Part 11 – What Living Half-Way Looks Like…

Sometimes, we get comfortable living a life which is unfulfilling. It is important to be aware of our emotions because we are the only ones who can take responsibility for fixing ourselves. We don’t necessarily have to leave our relationships… we can turn inward and take responsibility for our actions.

Here is our 7th podcast – Part 11 of What Living Half-Way Looks Like. This is the case of Ken, a 50 year old man who seemed to have lost his way. What advice would you give to Ken?

Sometimes, we get comfortable living a life which is unfulfilling. It is important to be aware of our emotions because we are the only ones who can take responsibility for fixing ourselves. We don’t necessarily have to leave our relationships… we can turn inward and take responsibility for our actions.

Being indifferent about our lives brings no joy.

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Niece and Aunt Facing the Fear of Horses Courageously!

“We got on the horses comfortably but I had to make sure she knew it was O.K. to say ‘stop’ or ask for what she wanted like water or to go at a slower pace. I was a little scared when my horse started galloping downhill but I did not want to exhibit that fear so I quietly asked the tour guide to put me down & I proposed to walk the tour! However, to walk the tour would take two hours. I gathered my courage and thought that if my niece is now facing her fear of horses, we could do it together.”

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

Keisha and NaeKeysha’s fear of heights and riding horses started when she was very young and she knows that it has impacted her living her life fully in many ways.  She is now on a mission to overcome some of her fears and the result is that she feels less shy, more in control and more open to trying new things. She believes that even her behaviour is less passive aggressive.

She knew that her niece was also afraid of horses so grabbed the opportunity over the weekend to face their fears together.

“I told her mom what I was going to do and she was o.k. with it.” Keisha said. “When we got to the site my niece looked a little frightened. She was teary eyed so I had to calm her by introducing her to the tour guides and her horse while I needed that speech myself too!” Keysha makes fun of herself and laughs about her experience of trying to be courageous for her niece while she too needs support!

“We got on the horses comfortably but I had to make sure she knew it was O.K. to say ‘stop’ or ask for what she wanted like water or to go at a slower pace. I was a little scared when my horse started galloping downhill but I did not want to exhibit that fear so I quietly asked the tour guide to put me down & I proposed to walk the tour! However, to walk the tour would take two hours.  I gathered my courage and thought that if my niece is now facing her fear of horses, we could do it together.”

Next to the beach 2

“We talked, had fun and completed the tour.  I even stood on top of my horse! After the tour I told her that I was a little scared too! Now she is super excited and is claiming that she will be doing it again next weekend!”

Keysha standing

At the end of the tour Keysha expressed that she felt grateful for life and for nature and most of all overcoming both the fear for heights and horses with her niece.  This experience will be etched in their memories forever!

Think of your fears.  Are they real or do they simply exist in your mind? Both rational and irrational elements contribute towards fear which interferes with our quality of life which can even affect our self esteem and confidence. Individuals who have overcome fear are consistent with one key message ” do the thing you fear and the fear will disappear!” I have tried it myself and it was worked wonders in my life. It requires tuning in and stepping up with courage.

Live your future NOW… face your fears with courage.

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Photo credits;  Keisha St. Catherine, Saint Lucia.

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Are you stunting your professional and personal goals because you are afraid to ask?


I got a surprise this morning when I opened my e-mail and saw an e-mail from one of my favourite best-selling authors, who has is the author of several books and hosts a radio show as well.   I wrote to her in December asking for a review of my magazine but I assumed that she would be too busy to even respond to me.  However, I remained open.  Now that we are communicating, I am  super excited because she is now reading it.

Asking has been a learning journey for me.  Each time I open my mouth to ask for something I need, I feel that my courage muscles grow a bit more.   It was not always like that – I have spent sleepless nights debating whether I should ask or not. Now, I have simplified it to knowing I will receive the following  possible answers (not always in those direct words) and I have made peace with all of them:




Not now

Let us consider this later.

Last Summer, one of my most beautiful asking moments, happened with a business man who sponsored one of our events. I was very nervous calling him (because I am afraid of rejection).  However, within five minutes after I put in my ask, he asked, “how much?”  I told him the price and he said, “Come around, I will have a cheque ready for you.”  It all happened within five minutes! I almost lost out on that opportunity because of my fear of rejection!

I know for a fact though, that if we don’t ask, we will miss out on opportunities. I have also grown to accept rejection as part of the process and learnt not to judge the response or responder.  I remain open and comfort myself with the fact that I did my part – I asked for what I needed. I cannot control the response.

Why don’t we ask for what we need?

