Build Your Dreams In The Fall

“Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho

Fall is the perfect time for gathering all the dreams in my dream box and setting some new goals for the following year. Just as the trees shed their leaves but remain rooted in the earth, I feel that I start letting go of what no longer serves me and start rooting to continue my current dreams or to start building new ones for the upcoming Spring. In the Spring, when the new leaves bud on the trees which has stood the test of winter, I too want to have the freshness of Spring and green gold flowing within to savour all of the dreams which I planted during fall, Nature, in its infinite wisdom provides us with the gentle guidance which we need all the time – we simply need to tune in and listen to our authentic voices. Fall is a wonderful season for rejuvenation and preparation.

This fall I placed these three little scarecrow characters at the front of my yard with the sign, ‘Build Your Dreams In The Fall.” I call them Jill, Jack and Jane – names from the books I read as a little girl. They bring a sense of playfulness to my space and bring a smile to my face when I leave home in the morning or come home in the evening. They are a great reminder to keep my dreams in the forefront of my mind and this fall, I will call them the guards of my dream this fall. It is all imaginary and playful – and this is the whole point of having fun as your play with your dreams. Jill, Jack and Jane are the little triggers which I have placed in a visible space which triggers my mind to remain focus on my dreams. What triggers can you place in your environment?

What are your dreams?

What dream do you want to build?

What do you need to inspire your dreams?

Who do you need to help you?

What fears so you need to let go of?

Our dreams are unique to our soul mission. Some dreams are huge and will have an impact on millions of people. Some dreams are small and they could have an impact that will multiply in future lifetimes to cause a ripple effect. I believe that there is Divine Timing for all things in our lives but I also believe that it is important for us to know the things which make our soul sing. Think of the things which you cannot leave undone in this world because you have been given the special mission to take action to create a small or huge impact to make the world a better place.

What do you need to take action on?



A Million Blessings Between the Earth and the Sky…

Yesterday I wrote a small blog about how changing perspectives can change your results. While I was lying on the ground getting the photos of the sunflowers, I had an awakening moment of the limitless space and blessings between the earth and the sky. Now, I see the sky everyday and I walk and live on the surface of the earth so what jolted this wakening? In that particular moment, with a few view of the clear, blue sky with my back against the green grass, I felt a deep surge of gratitude flow through my body. I felt blessed feeling the sun on my skin and being able to experience the space between the earth and the sky. What limitless blessings we have in this space!

As I returned to my routines I found myself reflecting more about my awakening moment. We have over one million blessings between the earth and the sky – we only need to tune in to what flows to us more often. Often, I find myself rushing through my many activities during the day – so I know that there is a sky and an earth but I don’t tune in often enough to feel that huge sense of gratitude for all that exist in this limitless space. The best part is that most of those blessings are free. I am grateful that I have my senses to see and experience this beauty; friends to spend time with; a warm cup of coffee to enjoy; a book to read; a person to meet from a different culture; big and small animals to watch; planes that fly through the skies; plants that inspire me to garden; children to remind me of the beauty of youth; the dying to remind me to embrace and live life as fully as I can.

I like to think that I am on vacation here on this earth. I want to tune in and enjoy all the blessings between the earth and the sky – millions of blessing! I believe that the more we can count our blessings, the greater our blessings will be.

What blessings can you count now?

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What are you welcoming into your life?

I found this cute little sign for my garden. WELCOME. A simple word which brings a deep invitation – for someone? something? an experience?. Until this moment, I never thought of the depth of the word, WELCOME

Most of us use this word to invite or greet others into a space. Most often, AHEAD OF TIME, we will think of creating an experience to welcome them such as providing food and drinks, clean towels, a well made bed, a small present, a well set table, a warm environment, a well thought of experience etc. We can feel when others create a special welcoming experience for us.

Have you ever though of how you welcome yourself into your own life or what you welcome into your life?

I welcome the wonderful gifts of nature into my life.

I welcome people who nurture and support me.

I welcome exerise and good nourishment for my body, which carries me all through the day and night.

I welcome kindness from others.

I welcome the feeling of safely and security wherever I go.

I welcome a work environment which challenges and uplifts my spirit.

By thinking ahead of what you CHOOSE to welcome into your life, you automatically attract more of the same. Eventually, you will realize that you are living a life which welcomes YOU first. This also automatically multiplies and makes it easier to create a welcoming space for others. We cannot treat others better than we treat ourselves… therefore be kind and loving to yourself and it will naturally draw more of the same to you.

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The power of unleashing your creativity – I built my own bird bath

I believe that our neurons can be fired up by immersing ourselves in creativity – dancing, art, music, play, gardening, sculpting, cooking and even decorating and re-organizing. The brain loves it when we move away from the routine of thinking the same things over and over again to engaging ourselves in creating something using our imagination. As we engage in the creative process, there are many health benefits including a boost to our overall mood, rewiring the brain and relieving stress.

The last couple of months were tough for me, juggling studying and work. However, I immersed myself in a creative project to build a bird bath using mosaic and instead of adding stress, it added lightness to my packed agenda. It fueled my studies and my creativity flowed in abundance. Not only for the bird bath but several other creative projects were inspired by the bird bath!

I used at least a couple hundreds of broken pieces of glass to build this beautiful bird bath which I call ‘a windy summer day’. It shows petals and leaves flying around, with raindrops in-between. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea of a particular pattern or what the end product would look like. Each day, I spent varying lengths of time playing with the broken pieces of glass until I noticed that I was capturing patterns that looked like petals. As I went along, the theme ‘a windy summer day’ came to mind and low and behold, it took my creation to another level which got me more excited about creating the product. In between my studies, I would take fifteen minute breaks to work on my mosaic and somehow this seemed to energize me in a way which got me more alert when I got back to my books.

