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From across the miles, we want to say a special thank you to Paul and Sherin Clifford, owners of CAST AWAY TOUR in Saint Lucia! They provide a range of authentic experiences for the traveller who want to experience the rich cultural and heritage aspects of Saint Lucia. We want to thank them for their contribution towards my former student, who is blind, to get her massage table to work independently as a massage therapist! Together, we will make that dream come true on May 25th when we gather in the celebration of the launch of Soulful Encounters, Mags Magazine.

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Plan on spending the entire day in this remote tropical sanctuary… you still won’t have enough time to do everything …
Snorkel/swim over the wild UN Heritage Site Marine Reserve reefs, help local fishermen pull in their nets, visit local artisans at Lio’s Pottery Studio or the Khuss-Khuss grass-crafter (+USD 10/per person),  mix up medicinal plant shampoos & herbal body scrubs on the Bush Doctor’s Walkabout to the Rainforest Mineral Springs, tour the tropical organic Zion Lion Farm and harvest a wide variety of organic fruits & vegetables for your lunch, tour the 18th century Ruins (sugar/rum/irrigation)learn how-to make gourmet charcoals, see how cassava is processed into gluten-free “farine”, relax in a hammock or on a hand-woven grass lounger under our grass-roof shelter, participate in a Carib Cuisine demonstration in our open-air “kitchen” and then enjoy St. Lucia’s only organic Farm-To-Table Carib Beach BBQ Feast & sooo much more… 

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ALSO… Reflexology Hike.
Barefoot, on the naturally mystic Gros Piton


Hike up Gros Piton…


The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise:  Come for a ride on The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise….to the wild side of The Pitons!


Make Saint Lucia one of your top travelling destinations!  We can help  you get there and have an amazing experience!

We are looking forward to seeing you on May 25th!

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Why do I care less at 46?



Happy Birthday!

Why do I care less at 46?

Today, I celebrate my 46th birthday and I have concluded that I don’t need to be “a strong woman” or an “independent woman” or a “professional woman” or a “homemaker” or “anything” kind of woman.

I simply want to be a happy person who want to live more happy moments.

Just as God made the birds and the trees; the moon and the stars; the heavens and the earth… I too was created as part of the great universe. I have the right to be here. Just as in the life cycle of a flower which blooms and dies, my life too will bloom and die. At the end of my life, I simply want to die knowing that I took full responsibility for this one life I have – MINE.

At an earlier part of my life journey, I lived with so much guilt for not fixing all the problems I saw around me and not doing more to show how responsible I was in making the world a better place.

Now, I know for a fact, that all of what we gain or lose in this lifetime, has to do with the seeds which we plant in our souls from our previous lifetimes and within this lifetime. Each seed is sown in the moment and each moment should never be taken for granted. Fear and love are the two spectrums which dominate our lives all the times. If all of our moments can be rooted in love, which also roots trust, then we can all learn to care less and live more. Fear roots us in doubt and robs us of our joyful moments. Even when we feel the grips of fear, we can consciously create a better moment by saying, ” I embrace this fear/anxiety/uncertainty which I am faced with in this moment, but I choose to trust that life/God, will take care of me and all my needs will be met.”  We can choose to live in love or in fear.  We can choose to move from fear and doubt to love and trust.  We can do it moment by moment.

What is a moment anyway?

A breath.
A thought.
A blink of an eye.
A heart beat.
A look.
A touch.
A smile.
A feeling.
A space.
A conviction.
A consciousness.
A decision.

Although I don’t have complete control over each moment (God is always in control), I know that I can decide how I want to shape each moment. A pleasant thought, a pleasant feeling, a pleasant action, a pleasant space… collectively each of those moments create the future.  We don’t need to live the future by projecting our fears.

So I care less about all the things and people and situations that create calamities and destruction  of people and societies and nature.  I no longer feel the need to fix them.

I live for moments that make me feel alive, happy, healthy and joyful. All those moments will vibrate into the same wavelengths of others who choose to live this way and collectively we will create harmony which will result in a better world… but most importantly, my consciousness is fueling my body to LIVE and FEEL happy.

The world needs more people rooted in love and trust.




