Would You Give a Stranger Your Car?

I am grateful to meet earth angels like Ben and his family. It is admirable that a total stranger would hand over his car keys and trust that everything would be fine.

On the evening of May 29th, my daughter Dawn and I went to Canadian Tire to buy a bike for her. After a long and painful wait, we finally got the bike. However, when we got to our car, the bike would not fit in the car.

The gentleman in this picture was sitting in his car, watching us struggle with the bike. He came over and offered to help us but the bike was simply too long to fit into our car. Dawn suggested that she could ride home but it was too far and she was not familiar with that part of the city. We both felt frustrated. The man’s wife and sister-in-law came to help but to no avail!

Mentally, I started running a list of names of friends who had large vehicles but unfortunately not a single person I could think of had a large enough vehicle to accomodate the bike.

“How far do you live?” the gentleman asked.

“About 15 minutes away,” I responded.

“Here is the key to my car. My car can take the bike. Why don’t you use my car to take the bike home and come back here to meet me. My wife and sister-in-law will be shopping and I am sure that they will be in the shop for a long time!”

I was not sure what to make of the offer. Dawn and I looked at each other in confusion. Was this man for real? Was he really giving us the keys to his car when we had no idea who he was? What about Covid-19? So many thoughts run through my mind as I stared at the bike, my daughter, the man and his car. Realistically, what were our options? The bike would certainly have to get home… in someone else’s vehicle! After some persuasion, I nervously accepted the offer, took the keys and we transferred the bike to his car.

Dawn and I drove to our house nervously. I can’t remember when last I drove someone else’s car. You have no idea how much cortisol flowed through my body to the point where my mouth was completely dry! I prayed fervidly to God to help us get home safely. We were so grateful when we arrived home!

On the way back to drop off the car, Dawn stopped at the grocery story to pick up a hanging basket for the family. We got back to Canadian Tire safely. I have never been more relieved. She gave them the flowers which we had to insist that they had to accept. We chatted for a while and at the end, the man whose name is Ben, said: “We do this kind of thing all the time, helping others. Just pay it forward.”

I am grateful to meet earth angels like Ben and his family. It is admirable that a total stranger would hand over his car keys and trust that everything would be fine.

Would you give a stranger your car in a situation like this?

With all what is going on in the world right now, we need more people like Ben and his family. May the Creator of this amazing universe continue to bless them.

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.” Dalai Lama

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I love my body because it serves my spirit…

When I love and respect my body, my spirit feels welcomed. My spirit can then help me to achieve the work which I am destined to do in this world.

When I resent my body and wish I had a different body, my spirit feels trapped and I cannot live my purpose completely.

I love my body because it serves my

This morning I listened to a video by Sonia Choquette and her words left a beautiful inspirational thought in my mind.

“I love my body because it serves my spirit.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

I love my body because it serves my spirit. 

I will repeat – I love my body because it serves my spirit.

My spirit has chosen my unique body to  serve it’s purpose on this planet, in this lifetime.

It is all the reason for me to care for this beautiful body and to hold it in the highest regard.  Whatever package I am blessed with – big, tall, skinny… is the unique gift which I have been given.  This is the body which I take to work and everywhere that I go.

How can I show my spirit that I am appreciative of this unique body?

  • I need to take care of my body and do little things to show how much I love this beautiful body of mine.
  • I need to rest sufficiently.
  • I need to relax and enjoy being in my body.
  • I need to be aware of what is causing stress in my body.
  • I need to drink water and eat nourishing foods which will give me the energy I need to function well.
  • I need to surround my body with beautiful people and places so that my spirit feels welcomed and supported.
  • I need to speak my truth to my body so that my spirit can feel at peace within me.
  • I need to remind my body how awesome it is!

When I love and respect my body, my spirit feels welcomed.  My spirit can then help me to achieve the work which I am destined to do in this world.

When I resent my body and wish I had a different body, my spirit feels trapped and I cannot live my purpose completely.

How can you welcome your spirit today?

How can you take care of the beautiful body which houses your spirit?



The Touch Exchange.


While sitting in the hot tub, trying to relax, this young man came in with an older gentleman and a young woman. His hesitation and examination of the water, along with a slow forward movement, as if saying “Can I trust this?” caught my attention.  Why was we being so careful? He eventually sat in the water with the young woman next to him and the older gentleman on the other side. I looked at him more intently and his body and eye movements made me realize that he might have a neurological disability.

After a few anxious minutes of looking around, he reached out and touched the hand of the young woman who sat next to him. She returned his touch and his face suddenly relaxed and with look of “O.k… it is safe to be here!” It seems that every time he felt anxious, he reached out to touch her and she returned each touch, each time.  It was like watching a touch exchange.

I watched them leave the hot tub together and they all went off swimming in the pool. He is a great swimmer. Later on, I connected with the young lady in the sauna and we had an interesting chat.  The young man was her brother and the older man was their dad.  It turned out that he was a normal young man with a great career in information technology who suddenly started hearing voices in his head.  At first the family did not make much out of it but it did not take long for them to realize that something was wrong. He is now being treated at one of the hospitals while they are working towards finding permanent long-term care for him.  He is diagnosed with schizophrenia.   She told me how this experience has changed all of their lives, including the fact that she chose to move from another city to support her parents and her brother as they all came to grips with this new development in their lives.  The touch exchange which I saw between them, is his safety net for reassurance.  She told me that when he is uncertain, he reaches out to touch her  or her parents, when they are around.