Bird bath
‘A windy summer day’

I am a player with thoughts and manifestations. I believe that we have this huge untapped power inside of us which is begging to be released into the universe. How do we unleash it? Certainly not by doing the same thing over and over and over again! I believe that our brain and emotional bodies long to connect with the creative life force within us. Perhaps the only way to engage with this creative force is to step outside of our comfort zone and to do things which we have never done before. When I look at my bird bath, it affirms that creation is opening up the mind to possibilities by simply being present in the act of creation. We need to give ourselves permission to do / be / create.

How are you inviting creativity in your life today? How are you using your lifeforce to create magic? For me, life is a huge canvas which I get to play with and create magic around me because I know for sure, that I am created with all that is Source. And SOURCE is infinite intelligence.

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The manifestation of birds in my garden

The melodious chirping of birds wake me up in the early mornings. The sound brings joy to my ears and my soul sings. With every chirp, I think of how connected I am to life because my vision for having birds in my garden, lived only in my mind for many years before it became my reality. Living this vision now, reaffirms for me, that our lives, are simply a manifestation of our thoughts.

Bird feeding

I believe that every thought, big or small, bad or good, naughty or pure, adventurous or dull, eventually manifests in our lives sooner or later. I believe that if we take time to observe our experiences, we can see how things connect, fall apart or barely hold together and how as thoughts and vibrations shift, we can get more or less of our desires in life. We pull, we push or halt things but ultimately, there is this invisible line which connects us to all of life and life simply responds to all of our complaints, whims, fantasies. The question is – are you manifesting what you truly want in your life?

Watching this bird happily feed on this bird feeder this morning, reminded me again that we are what we think. For many years, I held the vision that my little garden, which was built from a dry lawn, was going to be a meditative, healing and energizing space for both the little creatures and the human beings who walk past. This labour of love has taken many years to create but it has taught me several important life lessons:

  • Do what excites you. If you keep thinking about something very often and can feel the burning desire in your heart or through your hands, mind, ears, soul, feet… do it. For years, each time I drove into my driveway, I would feel the need for the garden all over me.
  • Set small and big goals. If you feel that you are not achieving as much as you want to, set a goal which is tangible and requires small level of effort at first. When I started with the bird feeders, I did not understand the types of food that birds needed but I placed the bird feeders in the garden anyway. Overtime, I started reading and educating myself … and after a couple of years, I have finally gotten better at it.

As you go through your day, observe your thoughts, emotions and how your body physically reacts to things and people around you. Look for the things and moments that brings joy, love, peace, happiness to you, without you even thinking about it. Do MORE of those things… because all of life is about vibrations! The greater your vibration of gratitude, love, peace, joy… the more easily you are able to manifests things of beauty in your life.

Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain. Frank Lloyd Wright

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Just living is not enough…

I have spent the last few days setting up my garden and working towards creating an extraordinary small, meditative space at the front of my house. Gardening fills my soul with so much joy and each bloom reminds me of the miracles and graces which are bestowed on us each day. Caring for my garden is part of my soul self-care. It is the space that nourishes my soul, connects me to the earth and all the goodness which abounds in each dig, each seed, each seedling, each stone, each weed, each plant, each small animal which visits and each person who pauses to say hello and admire the garden.

I came across this quote in my reading this morning and what a beautiful expression by Hans Christian Andersen.

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Remember that each flower blooms in it’s own time. We cannot force the blooms but we can take care to nourish, water, place it in the sunlight, provide the right temperature and soil conditions… to have the best blooms. So it is with your soul. Take time to nourish yourself so that your can harvest extraordinary life blooms.



Powerful Affirmations to help you thrive in 2019

I think that I must have been about 16 years old when I was introduced to a book which changed my mindset about life – The Power of Positive Thinking, by Normal Vincent Peale. I learnt that our minds were powerful beyond measure and that anything we constantly thought about, could become our reality. After 34 years of practicing positive thinking, I am living proof that the manifestations in my life are linked to the power of positive thinking.

Our minds can think both positive and negative thoughts and both of these can become our reality. One of the things which I know now, is that it is important to monitor our thoughts because they can run our lives. Sometimes, we are not conscious that the things which show up on the outside of our lives are a direct result of the constant churning in our minds.

I have consciously used affirmations for years and I know for sure that positive affirmations have the power to help you create the reality you deeply desire Doors open when you least expect them to and amazing people and situations show up in your life.  Even when nothing tangible is evident, you feel more peaceful because your mind feels more programmed into thinking positive thoughts.

Most of us are probably using affirmations all day long without realizing it. Our self-talk, complaints, anger, sadness, happiness, feelings of power and powerlessness are all streams of affirmations which our mind absorbs. Sadly, many times, the complaints and lacks take over our mind. When sadness and lack takes over, it affects our energy fields and reduces our vibration to a very low level. Low level vibration can only attract low people and situations who vibrate at a low level. Low level vibration only leads to more stress, attracting more difficult people, complaining about more stuff and repeating our sad stories all over again.

We can consciously develop some new mind power muscles to create positive, happy affirmations. Over time, the mind will believe what you tell it to believe. Your thoughts will start to create a new belief system for you. Whatever happened before in your life, all the losses, sadness, unhappiness, will begin to fade away as those new positive affirmations take hold of your life.

I use simple, powerful affirmations such as:

I am happy.

I am taking responsibility for my life.

I am attracting all that is good, pure and beautiful to my life.

I receive miracles all day long.

I give positive energy to those who come into contact with me.

I am love. I am light.

I am breathing in all that is good, beautiful and pure into my life.

My tip today is to monitor your thought patterns and the words which you use on a daily basis to communicate to your self and to others. If you are communicating positive messages – BRAVO. Keep it up. If you are not communicating positive messages, please know that you can make a conscious change.