A great partnership effort which brought smiles to the faces of children in St. Lucia. Children received bicycles and toys!

Christmas 2013,  St. Lucian children from across the island received bicycles, thanks to the great partnership efforts between Wilson Jn. Baptiste, Founder of The Gems of St. Lucia, Taj Weekes, the newly appointed UNICEF Champion for Children, his children’s charity, They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) and JetBlue Airways. JetBlue transported the bicycles to St. Lucia and the Annual Children’s Christmas Party was hosted  by Helen Television System and Rise St. Lucia.


Wilson Jn. Baptiste  and Taj Weekes are St. Lucians living in New York who constantly find small and big ways to reach out to the community. Both are excited to be able to work on this project together although they have each done separate projects in the past. In 2010 Wilson initiated his first toy drive in New York for St. Lucia. He sourced toys for the Annual Christmas Party for Helen Television System and was able to partner with Pastor Gilford T Monrose, President Mt. Zion Church of God (7th Day Adventist) who donated a suitcase of toys. After this first toy drive, Wilson went back to school to study for his Master’s Degree in Tourism Management. His studies kept him busy until now.


Wilson is happy that less fortunate children recieved bicycles this year. He believes that this initiative is a strong example of a strategic partnership which demonstrates the magic that can happen when like-minded people and institutions come together on a mission to help one of the most vulnerable groups – children, especially at this festive time of year.

“The image of a bright smile on a child’s face, who thought that he/she would not be receiving a gift this Christmas; the sigh of relief, on a parents’ face, who thought that he/she would have to make the difficult choice between a toy and ham this Christmas. This year is of particular significance due to the news of adverse economic conditions which the island is currently experiencing. I want to make a difference in the life of a child and a family. If each of us contributes a little to the initiative then we can bring happiness to many people.”


Taj Weekes is a world-renowned musician, singer and songwriter. He is involved in several initiatives in St. Lucia through his U.S. based not for profit organization, TOCO. TOCO is dedicated to improving the lives of Caribbean children through sports, health and enrichment programs. In 2011, he launched the TOCO Annual Holiday Toy Drive. Each toy drive has a theme that promotes exercise and healthy living. In 2011, he donated 600 soccer uniforms and soccer balls. In 2012 he donated scooters and helmets and now in 2013, it is bicycles.

St. Lucia has the highest rate of diabetes in the world,” Taj said. “As part of my mission, I would like to see the children of St. Lucia become more active and riding a bicycle is one of the activities that they can engage in and also have fun with.”

For Taj, this initiative is also deeply spiritually rooted as he has made it big in the music industry but he is very much grounded in his core values.

“We are our brother’s keepers. To whom much is given, much is expected. I can help and I will do whatever is in my power to help the children of St. Lucia. After all, how many more things do I need? I can’t drive 5 cars, I don’t need 5 cars… but I can make a contribution at home.”

JetBlue Airways has regular flights to St. Lucia and was happy to partner with Wilson and Taj on this project.

JetBlue team

“Our mission is to Inspire Humanity both in the air and on the ground. We live, work and volunteer in the communities we serve. We are excited to work with The Gems of St. Lucia to bring 150 bikes to less fortunate children. Youth initiatives are a core pillar of corporate social responsibility program. Our crew members are dedicated to causes that support and encourage children and education. Our crew members are excited to deliver these bikes just in time for the Children’s Annual Christmas Party,” said Janid Ortiz, JetBlue’s manager of regional marketing.

In St. Lucia, Helen Television System and Rise St. Lucia are elated  about the partnership efforts as well.

“ This represents the 3rd such collaboration with Taj Weekes and the TOCO foundation. This year, in addition to handing out bicycles to less fortunate kids at an open air free Xmas party, schools such as the Dame Pearlette Primary School, the Grande Riviere Primary, the St. Lucia Crisis Centre and Faces of Cancer foundation will all receive bikes for their “Kids after school programs”, which caters for less fortunate kids.”  said Valarie Albert, HTS, St. Lucia.

bikes 3

Bikes 2

Away from home, it is heartening to see the commitment of persons like Taj and Wilson to give to the children in St. Lucia. Having established a partnership with fellow philanthropic organizations such as Rise St. Lucia and Helen Television System, their message to the public is simple:  a small gesture can go a long way. Take time out to hug a child…take time out to smile to a child….take time out to let the least fortunate know that things will get better.

