What is the WINNING factor?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have experienced a bunch of people, including myself – WINNING something or the other, or even WINNING someone! Two of my friends are getting married!

Christmas brings on that magical feeling that boosts our feelings of giving and receiving gifts, love and treasures all around us. There are many more opportunities to participate in social activities and most people seem to be in good spirits.

At our Christmas staff party, I won a beautiful collection of teas. Several other colleagues also won prizes from performances or by participating in a raffle draw.

Gemma, Aranjit and I

At a recent fundraiser, two of us won prizes from our tables, after my partner had jokingly sang, “abakadabrah… abakadabrah” on our tickets!  We have decided to take him to all future fundraisers!

Chinese Community Centre win

Those wins made me think about many other times I have won prizes such as a $10,000 prize draw for furniture, a job, a box of Christmas gifts, a lunch basket, a wine glass which can hold an entire bottle of wine, etc… what made all those wins come together?

Have you won something?

During my first year at college, I participated in a Math Competition and won! During the game, my Math Professor whispered to me, “Your confidence is shaking your opponents.”  At the end of the game they too told me that I was so confident in myself, that they gave up before they even tried to win!  We all laughed but I also knew that they were much brighter at Math than I was!

Was my confidence the winning factor?

So what is the magic formula for winning?

I conclude that it is simply SHOWING UP!

You don’t stand a chance if you don’t show up for opportunities and be willing to take risks.

Showing up for our lives means being  present and also being emotionally, intellectually and socially connected to ourselves and others.

We show up for our lives when we:

  • speak positive messages to ourselves
  • participate fully in opportunities which are available to us
  • communicate our needs, desires, wants to others
  • allow ourselves to be vulnerable
  • have an open heart
  • be attentive to the needs of others
  • create opportunities where gaps exists
  • are confident that we are winners in every aspect of our lives
  • meditate, dress up, take care of our bodies, exercise and invite good energy into our lives!

There are also our every day wins like waking up healthy, having access to good health care, being part of a loving family, having a job, coping with loss and tragedy in our lives, having our senses intact, having good friends and access to finance, letting go of what no longer serves us.

Grab your small wins and consider yourself a winner at life!

Remember too that you cannot win the lottery without a ticket!




The True Path of Self-Mastery – Master Phil


Peggy McColl

It was an honour and privilege to listen to some amazing speakers at the Women In Business Conference in Ottawa on March 11th, 2015 in Ottawa.  All the speakers who have now reached a successful place in their businesses shared their experiences including the low times where they went broke but kept committed to that “thing” which called to their passion. A few of the key messages which I took away with me, which also ignited my passion again were:

a) Seek not  yourself 100% in one day.  Seek to improve yourself 1% per day for 100 days.   This is the true path to self-mastery.  Master Phil ( http://www.blackbeltleadership.com/)

b) Is what you are eating cleaning you or clogging you? Holly@wildcarrot.ca

c) You must be a dog with a bone.  Grab hold of your author dream and don’t let anyone take it away from you.  Persistence is Key.  Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Seller, The Millionaire Author Mentor, The Best Seller Maker

d) Writing your book is 5% of the work done.  95% is marketing.

e) Sometimes, you just meet the right person who gives you a break! Never underestimate the power of simply meeting another human being.  Sometimes you have to sort out the weeds but if you don’t put yourself out there, you will not know what is possible.

And best of all, I met with the great author Peggy McColl and I will be doing an interview with her this week.  Isn’t that awesome!

Keep your dreams alive.  Don’t give up – if it is planted deep within you – it must bloom some day with your persistence.




Can you live your future in the NOW?

” Do you live your future in the now?”  I asked Mr. Luis on the train while he took a break from attending to the passengers.

Magdalene and Louis - Final

“No.” he said. “My future? I cannot even think about it.  I have to live in the present now, to take care of my wife and children and make sure that they have everything they need.  Having children is a lot of responsibility – I never imagined that it was so much work!”

He shared with me what his single life was like as a flight attendant in Brazil and the thrill of flying all over the world. Settling to having a family, has certainly had an impact on his sense of freedom and adventure although he totally loves his family.  He thinks that one day, he will perhaps have his old life back.  He feels that his life is on pause while he is waiting for the kids to grow up.

But what if there is no pause?

