My appearance changed by changing what I ate! You can lose weight, become more focused, gain greater clarity – all in the foods we eat!


The holidays are over.  I am seven pounds heavier… thanks to all the chocolates, fruitcake, sweets, ham, turkey… all the extra consumption of what I know is not healthy but I couldn’t help myself!  It is time to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise.  As I write this, I feel lethargic  – the effect of all the sugar creating havoc through my nervous system!

Different sources of research indicates that almost all illnesses start with the gut/digestive system/ colon. Even the pimples that burst on our skin is a sign that the digestive system is not able to eliminate the toxins – so the toxins get eliminated through the skin. I can relate to this because I have suffered with acne/pimples for most of my life and it has left so many scars on my face.

In all the research I have done on diets and foods, this  documentary by Dr. Terry Walhs is the best I have seen in helping to educate the public about the foods we consume.  She is a medical doctor and who suffered for a decade with multiple sclerosis which left her bed ridden for a full decade. Her video shows how she regained her full health to walking by changing her diet. Please watch this video – it is life changing!

This caused me to become more conscious about what I eat and to protect my mitochondria which is the key to healing. Last year I faced a health crisis and spent almost a full year in physiotherapy to the point where I simply got frustrated not making significant progress.   Interestingly, after a month of increasing my vegetable consumption to 9 cups a day, I noticed lots of beneficial changes in my body. I had  more energy, greater clarity, less irritation and the dark circles under my eyes disappeared! Best of all, my digestive track felt great.  I felt lighter!  The most surprising of all results was that the pain in body disappeared – I have not been back for another physiotherapy session!  It felt that my body healed itself!

Along with Dr. Terry’s recommendations, I studied the book “The Beauty DETOX Foods” by Kimberly Snyder. It provides great explanations about how to detoxify your body and bring out beautiful hair, beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, a beautiful body and your inner glow. What a transformation my body went through!

Here is my morning routine:

  • 2 cups of hot lemon water to cleanse out my kidneys.
  • The pictures below shows what my breakfast looks like – about 6 cups altogether of kale/spinach, celery, pear, green apple, mango, 1 banana and lemon juice, all blended into a smoothie, with ice cubes.
  • A few yoga stretches to lengthen and strengthen my core.



The protein in the kale (kale is power food by the way) digest well with the fruits BUT NOT with starchy vegetables. I have learnt that eating fruit on an empty stomach is the best way to  to help our body absorb minerals, vitamins/nutrients.

TuneIn today to what you are consuming and StepUp to fuel your body with all that is pure and which is easily digested. Bring out your radiant, beautiful self!



Can you live your future in the NOW?

” Do you live your future in the now?”  I asked Mr. Luis on the train while he took a break from attending to the passengers.

Magdalene and Louis - Final

“No.” he said. “My future? I cannot even think about it.  I have to live in the present now, to take care of my wife and children and make sure that they have everything they need.  Having children is a lot of responsibility – I never imagined that it was so much work!”

He shared with me what his single life was like as a flight attendant in Brazil and the thrill of flying all over the world. Settling to having a family, has certainly had an impact on his sense of freedom and adventure although he totally loves his family.  He thinks that one day, he will perhaps have his old life back.  He feels that his life is on pause while he is waiting for the kids to grow up.

But what if there is no pause?

When my kids were younger, I too thought my life was on pause while I raised them.  I could not fully enjoy raising my kids because of the void of not having my previous lifestyle.

However, one day I realized that,  “This is your life.  This family is your future.  There is no pause – you have to find a way to make everything you do now, matter enough so that you can  connect the dots. You can live your future by paying attention to what you do  in the now.”

Years later, I can see that if I had continued to focus on the single lifestyle I no longer had, I would have missed out on the new opportunities that life was presenting to me to grow and invest in my role as a mother and also living in the now with them.

Vietnamese group

Across from my seat on the train,  were three young people, so I seized the opportunity to interview them as well. When I interview people, I actually live my future now, as this is all part of my bigger future and I can feel how right it feels for me.  They were from Vietnam, studying in Toronto and heading to Ottawa for a two-day visit during their study break.

“Do you live your future  in the now?” I asked them.  At first, they looked a bit confused.  Elise tried to explain that the future was something that she was planning for as she is studying Human Resources at school,  Loane said that she plans the future step by step – she needs to have a map of the plans and so far she is on track with the plan;  Will said that he lives fully in the present and enjoys his life in the now, although he has bigger plans for the future. Will shared  his favourite quote by Steve Jobs:

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked  myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am  about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a  row, I know I need to change something.”

Will had only learnt of the trip to Ottawa the night before but he jumped on board because it was aligned with what he likes to do – travelling, exploring, meeting new people. The three shared their life experiences in choosing to study in Canada and I was touched by their motivation to make their lives better, to make sure that their parents were proud of them; to increase their knowledge of life and the world so that they can live better lives.  Will’s contact card. spoke about his own philosophy.  The front was black and gold.

will's card

He designed it himself with the crown symbol at the top and a dot in the center which represents three people.  His belief is that three people makes things better than 2 people when they come together. There is a balance to solve conflict and to create more opportunities. Interestingly enough, he was travelling in a group of three.

The back of his card was black and white and said, “Different is beautiful.”  I think that this says it all!  By just living now from that inner space, does make you live your future now – it is your mental mindset about life.

Will's card 2

The three young people left a few tips to other people to “Live their future now.”

  • Balance your health daily.  Workout, eat right and think positive.
  • Increase your socialization so that you build relationships and not live in isolation.
  • Make a big enough plan as a guide but enjoy your life fully in the present. You need to have an idea of where you are going.
  • Live your life before you die.
  • Increase your knowledge everyday of something which you are interested in. Learn something new – it makes your mind feel fresh.
  • Travel – it makes you see new things.
  • Follow your interest and do what you love.
  • Do good for others because life returns it to you.

Loan shared with me that one way she lives her future now, is by going to various coffee shops and taking notes of how the business  is managed. She is passionately interested in having her own coffee shop in Vietnam one day!

I live my future in the now by consciously creating moments  that naturally leap me into the bigger future. It is all  about the choices were make, moment to moment.

TuneIn today to your conscious choices.  Do these choices feel right for you?  Can you see how each of those small choices are leading to the bigger future?  StepUp to live your future in the NOW, using your imagination and your amazing internal power to create the life you want to live!