The children of St. Lucia and children globally deserve more than toys for Christmas. They must be assisted throughout the year. As a result, the team which produced the results for the toy drive for 2013, will not end its contribution after Christmas. Plans are already underway to determine areas of assistance for the children of St. Lucia and globally, using the team’s expertise and resources. More partners are invited to assist and contribute to the cause of the children.

They would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this initiative: JetBlue, Helen Television Service, Rise St. Lucia, Radio One Hundred, Valerie Albert, Dr. Stephen King, and Jaqueline Bird.

bikes 4

TuneIn to the needs of those who are less fortunate than you during this Christmas season. What can you do to make someone’s day brighter? StepUp and take one small action step. You have it within your power to make a positive difference in your corner of the world! We should all strive to leave this world in a better shape than we found it for the sake of the next generation. This shape should take the form of a cleaner environment, peace and a world that can sustain its resources.

About The Gems of St. Lucia:

The Gems of St. Lucia identifies tourism products which have the attributes of providing warm, highly personalized, quality service and accommodation in an intimate and alluring setting. The focus is on comfort, beauty and a true sense of relaxation. We fill a gap during the slow season in the hospitality sector in St. Lucia, and more precisely, in the hotel sector by engaging with international markets to promote St. Lucia as a prestige destination of choice. We achieve this through the creation of global marketing consulting teams which involves St. Lucians and friends of St. Lucia.


 Tel: 646-678-6154

About TOCO:

They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) is a 501(c)(3), U.S. based, not-for profit organization co-founded by St. Lucian musician Taj Weekes and attorney Shirley J. Menard. TOCO’s mission is to raise awareness and address the issues that affect Caribbean youth through comprehensive projects and initiatives on every island in the Caribbean. TOCO’s projects range from after school sports programs, a diabetes awareness initiative, a domestic violence awareness campaign, and artistic programs. TOCO is dedicated to improving the lives of Caribbean youth through sports, health and enrichment programs


They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO)
27 Edgewood Place
Great Neck, New York 11024

JetBlue Airways:

JetBlue Inspring Humanity since 2000

This TuneIn and StepUp blog is written by Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell.  She is from St.Lucia and currently lives in Ottawa, Canada.  She  blogs ONLY for things which will bring inspiration and help make our lives better.  You can follow her blog or share it with others to continue the flow of good thoughts  and actions into the world.  Contact:

I just can’t help myself – falling in love…with you…

40th birthday 600

I have been there helplessly.

I don’t think anyone can give a tutorial on how to fall in love because we simply fall in love.

Some of my friends from various cultures who are reading this are likely thinking, “Magdalene, in my culture, we don’t fall in love.  Our marriages are arranged, we make a commitment and we build a life!  There is nothing like falling in love… this is all crap!” O.K.  got it and I know that this formula works as well!  People who have been married for many years, will also tell you, that staying married and in a long-lasting relationship is about commitment (and sometimes not necessarily happiness).

But if you have experienced falling in love helplessly, you know what I am talking about. It is one of those  things that I find fascinating but which also leaves me feeling a bit baffled because there is something in that experience which is not logical at all but which is exhilarating beautiful and leaves you feeling completely vulnerable.  Worst yet, you can fall in love helplessly with  nothing tangible to glue the relationship together.  Ouch!   My sister Angela, gave some words of wisdom to a young cousin at her 16th birthday.  She said, “You will fall in love but you will need to learn how to use your mind and your heart together!”  WOW, I thought.  How do you train a 16-year-old to do that!

At 16, my parents almost disowned me for falling in love with a man who they would have never considered to be a likely prospect for their daughter. I still remember the day I first saw him, completely intrigued with his hands drumming away at his drums during my first dance class, with a dance group. Did I fall in love with his hands? The drums? His soul rhythm? What happened next had no grounding in anything real – we became entangled in something exhilarating beautiful, led to complete heartbreak a couple of years later but now that I am writing about this almost 30 years later, I know that there was nothing I could have done to stop me or him from having that experience.