When my kids were younger, I too thought my life was on pause while I raised them.  I could not fully enjoy raising my kids because of the void of not having my previous lifestyle.

However, one day I realized that,  “This is your life.  This family is your future.  There is no pause – you have to find a way to make everything you do now, matter enough so that you can  connect the dots. You can live your future by paying attention to what you do  in the now.”

Years later, I can see that if I had continued to focus on the single lifestyle I no longer had, I would have missed out on the new opportunities that life was presenting to me to grow and invest in my role as a mother and also living in the now with them.

Vietnamese group

Across from my seat on the train,  were three young people, so I seized the opportunity to interview them as well. When I interview people, I actually live my future now, as this is all part of my bigger future and I can feel how right it feels for me.  They were from Vietnam, studying in Toronto and heading to Ottawa for a two-day visit during their study break.

“Do you live your future  in the now?” I asked them.  At first, they looked a bit confused.  Elise tried to explain that the future was something that she was planning for as she is studying Human Resources at school,  Loane said that she plans the future step by step – she needs to have a map of the plans and so far she is on track with the plan;  Will said that he lives fully in the present and enjoys his life in the now, although he has bigger plans for the future. Will shared  his favourite quote by Steve Jobs:

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked  myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am  about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a  row, I know I need to change something.”

Will had only learnt of the trip to Ottawa the night before but he jumped on board because it was aligned with what he likes to do – travelling, exploring, meeting new people. The three shared their life experiences in choosing to study in Canada and I was touched by their motivation to make their lives better, to make sure that their parents were proud of them; to increase their knowledge of life and the world so that they can live better lives.  Will’s contact card. spoke about his own philosophy.  The front was black and gold.

will's card

He designed it himself with the crown symbol at the top and a dot in the center which represents three people.  His belief is that three people makes things better than 2 people when they come together. There is a balance to solve conflict and to create more opportunities. Interestingly enough, he was travelling in a group of three.

The back of his card was black and white and said, “Different is beautiful.”  I think that this says it all!  By just living now from that inner space, does make you live your future now – it is your mental mindset about life.

Will's card 2

The three young people left a few tips to other people to “Live their future now.”

  • Balance your health daily.  Workout, eat right and think positive.
  • Increase your socialization so that you build relationships and not live in isolation.
  • Make a big enough plan as a guide but enjoy your life fully in the present. You need to have an idea of where you are going.
  • Live your life before you die.
  • Increase your knowledge everyday of something which you are interested in. Learn something new – it makes your mind feel fresh.
  • Travel – it makes you see new things.
  • Follow your interest and do what you love.
  • Do good for others because life returns it to you.

Loan shared with me that one way she lives her future now, is by going to various coffee shops and taking notes of how the business  is managed. She is passionately interested in having her own coffee shop in Vietnam one day!

I live my future in the now by consciously creating moments  that naturally leap me into the bigger future. It is all  about the choices were make, moment to moment.

TuneIn today to your conscious choices.  Do these choices feel right for you?  Can you see how each of those small choices are leading to the bigger future?  StepUp to live your future in the NOW, using your imagination and your amazing internal power to create the life you want to live!



New York! New York!! New York!!! Synchronicity and dreams come true!!!

For several years now, my soul friend who lives in England and I have talked about meeting in New York. We have known each other since we were 14 years old and even though we don’t see or talk to each other regularly, we keep each other close within our hearts. Over the last four years, several opportunities have presented itself but none that materialized until this last weekend.  Since I believe in synchronicity and believe that dreams do come true, I thought I would blog about the various events that happened in a whirlwind that made that dream come true.


Four years ago, the idea of the trip to New York came up.  We put it out there to the universe with the intention that we would be able to do this one day.  Margot spoke very dearly about her aunt in New York and I have always wanted to meet her.

Several weeks ago, my friend Gee told me about a bus trip to New York from Ottawa for the Labour Day weekend.  It sounded interesting but I was not sure I wanted to do it.

Several weeks ago, Margot and I explored for me to come up to England to spend summer with her but that did not materialize because of some other priorities.

However, the longing to see each other was there and she was constantly on my mind over the last few weeks.

Last Thursday, August 29th, we spoke over the phone and she suddenly asked, “What about meeting in New York for the  long weekend?”

