sounds like a very sound minded man – looking at the conversation above, it sounds a bit out of context – that he is kind of hitting on me (and he may be too!). His experiences have taught him to listen to his intuition and feel what is around him. His losses of dear ones in his life have taught him to embrace the moment and live right in the moment.  It is always such a pleasure for me to have a deeper conversation with people… I continue to be amazed at people’s life experiences and what causes them to respond the life the way they do.

“Why did you pick me today?” I asked him. “There are so many people in this store… did you go to anyone else to say those things?”

He laughed.  “Women!” he said.  “No, I said this to you because I truly felt it from my heart. “I watched you walk into the store and your energy hit me… the way you walk, your height, your smile, your style… Just look around you.  Do you see anyone else looking like you here?”

“Everyone is different.” I said.  We all have different energies.”

“Exactly the point.” He said. “You vibrate at an energy that I can relate it. That is why I could not help but come to you directly.”

We both laughed because at an energy level, we understood each other. He must be reading the same books I read and practice all the intuitive, meditative things that I practice. We were actually even using similar expressions.  We were probably souls from a previous lifetime. Who knows?  We bid each other farewell but we both left a smile on each other’s faces.

In a previous blog, I asked the question, “How much time do you need to know someone?”

This situation is another perfect example of what happens when two people’s energy aligns at a soul level.  Trying to explain how you feel, why you feel the way you feel and having to support it with all kinds of physical, logical explanation seems more and more strange to me as I experience more and more of those encounters that are so light and refreshing.  It is again, another example of how my own internal world is reflecting my outer world… this is happening just when I am seriously asking those questions.

Thinking more at a lower energy  level, one might question it and say that this is all just a man trying to get to a woman.  Now, I can differentiate between hitting on a person and feeling that energy alignment(sometimes both happen!) because with me, it does not happen just with men.  The people I meet – men, women, children…. I connect more at that soul level.   Last Sunday, I had a similar experience in church with a baby about 2 years old.  In an hour, without any words, this little child and I expressed so much light, love and affection for each other (a total stranger) that it was simply amazing!  Even the parents could not believe the dynamics that happened between us. I felt completely mesmerized by this baby and can still feel the power of that eye connection we shared.

I believe that more and more, we will all be tuning in to what we feel and we will all be experiencing greater safety in being able to express what we feel more openly.  Because our energy will become aligned more to light and love, people will be less inclined to take advantage of each other and use each other for the wrong reasons.  We will be able to meet people who our soul simply recognise and feel that we just love them without needed to give them an explanation.  This is when love, is just love at its highest and purest form.  Those who are not in alignment with our own soul energy will simply not be attracted to us.

TuneIn today to what you truly feel with your heart. StepUp to express it.  You don’t need to expect an outcome or a result.  Just simply say what you feel… the rest will fall into place. Each time we express from our hearts, life becomes lighter!



Are things just not going right in your life? Is your inner world a reflection of your outside world?


One of the questions on a dating profile asks:

A good relationship should not require hard work. The answer options are:

a) True b) False

What is your answer?

I think that a good relationship requires that each person does the “right” things for the other person to feel loved and feel valued but I don’t think that it is necessarily hard work, although it requires effort and awareness. But first of all, the basic foundations of a relationship must be in place.

I held some interviews/conversations with various people/couples about those deeper layers in the relationships we attract in our lives and one of my several conclusions is that we attract what is within our inner world – and that inner world is a work in progress – which may explain why we attract various types of people in our lives at different time periods.

How does your partner reflect your inner world? Is your inner world full of turmoil, anger, fear, love, compassion… are you driven by your ego or are you driven to create a beautiful relationship? 

During one interview, here is an example of how this played out:

Woman: “Every time he goes out, he finds some woman to give his phone number to and before you know it, he is texting her all the time and then he has an affair with her!”

Man: “Can’t I just talk to other people? I don’t see anything wrong with that!”

After a more probing discussion, the following things emerged which brought to the surface both of their inner worlds. I asked each of them:

“When you look at your partner, do you see him/her in your future? Can you see yourself waking up with him/her every day and enjoying each other’s company? 

His answer was “No”.  His inner world had not yet made a commitment to himself to be with this woman (then how could he commit to her?.) His inner world was still exploring new relationships and as a result he kept on attracting these other women in his life at both a subconscious level and a conscious level.  He put on a mask of being busy, working hard and providing the financial security that she needs and which feeds his ego as being a good provider.

Her answer was: Not if he continues to behave like this. I don’t trust him!”

“Why don’t you trust him?” I asked.

She explained with bitterness that since she met him, there was always another woman in the relationship. Her inner world does not trust him. Her lack of trust in him makes her keep careful track of his whereabouts, monitors his phone, nags at him and is suspicious of his whereabouts when he is not with her.  Her constant frantic thoughts of him being with someone else actually creates the self-fulfilling prophesy in inviting affairs in  his life as she accuses him of it daily.

Since he cannot commit himself, within his own heart and soul to her and she cannot trust him completely, no matter how hard they work at having a home, having children, building a business…. neither one of them will enjoy the relationship in a holistic and complete way.  The soul will be left thirsty.  They may chose to remain together for financial security and family connections but after years and years of being in this type of relationship, it can take a huge emotional toll on a person’s health.

In another interview, one woman who had just met a new person said, “I feel completely safe and secure in his presence.  I trust him completely with my life.”  Her inner world is one which trusts life and trusts her intuition.  She brings what is good and worthy in her life and sees the good in other people. His inner world is comfortable being in her presence too because he too is trusting of himself.  The merging of those two inner worlds create opportunities to be harmonious together whether in a love relationship or as friends.

TuneIn today to your inner world?  Are your experiences in life mirroring what you deeply believe?  Look at your actions and who you attract in your life… if you feel that you are not happy with the current status quo, take a moment to go deeper into your soul. Do you feel worthy of receiving genuine, sincere love? Are you wearing a mask with a superficial happy attitude, beautiful clothes, parties, lots of friends etc… to cover what is really going on?  StepUp to remove the mask.  Somewhere beneath the mask, your soul is longing for you to have the courage to be authentic and true to yourself.  All that you need to live your soul journey will be provided to you.

Look out for tomorrow’s post on how we can increase the positive energy within our inner world:)