Mental illness affects more people than we realize.  It is challenging for families to keep it all together and to continue to live a “normal” life. As I write this blog, I am sending blessings to the many people I know who are struggling, trying to find balance as they deal with a loved one who is suffering with mental illness. Sometimes, we have to deal with our partners, or children or parents.  Mental illness quickly isolates families and friends – it is tough to understand; it is expensive to get proper care; it is still stigmatized and it is exhausting to cope with.

On my way home, I asked myself this question: “Who do you connect to when you need re-assurance or someone to reduce your anxiety?”  My answers were a lot less than I  realized.  My partner, a couple of great friends and my sister. Still, I can’t completely release all of my anxieties on those few people so I have developed coping strategies with journaling, writing, walking,  prayers and meditation.

Who do you turn to in your moments of pain, depression, anxiety, frustration, poor judgment?

When our daily unreleased stresses accumulate over a long period of time, we slowly adopt new ways of living and being present in the world. Sometimes, we resort to isolation or we avoid living an active life or we simply lose sight of our purpose and deny ourselves joy in our lives.  Sometimes, alcohol, drugs, sex, love addictions take over as escape routes.

TuneIn to recognize your anxieties.  StepUp and do something about those anxieties because the world needs YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY  to touch the soul of humanity.



p.s:  The beautiful dog above is that of my friend Ellen, who passed away two years ago.  This dog was her “touch exchange.”  It was a privilege for me to watch how Lulu comforted Ellen in her fight with breast cancer, even just sitting at Ellen’s feet while she went through her treatments. Ellen, on the other hand, loved Lulu and they become grounding forces for each other.

Is living within a supportive family/community structure the key to helping our young women achieve their dreams?

Yesterday, the world observed  International Women’s Day and by mere coincident I was at my son’s girlfriends(KIM) bronze medal final playoff basketball  game  at the Carleton University. She is on the team of Wilfred Laurier University Golden Hawks and they competed against Ravens from the Carleton University.  They won the game – in fact it was an amazing win after a double over time!  Now they will be competing at the National Competition in Windsor!

As I watched the game from the stands, I admired how those two teams of young women competed furiously but also noted that their coaches were males.  Of course it makes me wonder why male coaches – something I will figure out later but it is a wonderful example of how male coaches impact the lives of young women in sports!
What was the most striking for me though was watching Kim’s 80 + grandmother dance on the stadium bench as she and her husband cheered their granddaughter on.  This lovely woman was entirely present, engaged and completely free in expressing herself.  Now, that is the spirit I want to always have in my life because it is so rare to see people live in the moment and fullness of life!  And even more touching was how her husband supported her – they seem to just mesh together!
Kim’s entire family, from grandparents to parents to siblings and in-laws and cousins and nieces…. were all there to support her and her team.  As a matter of fact, Kim is the only one from Ottawa on the team (the Laurier University is 5 hours away in Waterloo) but it seems that half the Stadium was there to support her!  Now, imagine the strength of that kind of support in a family.  People could have chosen to be anywhere else but they chose to support Kim and in so doing also supported a community of young women.  What a blessing it is for her grandparents to be able to still enjoy this time with her.
Kim’s parents make the effort to attend every game she plays.  It was so touching yesterday as I listened to her dad who told me that he would have loved to take the whole team out to dinner to celebrate their victory, if they were not leaving right away to go back to Waterloo.  Her sister Julie told me that she anticipated that they would win so she brought them champagne, which was in her car, so they could celebrate on the bus!  Whether they won or not, they would have still received the champagne!  How sweet!  The treats were not just for Kim – the family ensures that the entire team is supported.
I reflect on how my son treats her – with the utmost love and respect.  By showing up at her games and ensuring that he is present in what she loves to do is affirming and supporting of her growth and dreams.  Not only does my son go along but he also pulls my daughter and myself along too! Knowing that she was coming to Ottawa, he spent Friday night preparing special BBQ chicken for her to take back with her on Saturday.  Now… what more can I say?  He wore the Laurier cap at the game – this boy is just in love!
Spending time with my daughter and my son in supporting Kim is important for me just as the rest of all the things I do.  My daughter is beginning to learn how her brother treats his girlfriend, she is being exposed  to another  family who selflessly supports each other – she is seeing the role models all around her and I am sure it will influence her choices in life.
So what is the point of this blog?  It is simply a reflection of how we collectively shape our young women and men within a supportive family and community structure. We all play a vital role in affirming and re-affirming each other in a positive way and the more opportunities we create for such activities, the stronger we grow as a community.  That family structure is what needs to be protected more than anything else to build men and women who can face life fearlessly and contribute meaningfully to society.  Even when a complete family structure  is not present, it is important for us step outside of our comfort zones and find support to develop our skills and talents.
group photo
TuneIn to examine your role in the lives of the women around you.  StepUp to support them to live their fullest potential that allows them to be free in their spirit.  A free spirit  is unstoppable!