It suddenly dawned on me that the bus trip for the Labour Day Weekend was happening on Friday (August 30th) and maybe I could get on that trip.  Within 24 hours, we had booked ourselves to arrive in New York.  I would bus for 7 hours and she would fly for 7 hours – the alignment was perfect!!!!  We were on our way to meet each other.


It was a fabulous weekend.  We explored Brooklyn, got lost, got found, had long soulful conversations; caught up on the last 25 years; got beauty treatments; met her aunts in New York;  walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan which was  an adventure;  laughed so hard that tears streamed from our eyes; reconnected with someone I had not seen for over 20 years; enjoyed the Labour Day celebrations on Eastern Parkway and enjoyed simply hanging out without much of an agenda except to be together.  Being present with each other was beautiful.




This experience reminded me how important it is for us to simply have dreams and intentions.  Sometimes, having a specific timeline for things to happen is useful but if we trust that the universe will provide all things to us, then we must also trust that there is also Divine timing.  Sometimes, it requires sitting it out and being patient; sometimes it requires taking action steps until it happens and sometimes the forces of synchronicity kick into place when that Divine timing seems to be right. I love it when there is such beautiful synchronicity and all the pieces fall in place effortlessly.

I experience synchronicity regularly  and  each time it happens, it  further reaffirms for me that we simply need to dream and let go.  Every thought we have becomes an intention and becomes a part of our inner world.  The manifestation of those thoughts happen when the universal forces become aligned with our internal world – I trust that Divine timing happens when all things align from a mental, emotional and spiritual inner space.  The universe cannot respond to us fully, until we are ready ourselves.

  • What are your dreams and intentions for your life?
  • What are your dreams and intentions for the lives of those you love?
  • Who would you like to spend some great quality time with?
  • What would you like to do on this earth before you pass on to the next life?
  • Is there a place that excites you?  Meeting a person?  Playing a sport?  Reuniting with someone?

TuneIn to those soul desires and longings. We can feel those from a deep place within us.  StepUp to put an intention out there.  You can write it in your journal, draw a picture of it, put it on a vision board… create something where you have a strong visual idea of what that desire is.

Take your desire and place it in a bubble.  Imagine that the bubble is floating away with that desire and will create and attract all the right energies to make that desire come true.  Trust in Divine Timing  and trust that the world is full of the abundance required to make that dream come true.


If you only hold on to the possibilities, then you will attract that from within your inner world.  Imagine what it would feel like to have that desire happen and imagine feeling this emotion constantly. This is really important because our emotions pull or push manifestations of things in our lives.  TuneIn to desires that will bring happy, pleasurable, soulful joy to you because there is nothing more important to this universe than to have people experience inner joy in their lives.



Can a Conversation be So Powerful that your life can be transformed to live your Vision?

I was inspired this weekend at 23rd Annual Event of the International Black Summit which was held at the National Suites Hotel in Ottawa. Hundreds of people of African descent flooded in from all over the world!  It was delightful to see people of African descendants across four generations – grandparents, parents, great-grand children and children all together in one room, celebrating their ancestry, giving thanks to the founders of the International Black Summit and best of all, feeling that spirit of unity and honor for all as they joined in a continuation of the Conversation that started 23 years ago. It felt like a family reunion and you could feel the incredible warmth with which everyone welcomed everyone.

The International Black Summit is a 100% volunteer led organization committed to empowering and transforming the lives of people of Black African descents all over the world.  I heard repeatedly how individuals had been transformed through those Conversations – Conversations which are rooted in the Declaration of the International Black Summit (please see Declarations at the bottom of this post). I was curious to find out how individual lives had been transformed in their day-to-day reality and the more people I interviewed, the greater my appreciation grew for the many people of African descendants,  who created such an amazing opportunity for people of Africa descendants to realize their vision for the Black community and the world.

Most of the folks I interviewed would tell me:

“This is my family”;

“I feel belonged here”;

“I can be myself”;

“There is nothing for me to hide or defend here”;

“I can just be”;

“This is a space where I feel fully embraced”;

“I come to the Summit to be vulnerable”;

“It is a space where I can share love and receive so much love”;

“It is a space where I can be with like-minded people”.

“I have created myself into a world citizen and have now travelled to 5 continents! This has all happened because of the International Black Summit. It has been a breakthrough in my life and I live the passion of the Summit”.  These were the words of Chekesha Showers, a retired teacher from California, who is also a facilitator body at the International Black Summit.