What do we fall in love with? A physical look? Touch? Smell? Connection? Achievement? intelligence? Personality?

One person in a powerful position once said to me, “I think the women are falling in love with my position.. not with me.”
Another person said, “Oh they fall in love with my wallet!”

I don’t think that either of these are about falling in love.

Why does one person linger on your mind than any other person?  Even after a relationship breaks off, you still continue to think of that one person who just lighted your life, even for a brief moment.

I wish that falling in love was like traffic lights – tells us when to go, when to slow down and when to stop!

Falling in love does not mean you have a relationship with someone.

Falling in love does not mean that the relationship will last either.

Falling in love does not mean that he will love you back or she will love you back.

Falling in love may mean that you are sharing a past life together and there are still karmic ties that need to be completed.

Falling in love may also lead to everlasting love!

Falling in love is  complicated because we have no control over it!  When we fall… we fall so helplessly.  It makes us so vulnerable! 

Yet, if you have experienced this, you may agree that there is  little more powerful than that indescribable feeling you feel when you are in love…. intoxicated with the sound, smell, taste, feel… of this person, even when you know you can do nothing about making them love you back! If the experience is mutually shared, falling in love is sweet. it is like walking with God where  your energy is so high that  life just becomes more beautiful all around.  You have the ability  right there to invite all kinds of miracles in your life because you vibrate at such a high frequency in the universe.  Just take a look at someone’s face who is in love.  It literally glows!

Why am I writing about falling in love?  Am I in love?

I live in love.  I breathe love. I simply love loving!

But this one is dedicated to my young friend who is in love.  In a recent conversation he shared with me that he is so much in love but does not know what to do. When is the right time to let her know?  How should he let her know?  He said, “I just can’t stop thinking about her!”

My advice – enjoy the feeling.  Tell her. Show her. Take a risk and be vulnerable.  Give it time because she too is vulnerable.

If she returns that feeling, YOU are a winner.  If she does not, YOU are still a winner because you have opened your heart a bit more by allowing yourself to experience such a beautiful emotion.

Now, what if she does not love you back?

Keep on falling in love with yourself!  Keep on meeting new people!  Find a way to love her and let her go because you know that at the end of the day, love is best when it is reciprocated. When two people are not on the same page, it can be quite painful.

When you love yourself, like no one else can… you will be surprised to see how much love you get back in return. You see, you can’t love someone else, without loving yourself first!  And love, is the greatest of all.  By simply finding ways to love and to give love away, you naturally increase your vibration in the universe and attract more love to you.

My friend, have fun falling in love with yourself this weekend! TuneIn to your loving self and Stepup to make every moment of your life, WORTH LIVING!!!!


“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He says… hummm, what does he want???


I was shopping at a department store last Saturday, minding my business when suddenly a man stepped in line with me.

“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He said it very light but there was also a seductive tone.  He is tall, cute and has a playful energy around him.

“Oh… thank you.” I said, thinking that the conversation is over.

But he kepts on walking with me.

“Just look at you… You are wonderful.  You make colours look nice on you. … You are warm… you have such a good energy about you.”  He is actually quite dramatic using his hands to showcase me as this beauty he has just found.  His eyes light up and the expression on his face is all light and priceless.

“Thank you,” I said, blushing a bit because it is not a usual thing for a person to be so open like that. It seemed that we are shopping together as he walked right next to me with his hand on my cart!

“I am an architect” he said. “I love beautiful buildings and love art. You are a work of art.”

I blushed some more.  Gosh, I think to myself. How do I get rid of this man now!

“Thank you.”  I said.  “Now, what can I do for you?” I said with a smile on my face, now mischievously pushing the boundaries.

Being a writer too and since starting this blogging journey, I am always curious to know more about what makes people tick. This is not a typical conversation in Canada with a Canadian man.  In my experience, Canadians are very conservative, very careful in how they approach people. I am a female, coloured person. He is a white male. We are perhaps in the same age group.  If I were in the Caribbean and approached like this (the language would be a bit more colourful), I would completely understand.  The way our men approach our women, most of the time, is pretty upfront and direct, filled with what I call “sweet-talk”.

