Anticipation is the fuel which unlocks amazing possibilities to create an exciting future!

Since I first saw the picture of an amazing caramel pecan cheesecake about six weeks ago, which my friend Janet shared on her Facebook timeline, I have been thinking of it relentlessly.  I got all the ingredients  but with so many other competing Christmas goodies, my caramel pecan cheesecake got put on hold although I kept on  anticipating what it would taste like when I finally bit into it!

The anticipated treat

Somehow, everything aligned perfectly well for me to bake this cheesecake this morning much to the delight of my kids who have waited in anticipation of this cheesecake too!  Cheesecake takes a few hours to settle in the refrigerator before it can be eaten… so the very first question they asked was, “What time will we be able to have it?”  It is both funny and delightful to have my three grown-up young adults sitting around the dinner table, wishing that 7 O’clock would come sooner.  As soon as the clock hit 7, they all jumped up, thrilled that we were finally going to have that cake!  When I presented it on the table, Jelan immediately said, “It looks like we are in a restaurant!”  He took a photo of it and twitted it (my cheesecake!).  We all devoured it slowly, savouring the taste and having seconds even though we were painfully aware of the loads of calories it contained.  It tasted so delicious…I even think that the anticipation added more pleasure to the experience.

It was Nicholas Sparks, in Three Weeks With my Brother, who said, “Never forget that anticipation is an important part of life.  Work’s important, family’s important, but without excitement, you have nothing.  You’re cheating yourself if you refuse to enjoy what’s coming.”  And I completely agree with him!

How do you build anticipation in your life? Heighten your anticipation  levels by thinking of something so enjoyable that you/your loved ones would completely enjoy by stretching the time out so that there is not immediate gratification.  Let yourself long for it some more and let those around you look forward to this anticipated treat. Place little clues around each day… have  conversations around that thing… show photographs…. In my case, with the caramel pecan cheesecake, I am sure that I spoke about that cake every single day for six weeks. There is no way that the kids could have missed it – eventually it became something that they started looking forward to.
The power to anticipate is key for our survival – not just for silly things like a caramel pecan cheesecake but for us to also move our lives in the direction we yearn for.  If we can develop the skills to look a bit into the future by taking stock of our current situation, we can solve potential problems and put ourselves at an advantageous position.

TuneIn to the amazing power within you to anticipate your soul’s desires.  StepUp and take some small action daily to help you move eagerly towards your anticipated desire.  It can be as simple as caramel pecan cheesecake, to getting the guy or girl or your dream, to owning our own company, to renewing your marriage bliss, to uniting your family,  to owning an empire!  In your mind’s eyes, can you see yourself getting that anticipated treat?  Can you taste it? Can you almost touch it? The more real it is to your mind, the greater the chances are for it to become a reality. Anticipation is the fuel which unlocks amazing possibilities to create an exciting future!



Have The Courage To Ask For What You Desire – Every Small Request Can Be Manifested


Have you ever thought of something and it manifests right away – even when it was a fleeting wish and there was no real possibility for it to happen? I love those magic moments of divine synchronicity.

“I wish a taxi would come along” I thought wishfully. It was bitterly cold and I had underestimated the walking distance to get to my destination. At that very moment a taxi turned around the corner and stopped right at my feet. Someone got out of the taxi and I jumped in. A feeling of deep gratitude settled over me. I thanked God and the universe over and over and over for always taking such amazing care of me. It sounds too good to be true – but this type of situation is a common reality for me which is hard to explain.

It affirms the infinite possibilities that exist and the mystical realm of life that is unexplainable and in some cases completely illogical. My first real experience of manifesting something big in my life happened when I was thirteen. At that age, I started to test God’s power since “God knew all things and could do all things!” So, I gave God two challenges. One was to get a camera for me for my 13th birthday and the other was to travel to England before I was 18. Both looked impossible because we came from a poor family and I could not see any logical way that I would have those two things. I barely had books to go to school or shoes to walk with, so to think of a camera was like living in dreamland. And as for England – well, I did not have a faint idea of how that would be done.

Both of my requests were heard.

On the evening of my 13th birthday, as I walked along to road to buy bread from the local bakery – a usual routine, I met a doctor who volunteered in the local hospital. We had met each other a few times before. She stopped on her bicycle and we chatted. I told her that it was my birthday and right away she said “Why don’t you come up to the hospital? I have a gift for you!” Low and behold, she gave me a camera! I stood there shocked! (I can still remember the feeling!). God really heard me! No one else knew of my secret wish – it was only between God and I! For an entire year, I took photos in abundance. I loved my camera and best of all, after Dr. Michele completed her volunteering and went back to the USA, she developed all my films and posted the photos to me.

This event in my life was a MAJOR affirmation that I could ask for anything I wanted. God and the universe would hear me. Before my 18th birthday I continued to experience big and small miracles. The next challenge was met in another unexplainable way. At 17, I was attending Teacher’s Training College in St.Lucia. One day as I walked in the corridor, my English teacher, Mr. Allan Weeks, stopped me and asked, “How would you like to go to England?”
“What?” I asked, completely baffled. “Why would I go to England?” I asked.
“I am producing a play and you are the perfect match for the part. The play will be produced in England.”
Six months later, I was in England performing at the Commonwealth Institute with a great group of actors/actresses from St.Lucia. It was six months before my 18th birthday!

I have experienced so many, many manifestations of my thoughts and I like to call them “miracles”. They are all unexplainable and I am convinced that there is a formula unique to each of us that make things happen faster or slower. I believe that the formula is a combination of the mind and soul merging together. I have experienced manifestations / miracles at the speed of light – immediately from thought to manifestation. I have also experienced manifestations over a longer period and when I look back I can only thank the universe that what I asked for before did not happen earlier. When we trust in the great wisdom of the universe, we know that all things will happen as it should.

One thing I know without any uncertainty is that we need to ASK for what we want and don’t worry about when it will happen. Although we have to work towards what we want, I believe that if we are clear, then the universe arranges things in front of us to help our desires manifest. When we are not clear, it is hard to us to grab the opportunities, no matter how obvious they may be. Sometimes we ask for something and feel frustrated when it does not happen. It is not our job to worry about timing. The important thing is to ask and let it go. In time, all things work out for the best. The more we have that trust, more we invite miracles to happen in our lives.

TuneIn today to those things you secretly desire. Have the courage to ask for what you want, need or desire. Write them in a journal and keep checking with yourself now and then. As small miracles start manifesting in your life you will automatically StepUp to attract more and more of what you need to live an amazing life. Above all, keep on expressing gratitude each day, throughout the day, for all what you are blessed with. Abundance begins with a seed of gratitude.