( Chekesha is at the center,  white-haired woman below – sorry for the quality of this photo – camera failure 🙂 )

“I ended 25 years of marriage gracefully, entered into a new marriage courageously after meeting someone new in four weeks (now happily married for 5 years) and opened a new store! This would never have been possible without the support of the International Black Summit to crystallize my vision into reality and watch it  manifest in my life” Niamo M-Davis. (Below is a picture of Niamo and her husband Jonathan, who share an amazing love connection and story)

“The Summit has offered me a body of Distinctions and Tools, which I apply to my life. I can live my life now  ‘in the bother of it’… I can live in the uncertainty of things and know that uncertainty is not a place of fear and it is o.k to take time to figure things out in that space of uncertainly”  Orin Saunders, a business man from New York City.

So what does the International Black Summit do to give such a boost to people of African descent that transforms their lives? I interviewed some individuals who have attended every single summit since the inception in 1991.

One of those individuals was Orin Sanders who beamed with light as he chatted with me during one of his breaks as a facilitator. He recalls the first invitation letter he got to attend the first Conversation, and as a young black man, living in New York, he found it intriguing there could be such a Conversation happening for black people. He recalls that the first Conversation was the most incredible and powerful Conversation in his life as those who attended explored all what it meant to be a black person. At the end of that Conversation, they were all inspired to do something and used all the ideas and thoughts to create the Declaration and had a vision to create something in the form of a Summit.  They called in The _____ (blank) Summit, until the Conversation became clearer to be called the International Black Summit.  Since then, Orin has attended every Summit and has  continued  on his transformative journey. It must be noted that the Summit happens once a year but Conversations are happening throughout the year. He gives thanks to the Summit for the transformative power it has had in his life in developing his own vision and being able to manage his own business from Conversations of the Summit and incorporating the Declaration of the Summit and the Distinctions of the Summit in his own life.  Although an Architect by profession, Orin has listened to what life is saying to him and has followed his passion into the hair industry.

“You come here with your own essence… you get the opportunity to explore that unique essence you bring to the world… and the Summit creates that safe space for you to explore questions and issues, it is a space for you to clear yourself and hear what life is telling you… it is a space that allows you to be yourself. You will discover things about yourself that not even your family knows about you but you will feel safe in sharing with your Summit family.”

Orin’s vision allows him to live his life from key fundamentals, no matter where he is or what he is doing. “My vision is a world that nurtures the human spirit, my spirit; An environment of abundant well-being.” He is a business man/ entrepreneur in New York City who owns 2 beauty salons, specialized in African hair styles and products. Orin also trains individuals to become entrepreneurs world wide in the hair industry and therefore honours the declaration of the International Black Summit to “Build economies to fund our community”. Orin referred to the Distinctions of the Summit by which he had to live his own life to be a facilitator . He explained to me that the Distinctions are constantly being developed but he leads his own life and his business by following five main distinctions:

Noticing: He provided the example of the downside of the economic situation that hit his business in 2008. He noticed that with the advent of social media technology, he had less control over keeping confidential client information as everyone could share information with everyone else, including his staff.  This reduced the number of clients coming to the salon. By noticing the change in trends, he knew that he had to adjust certain key things in how he operated his business but also started noting his own triggers.

Trigger:  He examined his triggers of discomfort,  frustration, anger, the knot in his stomach… He kept on asking himself: “What is this pointing to?” and he got to the conclusion that he can’t do things they way they were any more. Something needed to change.

Declaration: His declaration was to decide on the future of his Salon. He knew that if things remained in the state they were, he could do it no more. This led him to re-look at the structure within which he was operating and to ensure that all structures were complete.

Completion:  He worked on ensuring that he had proper structures in place to support his team to work effectively by putting in simple things such as schedules, having meetings regularly, clarifying,  etc. With little business coming in, he knew that perhaps he needed to let people go but his philosophy did not believe in firing anyone. His technique was to have a conversation about completion with members of his team. Some  members opted to leave because their work in the salon was complete within themselves.

Vision: As this work became completed and his vision became stronger, he also shifted his business within the global phenomenon. “The shift had to occur in me first, before it could occur outside of me.”   This is what this whole transformative process is all about! “I was no longer stressed. I got flat clear about where I wanted to go and as some people left, new people joined the business and this had to happen to bring in new energy.” Today, he is still in the vision.

