Going off routine may open new opportunities and new windows to your soul

Clustersyello flowersCluster of flowers

It is easy to fall into the same  routine day in and day out.  Wake up… coffee… gym… breakfast… work… colleagues… work…. colleagues…. drive home… dinner… bath…. bedtime…

Routines keep us safe and make our lives predictable. Getting off routine requires some level of effort.

Going off routines can bring a sudden burst of new energy and inspiration into our lives and it may even open new opportunities and windows to our soul.  I have learnt more about myself and the depth of my soul by going off routines and simply following an intuition to do something different.  Do I get into trouble?  A whole lot.  Is  it worth it?  Most definitely!

Today was a great example of going off routine. I held a workshop at the University of Ottawa in the morning.  Normally, I take a taxi back to my office but I decided to walk back – which took about an hour. On the way back, I discovered this great field of black eye Susan’s right next to my office, at the Museum of Nature.  I was pleasantly surprised because I love those flowers.  It also jerked my mind to think that although it is so close to me, I had not even noticed it because I have kept my usual work-home routine for the last few weeks.  I have even also spent my lunch hour indoors catching up on work or having lunch with my colleagues.

Summer is a great time to add a bit more to our usual routines and to get out and discover what is around us.

Try a walk at lunch time… take a route which  you have not taken before!

Go out for a day trip! Discover a city which you have not been to before.

Have an awesome day!




Show up for your life today

Show up for your life today. Be grateful for all the good and the bad that is going on in your life. Although we may not understand why some things have happened to us or to others, we cannot and should not remain in a state of sadness or sorrow nor feel that we are helpless to show up for our lives.
Today is a new day. Today presents 24 hours of opportunities and blessings. Those who have eyes to see these opportunities and blessings will grab them! Their hearts will feel the messages of hope that are whispered  all through the day.
You may not be able to change the world but you can create a positive change in your mind and in your space. Each small positive change adds to the power of the universal shift towards positivity and greatness.
Our affirmations today:
“I show up for opportunities and blessings in my life.”
“I take responsibility for adding positivity to my space.”
“I am a positive-thinking person.”
“I meet wonderful and amazing people.”
“My life is full of opportunities to create the best ME.”
Have a great Wednesday.

Are you stunting your professional and personal goals because you are afraid to ask?


I got a surprise this morning when I opened my e-mail and saw an e-mail from one of my favourite best-selling authors, who has is the author of several books and hosts a radio show as well.   I wrote to her in December asking for a review of my magazine but I assumed that she would be too busy to even respond to me.  However, I remained open.  Now that we are communicating, I am  super excited because she is now reading it.

Asking has been a learning journey for me.  Each time I open my mouth to ask for something I need, I feel that my courage muscles grow a bit more.   It was not always like that – I have spent sleepless nights debating whether I should ask or not. Now, I have simplified it to knowing I will receive the following  possible answers (not always in those direct words) and I have made peace with all of them:




Not now

Let us consider this later.

Last Summer, one of my most beautiful asking moments, happened with a business man who sponsored one of our events. I was very nervous calling him (because I am afraid of rejection).  However, within five minutes after I put in my ask, he asked, “how much?”  I told him the price and he said, “Come around, I will have a cheque ready for you.”  It all happened within five minutes! I almost lost out on that opportunity because of my fear of rejection!

I know for a fact though, that if we don’t ask, we will miss out on opportunities. I have also grown to accept rejection as part of the process and learnt not to judge the response or responder.  I remain open and comfort myself with the fact that I did my part – I asked for what I needed. I cannot control the response.

Why don’t we ask for what we need?

One of life’s fundamental truths states, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ As kids we get used to asking for things, but somehow we lose this ability in adulthood. We come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons to avoid any possibility of criticism or rejection. Jack Canfield

Are you stunting your professional, personal

and entrepreneurial growth

by not asking?

What do you need?  Have you identified who can give it to you?  Maybe they can’t do it directly, but they could refer you to someone who can give you what you need.

It is not our role to assume the response of the other person. Don’t assume things like they are too busy, it is too trivial, you’re  bothering them, they don’t understand etc.

What would you gain if they simply said YES to your ask.  Let that possibility be your motivator for asking.

Asking is the beginning of receiving.  Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. 

At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you! Jim Rohn



Do you deliver 70% or 100%?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Don’t expect others to do things exactly as you would do it yourself. If you can deliver at least 70%, it is o.k.” These were the words of my mentor advising me on how to deal with a project several years ago.

Why was 70% o.k for him? It was not good enough for me. At that time, I had high expectations of myself and others plus the need to control the results of the project which added additional stress on my mind and the team. I couldn’t understand why others could not put as much effort in getting things done as I was.

Wisdom kicked in over the years. I have lost several committed friends to illness and death who wished they had a more balanced approach and had spent more time enjoying the journey of life. I still aim high but I know that most importantly when managing projects and my life in general, each person involved can make or break the targeted results. For excellent execution, 80% of problems are solved by simply having the right people in the first place who also understand the true value of a team and how to balance each other. While we all want our visions to materialize perfectly, we need to consider other factors that life throws at us and continuously work at risk management. My mentor’s suggestion for delivering at least 70% of my results allows me to cater to the days that someone is ill; a few moments to enjoy and celebrate something special; a few moments to breathe a little better; a few moments to connect at a deeper level with someone; a few moments in between to simply let life lead me down paths I would not think about before. 70% allows me a few moments do nothing sometimes.

My 70% helps me to manage my expectations around other human beings in my path and acknowledge that they too are their own soul journeys with their dreams and challenges. Managing these expectations significantly reduces my stress level which increases my ability to manage everything around me better. Surprisingly, my 70% is becoming a restful and enjoyable 90% of living life generously, gracefully and with a sense of well-being. I actually prefer to live life with this balance than the stressful drive to getting things done perfectly well. Sometimes, we get to 100% with the least effort simply because a space has been created to be at ease with each other and to feel happy. When expectations are managed, we feel happier and life opens up more and more opportunities for us to live in this ideal space of well-being.

What is your % in meeting your life/soul deliverables? If going for a full 100% works for you, don’t limit yourself. We all have different approaches to work/life balance. TuneIn to how you balance your life and StepUp to create a space of well-being around you and those around you.