What are you welcoming into your life?

I found this cute little sign for my garden. WELCOME. A simple word which brings a deep invitation – for someone? something? an experience?. Until this moment, I never thought of the depth of the word, WELCOME

Most of us use this word to invite or greet others into a space. Most often, AHEAD OF TIME, we will think of creating an experience to welcome them such as providing food and drinks, clean towels, a well made bed, a small present, a well set table, a warm environment, a well thought of experience etc. We can feel when others create a special welcoming experience for us.

Have you ever though of how you welcome yourself into your own life or what you welcome into your life?

I welcome the wonderful gifts of nature into my life.

I welcome people who nurture and support me.

I welcome exerise and good nourishment for my body, which carries me all through the day and night.

I welcome kindness from others.

I welcome the feeling of safely and security wherever I go.

I welcome a work environment which challenges and uplifts my spirit.

By thinking ahead of what you CHOOSE to welcome into your life, you automatically attract more of the same. Eventually, you will realize that you are living a life which welcomes YOU first. This also automatically multiplies and makes it easier to create a welcoming space for others. We cannot treat others better than we treat ourselves… therefore be kind and loving to yourself and it will naturally draw more of the same to you.

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Stop thinking. Do it. Quickest counselling session…


A colleague shared her first and fastest employment counselling session she had in Canada, which lasted for 15 minutes and moved her from thinking to action.

She told the employment counsellor that she wanted to teach French in the public service and that she had all the qualifications and skills to do it.  The employment counsellor looked at her and said, “Then go and do it.”

At first she was a bit shocked that it was that easy. “Go and do it?”  How easy is that?

She got the job effortlessly.  In that moment of being told to “Go and do it.”  her brain must have connected the dots and made her realize that there was no reason she could not do the job since she had all the requirements. She received an affirmation  that it was possible. Prior to that she had talked herself into this self-defeating syndrome that she was not good enough, she was so new to Canada, why would anyone hire her….the endless reasons we convince ourselves that things will not work out.

Yesterday, a friend called me to  help her decide whether she should move back to her home country.  I listened while she explained all the reasons that she could not go.  She may not get a job if she moved back. She may lose her financial security that she has built here.  She may face sexual harassment.  She may not be able to adjust to her home country after being away for so long…. the list went on and on about things that may never happen.

“Why do you want to go back?” I asked.

“Because when I am there, I feel belonged.  I feel happy. I don’t have to wonder whether I am accepted or not.”

“Then do it.” I said.

I look at my own patterns over the years and realize how often I have sabotaged myself and talked myself out of making soul decisions because of fear or I procrastinate until I drive myself crazy. The fear that I am not good enough, not ready, not qualified enough, not smart enough, not financially able… there can be an bottomless list of reasons why you should not do what your soul truly desire.  The procrastination that I will do it later, it’s not the right time…. always an excuse for not acting.

Very often we discount what we feel because we think too much.  Spend sometime with the feeling and ask yourself:

  •  If I acted on this feeling, how will it change my life in the future?(and/or other lives)
  • How does this feeling align with my soul mission?
  • How will my soul expand if I acted on how I am feeling now, even though I don’t know what the results will be?
  • What is stopping me from doing this now?  Does it involve other people?  Is the risk beyond me?
  • Is this a feeling that will have negative consequences for others?

If the feeling continues to nag at you, then stop thinking and ACT. Through your actions, you will find your way.

TuneIn to what your soul is nudging you to do. Your soul already knows the answer.  StepUp to expand your soul work – feel with your heart and take a step of faith.

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Do you feel that you have lost your spirt? How do you feed your spirt?

Feed your Spirt

It is not hard to lose the essence of who we are.  It is not hard to lose our souls.  Our lives sometimes feel so busy that we don’t have the time or energy to listen to our spirit, which is really longing for our attention to help us live our best lives.

We hear it in our voices when we say or think:

“I feel lost.”