“Nothing” he said. “I just needed to express all of this to you because I may never get a chance to do it again. Sometimes you have to say what you feel.”

“You are quite direct.” I said.

“Why bullshit around?” he replied. “What should I do?  Wait for three months to tell you? A year? Six years?  Who knows, I may never get the chance again!”

“Thank you.”  I said.  “I truly appreciate your sentiments.”

“Would love to have coffee with you sometime.” He said.

“If you are looking for a relationship, I am not available.” I said. “It would be useless leading you on.”

“I appreciate you telling me this.” He replied.

“You very bold. You do say what you have to say.”  I said. “It is not a usual thing.”

We spent a few minutes speaking about his life, his career, his family and his general sense of what he felt about life.  He sounds like a very sound minded man – looking at the conversation above, it sounds a bit out of context – that he is kind of hitting on me (and he may be too!). His experiences have taught him to listen to his intuition and feel what is around him. His losses of dear ones in his life have taught him to embrace the moment and live right in the moment.  It is always such a pleasure for me to have a deeper conversation with people… I continue to be amazed at people’s life experiences and what causes them to respond the life the way they do.

“Why did you pick me today?” I asked him. “There are so many people in this store… did you go to anyone else to say those things?”

He laughed.  “Women!” he said.  “No, I said this to you because I truly felt it from my heart. “I watched you walk into the store and your energy hit me… the way you walk, your height, your smile, your style… Just look around you.  Do you see anyone else looking like you here?”

“Everyone is different.” I said.  We all have different energies.”

“Exactly the point.” He said. “You vibrate at an energy that I can relate it. That is why I could not help but come to you directly.”

We both laughed because at an energy level, we understood each other. He must be reading the same books I read and practice all the intuitive, meditative things that I practice. We were actually even using similar expressions.  We were probably souls from a previous lifetime. Who knows?  We bid each other farewell but we both left a smile on each other’s faces.

In a previous blog, I asked the question, “How much time do you need to know someone?”

This situation is another perfect example of what happens when two people’s energy aligns at a soul level.  Trying to explain how you feel, why you feel the way you feel and having to support it with all kinds of physical, logical explanation seems more and more strange to me as I experience more and more of those encounters that are so light and refreshing.  It is again, another example of how my own internal world is reflecting my outer world… this is happening just when I am seriously asking those questions.

Thinking more at a lower energy  level, one might question it and say that this is all just a man trying to get to a woman.  Now, I can differentiate between hitting on a person and feeling that energy alignment(sometimes both happen!) because with me, it does not happen just with men.  The people I meet – men, women, children…. I connect more at that soul level.   Last Sunday, I had a similar experience in church with a baby about 2 years old.  In an hour, without any words, this little child and I expressed so much light, love and affection for each other (a total stranger) that it was simply amazing!  Even the parents could not believe the dynamics that happened between us. I felt completely mesmerized by this baby and can still feel the power of that eye connection we shared.

I believe that more and more, we will all be tuning in to what we feel and we will all be experiencing greater safety in being able to express what we feel more openly.  Because our energy will become aligned more to light and love, people will be less inclined to take advantage of each other and use each other for the wrong reasons.  We will be able to meet people who our soul simply recognise and feel that we just love them without needed to give them an explanation.  This is when love, is just love at its highest and purest form.  Those who are not in alignment with our own soul energy will simply not be attracted to us.

TuneIn today to what you truly feel with your heart. StepUp to express it.  You don’t need to expect an outcome or a result.  Just simply say what you feel… the rest will fall into place. Each time we express from our hearts, life becomes lighter!



Can you live ‘in the bother’ of it all and ‘be with what is’?

“I can live my life now ‘in the bother of it’… I can live in the uncertainty of things and know that uncertainty is not a place of fear and it is o.k to take time to figure things out in that space of uncertainly” Orin Saunders, business man from New York City at the International Black Summit in Ottawa, August 4th, 2013. Part of his life experience is in my previous blog.

I have thought about this and I realize how often we want to fix things,get things right, look perfect, give more than we have, get upset if it does not work out according to how we planned it… But what if we just accepted to live in the bother of it?