One of life’s fundamental truths states, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ As kids we get used to asking for things, but somehow we lose this ability in adulthood. We come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons to avoid any possibility of criticism or rejection. Jack Canfield

Are you stunting your professional, personal

and entrepreneurial growth

by not asking?

What do you need?  Have you identified who can give it to you?  Maybe they can’t do it directly, but they could refer you to someone who can give you what you need.

It is not our role to assume the response of the other person. Don’t assume things like they are too busy, it is too trivial, you’re  bothering them, they don’t understand etc.

What would you gain if they simply said YES to your ask.  Let that possibility be your motivator for asking.

Asking is the beginning of receiving.  Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. 

At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you! Jim Rohn



I gave HER an eviction notice today. The End of THAT relationship.

She has tormented me for ten years.  She has cost me money, time and wasted my investments.

Every single time I am about to “launch” that great creative genius inside of me, Frightful Mags pops up her head and tau-®BalfourPhoto-4551nts me mercilessly, leaving me so fearful that I retreat to this small corner where the familiar voices soothe me, reminding me over and over, that my place is just this small, dark corner. Each time it happens, I remain trapped in the dark room, even afraid to open my eyes for fear that the light would burn me.

Today, I had enough of her. Even within the dark shadows of my mind, the light came through burning those walls which has kept me languishing for so long.  She stood up to me.  Her familiar voice rose high but I found the courage to whip her back.  I cursed her up and threw a tantrum.  I heard my voice transcend the prison walls which locked me with the fear of success and saw the bolts of laziness spring out, releasing me to unfamiliar grounds and the determination to free myself.  I suddenly heard the sweetness of a voice that seem to flow out of my mouth – a voice which I barely remembered. The sweetness of the voice reminded me of the time before she built those prison walls around me.  The walls started to crumble, piece by piece. The longer I sang, the more my voice seem to become one with the entire universe.  The light engulfed me lifted me into this effortless vortex where I felt my soul expanded to push me to the outer boundaries where I could hear magnificent voices cheering me on.

But wait.  Just before I leave, I must give Frightful Mags the eviction notice so that she knows for certain that there is a price to pay when she has sucked up my earnings, time and investment for far longer than I should have tolerated.  I could have another tenant.

Dear Frightful Mags,
 This is to notify you that your failure to step up to your success over the last ten years has rendered you in violation of our lease agreement which stated that you were going to:
  • stand up for your life
  • use your talent to generate a million dollar income and not merely just enough to get by
  • get rid of all these self- destructive, sabotaging beliefs such as, “I don’t have time”; I am not smart enough”; “I have not had this success in my past”; “My life is out of control,” I will rise when I win the lottery,” “Other people are not cooperating with me”, “I am no one important.”
  • be a voice for the vulnerable and
  • use your life as an inspiration to help others achieve their dreams.
 The amount due for payment sums up to $10, 000,000.00. You are hereby requested to pay the above-mentioned amount within 1 year and to vacate the  premises immediately. Failure to do so will compel me to file an eviction suit against you. Your cooperation will be appreciated. 
 The outer boundaries awaits.

Who do you need to give an eviction notice to?  Don’t let this tenant occupy free space.  TuneIn to what he/she is costing you and kick their but out of your life so that you can create space for the MAGNIFICENT person you are!

Magnificent Magdalene


What filters are you using to protect yourself from the thousand bits of information which hits you daily?


What do you do with the information and feelings that you receive all day long?

The manager who ‘deals’ with you; the FB messages you read; the body language  of those you can’t stand but words are not exchanged; the terrible news of child trafficking;  the news of death and beheadings in countries you don’t know about;  the dishonesty of people we trust wholeheartedly;  a glimpse of what you could have become if only you made a different choice;  the life lessons from someone else’s book; the advice from those close to you; the rivalry between siblings; the sudden death of a family member; the things you heard about someone else but never experienced yourself; the rejection from someone you held dearly to your heart; the job opportunity which you did not get  – it is a hell of a lot of stuff to tune in to!

It has been proven that emotions trump logic all the time! Most of the time, we think we make logical decisions but unless we apply the filters to diffuse emotions, we cannot come to logical conclusions. We are loaded with emotions and even though they are not expressed, we carry them around us all day long.  The things that happen to us or does not happen to us are often related to our emotional vibrations.

Writing this reminds me of my experience with an absolutely gorgeous woman who told me she believes that she is an ugly person because she was told so repeatedly as a child by her parents. Even when she grew up to be beautiful, she has not been able reverse the emotional damage which was done to her and it still affects her present life, 60 years later!  Does this sound crazy to you?  Well, it is not!

Do you know that sometimes an emotional memory of something which happened many, many years ago can still control your reactions to  your current life?