“I feel tired.”

“I am not feeling fulfilled.”

“I need a challenge.”

“I feel bored.”

“I no longer know what I am doing with this job/partner/relationship.”

“I can’t stand my job any longer.”

When we disconnect from our spirit, everything else begins to crash around us.  When we tune in to those feelings – it is a signal for us to get back on track and honour that essence which sustains us.

For many years, I struggled trying to understand how to be quiet and meditate.   When I tried to sit quietly, my mind seemed to drift to my multitude of challenges. But I never gave up.  In my quest to quieten my mind, I have read lots of books on meditation.  One of them gave me an insight which changed everything completely.  It helped me to understand that my breath is the source of all life. It is the source which feeds my spirit.  As soon as this clicked in my mind, I found that I could lie down quietly and breathe deeply peacefully and let all other things float out of my mind.  I understand how important that my breath is – it is the breath of life.  As I lie down and just simply breathe in and out deeply for 15 minutes, I give my body and spirit, the gift of acknowledging the power of that breath and that life which I have been blessed with through grace. The  oxygen which feeds the cells of my body feel delighted that I take the time to do this.  In my moments of stress, my spirit reminds me to go back to my breath – and as I tune in to breathing and acknowledging that essence of who I am, all things become peaceful again.

TuneIn to your spirit today.  How do you feed it?

A walk?





Working out?

Slowing down?

A long bath?

Listening to music?

Lighting candles?

Doing the thing that feels right?

StepUp to feed your spirit daily.  It is so longing for you to come home to it – it is the source of our true essence.

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Motherhood. Does it seem to be a sacrificial journey? Can you find time to also follow your passion?


November 4th marked 2 years since my mom crossed over to the other life at 73 years old. She always told me,  “I would like to live up to 70… anything beyond that is a bonus… and I would like to see my grandchildren grow up a little older. ”  She experienced both and I am grateful that she held each of those beautiful grandchildren in her arms.

Mom’s life had interesting twists and turns but her faithfulness to God in all that she went through is etched in my mind.  As she got older, her prayer time increased and a greater sense of peace settled over her. She spoke of accepting things – good or bad – and would make statements such as, “It is the will of God.”

I felt blessed by God to have been able to spend the last five days of her life with her.  I was here in Ottawa, when my sister called to say that she had a heart attack and was at the hospital.  The only thought that went through my mind was, “Please God, keep her alive until I get home.”  God granted both of us that wish and I remain grateful that we both laughed until we cried to the end of her life.  In the middle of a fit of laughter, she said, “I wish I could see your teeth now.” I can only imagine my much she missed seeing – she was blind for over 10 years.

Only those of us who are so far way from our parents can truly understand the guilt and pain of not being there with them as they age, get sick and need our support.

On the last day of her life, my sister and I were sitting with her in the hospital room and as I looked at her, I felt that her life was slipping away.  My last words to her were, “Mom, rest now, you are tired.  Just close your eyes and rest.”  Five minutes later, she crossed over.



She got married at 15 to my dad who was 18, through an arranged marriage.  She told her mother,  “It is not my wish to be married, but if it is your desire, I will do so.” From what I was told, it was her desire to be a seamstress and remain single.  Life had other plans for her and blessed her with a husband and 6 children – a life which was not always a bed of roses but one which she handled with grace and courage.

How much control do we have over those big life decisions? 

Did her soul decide that she was going to be married to my dad and have those kids before she even arrived here?

Her husband and children were her life.  Although uneducated, she believed strongly in education and made sure that all her children went to school and had the necessary supplies to succeed.  She was a business woman, a farmer, a seamstress, a homemaker, she managed the family finance and even saved money when we seem to barely have any money!  Mom did what she needed to do to survive and made sure  that her family had some form of security. She was the mom who woke up at 4:30a.m to prepare breakfast and lunch – we woke up to the smell of cocoa tea and bakes or dahl.  We came home to a hot cooked meal in the afternoon.  For her, it was a pleasure being available for her family – she never complained.  Even when I started to work as a teacher, I would come home in the afternoon to find my laundry all done, dinner all prepared.. and she would encourage me to go for a rest after my dinner.  What a privilege that was!