Yesterday, I planned to meet a friend after work. On my way to our planned meeting place, I got a text that said something important came up and she could not make it. The first moment left me completely upset because I had rushed through my workout at the gym just to be able to meet with her. Then I reminded myself to “be in the bother of it.” and that everything would be fine.
What triggered my upset? I was looking forward to seeing her and I had given up something important to be with her.
Did I complete my part to be with her? YES
Was there anything more I could do about the situation? NO
Did it make the relationship any less special? NO because even though I was not a priority for some reason now, does not mean it has been like this. Further more, I don’t have all the facts to make a judgement on why she cancelled.

And so a smile broke on my face after I had cleared my head with my feeling of disappointment. Suddenly I heard a squeal and right in front of me was a friend I had not seen for about 8 years whom I had thought of for the longest while. I had lost her contact information and only knew her by her first name. We were so excited to see each other and kept on hugging each other over and over again. We had a lovely spontaneous dinner together…it was a beautiful evening.

Maybe ‘living in the bother’ does not always manifest itself into something that instantaneous but I know that from my own personal experience, “being with what is” and “accepting what is” no matter what is going on in our lives, creates a deep trust within our hearts and souls to be at peace with ourselves. Life speaks to us through all the ups and downs in our lives. If we can live and be perfectly comfortable with ‘the bother’, we will continue to trust life… all will reveal itself in time.

TuneIn today to our own ‘bothers’. What triggers them? Is there something we need to take to completion? Maybe or maybe not. Can you StepUp and be with what is, without needing to fix or solve it?


Who Inspires You To Be More Of Who You Want To Be?

She calls me Pretty. I call her Pretty too. We don’t know each other’s names but have silently admired each other for over eight years since we first saw each other periodically at the gym. I admire her gorgeous, lean, sculpted muscular body – she is the envy of every woman who works out at the gym. 8 years ago she looked aggressive and I felt intimidated by that strength and aggression she exuded. Unknown to me, she wanted to like me – calm (as she says).

I  started working out again at the gym and so we meet each other…same gym after 8 years! Now, we talk to each other. She is calm. She smiles at me and my intimidation of her melts away. She looks happy. I want to look like her – sculpted and tough! I am curious about her and asked her about life. She shares with me that she is a single mom and raised 4 boys who are all young adults now. She told me that working out regularly kept her sane in the midst her own problems. She told me that 12 years ago, she was over 200 lbs and people teased her about her weight. She left an abusive relationship 10 years ago and she decided to get in shape.  She has kept her routine for 10 years – running and doing weights 5 times a week. She models for a magazine, is a certified hairdresser and a security guard. She loves the combination of things she does and does not feel that she has to choose only one career path.

“I am pretty…” she teases herself as she looks into the mirror. “I am 49. I have to take care of myself – as I get older, I realize more and more, my health is all I have… I am pretty…” I am amused by her teasing herself. She slips on very simple but sexy clothes. When she is dressed she looks 20 years younger. She is not the typical image of “Pretty” but somehow, the way she says it, she OWNS it! She OWNS who she is.

“You are pretty too,” she teases me too. “When you work out, you get even prettier!” She has this gorgeous smile!

It is a nice exchange. As we shared our own life journeys and our impression of each other 8 years ago, we both laughed at our own judgements of each other. She looked aggressive back then because she was fighting trying to save herself and her kids. She was unaware that she left that aggressive impression on others.

It is always interesting to mw how our body language communicated our thoughts without our awareness.

I look forward to seeing her at the gym. When she runs next to me on the treadmill, I push myself harder. I realize that I have “wishy-washy” goals about weight loss and working out but I am not consistent. Pretty makes me think of being consistent and keeping at something, even when I don’t feel like it. We laugh at each other when we both arrive at the gym and express how we did not feel like coming. She says “I come because I know I will feel prettier when I am finished.”

Everyday she reminds me that I look prettier after my workout. She looks prettier too. Exercise has that calming effect on our bodies….I feel prettier!

Maybe one day we will get to know each other’s names. For now, just thinking of myself and her as Pretty, pretty much does it for me.

Who inspires you to reach for more of what you want to be in your life? Sometimes, our heroes are the ordinary people in our midst.

TuneIn to see the support system  that you attract  to yourself. StepUp to be a support for someone who needs you.