How do we filter it all out and decide what to feed our mind, spirit and soul with?  Does the information and vibes we receive from others all day long remain stored in our emotional memory?  Do you notice how you feel at the end of the day?  Are you sad? Anxious?  Happy?  Fulfilled? Unfulfilled? An emotional wreck?  Do you have control about what you consciously allow into your system?

A few days ago, I saw a dear friend whom I had not seen for  about 6 years.  She always filled me with high doses of beautiful, positive energy.  As we held hands, I could feel that positive energy from her infusing my body with positive light.  When I left her, I felt that I had received an infusion of positive energy which has left a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.  This mood has continued for several days now and made me realize how much I missed her!

Can you put your finger on exactly what leads you to your overall mood at the end of the day?  Are you living in your past?  In the present?

Everything and everyone sends an energy wave towards us and sometimes we embrace that energy without even realizing it. When we look at an inspiring sight or a painting – it gives us energy without speaking to us!  That is why we leave feeling inspired.  However, you can only feel inspired if your emotional body is open to receiving this positive energy.  The energy we receive – negative or positive – remains stored in our mental and emotional body until something triggers it.   This emotion, if not managed, can eventually turn you into something you were never meant to be.  It happens quietly overtime…. and then one day, you may find yourself asking: “What happened to my life?” “How did I end up in this situation?”  If you look back, you will realize that there are many small dots that connect…. and it is all about our emotional energy which translates into physical positive or negative vibes which further translates into physical manifestations in our bodies and generally into our lives.

TuneIn to consciously choose what you want to be present in your life. Trust?  Love?  Peace? Fulfillment? Good, healthy conversations?  Good friends? A supportive network? Kind words? Are the activities which  you are currently engaged with provide you with those outcomes?


We  have a choice about what we let in and out of our lives and sometimes we have to StepUp and let go of some of the things that drain us. Unfortunately it may include people who are in our lives, some aspects of the media, re-framing our jobs; re-thinking our career paths or even making some rebellious decisions to start a new life pattern.  We many need to say a firm NO to the things that do not support our life choices and a firm YES to the things we truly want to bring into our lives.

Whatever it is, remember that your spirit is always longing to be touched with kindness and gentleness.

Be well.  Protect yourself.  Trust your vibes.  Take control of living the life which YOU want to live.



Why do I care less at 46?



Happy Birthday!

Why do I care less at 46?

Today, I celebrate my 46th birthday and I have concluded that I don’t need to be “a strong woman” or an “independent woman” or a “professional woman” or a “homemaker” or “anything” kind of woman.

I simply want to be a happy person who want to live more happy moments.

Just as God made the birds and the trees; the moon and the stars; the heavens and the earth… I too was created as part of the great universe. I have the right to be here. Just as in the life cycle of a flower which blooms and dies, my life too will bloom and die. At the end of my life, I simply want to die knowing that I took full responsibility for this one life I have – MINE.

At an earlier part of my life journey, I lived with so much guilt for not fixing all the problems I saw around me and not doing more to show how responsible I was in making the world a better place.

Now, I know for a fact, that all of what we gain or lose in this lifetime, has to do with the seeds which we plant in our souls from our previous lifetimes and within this lifetime. Each seed is sown in the moment and each moment should never be taken for granted. Fear and love are the two spectrums which dominate our lives all the times. If all of our moments can be rooted in love, which also roots trust, then we can all learn to care less and live more. Fear roots us in doubt and robs us of our joyful moments. Even when we feel the grips of fear, we can consciously create a better moment by saying, ” I embrace this fear/anxiety/uncertainty which I am faced with in this moment, but I choose to trust that life/God, will take care of me and all my needs will be met.”  We can choose to live in love or in fear.  We can choose to move from fear and doubt to love and trust.  We can do it moment by moment.

What is a moment anyway?

A breath.
A thought.
A blink of an eye.
A heart beat.
A look.
A touch.
A smile.
A feeling.
A space.
A conviction.
A consciousness.
A decision.

Although I don’t have complete control over each moment (God is always in control), I know that I can decide how I want to shape each moment. A pleasant thought, a pleasant feeling, a pleasant action, a pleasant space… collectively each of those moments create the future.  We don’t need to live the future by projecting our fears.

So I care less about all the things and people and situations that create calamities and destruction  of people and societies and nature.  I no longer feel the need to fix them.

I live for moments that make me feel alive, happy, healthy and joyful. All those moments will vibrate into the same wavelengths of others who choose to live this way and collectively we will create harmony which will result in a better world… but most importantly, my consciousness is fueling my body to LIVE and FEEL happy.

The world needs more people rooted in love and trust.