I also chatted with a young man named Zachary Morris who was attending the Summit. Zachary shared with me that he is here to live on his Grandmother’s legacy and to make an investment in himself to be able to hold himself accountable to himself and be mentally strong to implement his vision for himself. His grandmother, Mama Koumba, was known as the Mother of the Summit, and he now has a better idea of what she stood for and can see the impact of following the Declaration and the Distinctions in his life. Zachary is a barber instructor in a prison in Chicago (a former student of Orin) and after this weekend’s Summit, he is now clear about how to implement his vision. In his classroom with inmates, he knows how  he can teach them to progress so that they can have a job after they have served their time. He knows that he will teach them what it takes to be entrepreneurs – and very importantly, they can practice while they are in prison. As an athlete, he can see now that he can work with his volleyball team to create possibilities by using the techniques he has learnt at the Summit.

Above is a picture of some members of the host team in Ottawa.  On the far left is Melissa Rowe, also a dear friend of mine, who has attended the Summit for several years. This has resulted in her seeing herself from a different perspective.  Melissa, constantly uses the Distinctions from the Summit in everyday conversations to help others clarify or to get a Clearing for herself.  She used to tell herself that she cannot write but today she is a published writer!  “The Summit is like my extended family.” Those of us to know Melissa, also know who much voluntary work she puts into the community of Ottawa in lifting others and supporting individuals to move forward through life coaching and her work within the Social Services field as a registered social worker.

Adrienne “Afua’ Coddette  (far right)  is another inspiring leader in the Black community in Ottawa and so is Jacqueline Lawerence (in black). Adrienne  is well-known for her involvement in empowering  black youth and taking them under her wings to nurture and care for them –  she has adopted many youth!  Adrienne has strong roots within the community of Ottawa. “I am a child of this community… this community created me.”  She shared with me her history of being part of Impact Heritage, a group which a group of mothers, including her own mother, formed over 40  years ago and which provided  a safe space for black kids to learn about their history, their culture and to be with other black kids.  This group died perhaps due to lack of grooming of others to take responsibility for sustainability.  However, Adrienne knows that impact that the teachings from that group had on her own life, her sense of identify and purpose.  In 2002, Adrienne attended her first Summit  which enabled her to become clear of her own vision, as by then she had already created several initiatives in Ottawa to empower black youth.  Right there at the Summit in 2002, she made a commitment to herself to take at least one youth to each Summit with her.  11 years later, she is proud to have lived up to that commitment and in some cases she has taken more than one. Now, some of them fund their own way and help others along as well.  She actually went off with 27 youth from Ottawa to help in the rebuilding process of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.  After the Summit in 2010 in Baltimore,  where she also took a group of youth, a new vision was born out of the youth so that they could stay connected and supported.  It is the Be More Academy in Ottawa, under the umbrella of the 3 Dreads and a Baldhead – an organization which four black women formed several years ago.   The Be More Academy is a positive space for black youth to gather and to realize their visions of themselves and the Black Community.

Read more about the 3Dreads &A :http://www.3dreads.com/

Be More Academy:http://www.3dreads.com/be-more-academy/

“When I sat in the Summit in 2002, I realized that the Summit had a ripple effect, like throwing a rock in the river.  I thought, if I could expand the possibility, create a CommUnity… if everyone had the tools, they would create an opportunity for this city to BE MORE and contribute in a meaningful way.”

The International Black Summit has been held in several countries across the world and those transformative conversations are continuing on to Belize next year. The countries they have travelled to are North American cities such as Atlanta, Georgia, Oakland, California, Birmingham, Alabama, Toronto and now Ottawa; Caribbean and South American regions such as Montego Bay, Jamaica, Bahia Brazil and Rendovouz Bay Anguilla; African cities such as Nairobi, Kenya, Johannesburg, South Africa and Elmina Ghana and the European cosmopolitan hub of London, England.

More information about the International Black Summit can be found at: http://www.blacksummit.org/

The Declaration of the International Black Summit:

The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the Black community and the world and it is guided by the Declaration of the International Black Summit which states:

We declare ourselves, our community and all communities whole and complete. There is nothing to do except be.

We assert that we are responsible for generating community as possibility and distinction. We listen for and grant being to the possibility and creation of unpredictable results. Our conversation of, about, and for those of African descent is one of power, self-generation, abundance, responsibility, unity and integrity, with the possibility of being.

We stand for the expression of our spirituality, ending the murders of our men, women and children; building economies responsible for funding our community, maintaining wellness of being in our bodies, providing human services; establishing nurturing relationships; altering the conversation of who we are in the media; empowering our youth.

We declare that our community manifest itself in the world as contribution in the transformation of the universe. Atlanta, Georgia, 1991.

Since the inception 23 years ago, two other groups have emerged from it – the International Black Youth Summit, for ages 8 – 17; and the International Black Young Adult Summit, for youth ages 18 – 35 years.

To quote one of the interviewees “We can create anytime, anywhere.  We don’t have to wait!  We may not be in the physical space here but there is no separation.”

The tools and processes used in the Conversation allows each person’s vision to manifest in different unique ways.  For Jonathan Davis, a political activist, a lawyer in training and now a Safety Consultant, he enjoys “being with what is”.  His vision is for there to be “No more blacks. No more whites. It is all going to be about people having access to all that they need to feel fulfilled from education to health care to recreation and the space to self-actualize.”  He is concerned about the youth and concerned about the educational gaps that are getting wider and wider but he also believes that ” We have the power from within ourselves to free our selves.” He works tirelessly in having conversations and empowering folks through his work but in all walks of his life, especially in empowering people of African descent.

TuneIn to  hear what life is saying to you.  What is your vision of yourself?  How do you serve life and serve your community?  StepUp and engage in a Conversation… it may just be the beginning of a transformative process for you!  The tools and processes used by the International Black Summit are applicable for everyone.



Do you have a mindset which will make you gasp when beauty touches your soul?


I make it a daily practice to look for miracles, opportunities and the simple pleasures of life that sometimes show up unexpectedly!  I have a mindset to find joy in the ordinary and make moments extraordinary by seeing them through the eyes of my soul.  Little blessings add great pleasure to my day and I often find my heart bubbling with joyful music as my senses become more and more immersed in its natural home of gratitude.  How blessed I feel at the end of every day to be part of this amazing universe, the beautiful souls  who I meet in my daily journeys  and the thousands of angels that dance all around us, urging us to let go of our anxieties and love our planet unconditionally.

Our lives are busy and chaotic with much to get done at the end of every day.  The price of not meeting our obligations can be high and this leads to a high level of stress. However, we can claim a lifestyle of less anxiety by consciously shifting our MINDS and EYES to see the beauty around us, through our souls. Have you ever found yourself gasping because something is so beautiful, so inspiring, so dynamic, so alive, so fun, so exhilarating, so “WOW!”

The quickest way to expand our souls is to find beauty that speaks to our soul frequently.

Here are a few things which have brought delight to the eyes of my soul.

Look at this flower below… isn’t it just perfect!  I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  Every single petal looks perfectly placed. Nature is so divine! How more beautiful life could be if we can all embrace that divine perfection in all things around us!


On my way to the office yesterday, I  found GRAPES!!!! They were growing over the house of the owner of a sandwich deli and I was completely blown away that right in the middle of Ottawa, I found grapes! To stumble upon such treasures lifts my spirit a hundredfold… I skipped all the way back to work!


On a hot summer day, a cold, cold, cold beer is so delightful!  I completely enjoyed this Mills Street Organic beer in the Ottawa Market. Don’t rush home after work… take a few minutes to enjoy sitting on a patio somewhere and just soak in the sun and enjoy the buzz of people around you!


A good pizza is still a classic for a fun party!  This one was delicious with the beer 🙂


Look at this rack of bikes… what a great idea to make bikes available us to ride around the city! Just hopping on one in the middle of the day can re-energize you completely!


Cluster of flowers

A field of black eye Suzans right across from my workplace!

Doesn’t this tree hold hundreds of stories?  It sits along the St. Lawrence River, Upper Canada Village and if it could talk, I can only imagine the stories that it would share of love and war.


And the fun part at the end of a day was just hugging the little bear at Sugar Mountain!


Tune in today to small things that bring pleasure to your MIND and/or your EYES! Step up to indulge in something that makes your heart beat a little bit faster today and that which will expand your soul.


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