She took care of her grandchildren lovingly.  I will be always grateful to her for taking care of my first son, Ohri, for the first two years of his life while I completed my studies in Jamaica.  To do this, as a grandmother, I am sure was a huge sacrifice for her but Ohri also received a huge blessing.

Amongst the many, many lessons I have learnt from watching my mom’s life, is not to take life for granted and to find time to do the things I do love to do.  I think that her life was lived almost completely in a sacrificial way for her children and maybe this is what brought her joy. However, even though I love my mom very, very dearly, my rebellious nature in pursuing my own passions in life, started because I had the perception that her life was sacrificed for family and I did not want to do the same with mine.  Choosing a professional path, pursuing my passion in travel and writing and community activities, gives me energy to perform my role better as a mother.  Altogether, I feel much more fulfilled having a balance between the two.

I was about 18 years old when I asked mom to go on a trip with me so that she could have a travelling experience. Her response was, “Child, save your money.”

A few  years later,  she became blind and I moved to Canada just after that.  One day I asked her to come over  to spend some time with me. Her response was,  “Where can I go now? I  am blind.”

These two statements constantly flood my mind, especially when I am about to make an important  decision.  How much weight do I attach to the money vs the experience?  Can I have less money and a fuller life experience?  I don’t want to look back and regret not doing something I passionately wanted to do and then regret it later even more due to the onset of a major life illness or a sudden change in life. My mom never imagined that she would have become blind. How would we know?

We do the best we can.  We do better, when we know better.

This moment is all that we have. TuneIn to  the opportunities in front of you. StepUp and make conscious choices which will make your life fuller and happier.  Perhaps we don’t have to be in sacrificial mode all the time – lighten up and enjoy the opportunities which life is presenting to you.  Do your best to make yours a happy journey.



Can you live ‘in the bother’ of it all and ‘be with what is’?

“I can live my life now ‘in the bother of it’… I can live in the uncertainty of things and know that uncertainty is not a place of fear and it is o.k to take time to figure things out in that space of uncertainly” Orin Saunders, business man from New York City at the International Black Summit in Ottawa, August 4th, 2013. Part of his life experience is in my previous blog.

I have thought about this and I realize how often we want to fix things,get things right, look perfect, give more than we have, get upset if it does not work out according to how we planned it… But what if we just accepted to live in the bother of it?

Yesterday, I planned to meet a friend after work. On my way to our planned meeting place, I got a text that said something important came up and she could not make it. The first moment left me completely upset because I had rushed through my workout at the gym just to be able to meet with her. Then I reminded myself to “be in the bother of it.” and that everything would be fine.
What triggered my upset? I was looking forward to seeing her and I had given up something important to be with her.
Did I complete my part to be with her? YES
Was there anything more I could do about the situation? NO
Did it make the relationship any less special? NO because even though I was not a priority for some reason now, does not mean it has been like this. Further more, I don’t have all the facts to make a judgement on why she cancelled.

And so a smile broke on my face after I had cleared my head with my feeling of disappointment. Suddenly I heard a squeal and right in front of me was a friend I had not seen for about 8 years whom I had thought of for the longest while. I had lost her contact information and only knew her by her first name. We were so excited to see each other and kept on hugging each other over and over again. We had a lovely spontaneous dinner together…it was a beautiful evening.

Maybe ‘living in the bother’ does not always manifest itself into something that instantaneous but I know that from my own personal experience, “being with what is” and “accepting what is” no matter what is going on in our lives, creates a deep trust within our hearts and souls to be at peace with ourselves. Life speaks to us through all the ups and downs in our lives. If we can live and be perfectly comfortable with ‘the bother’, we will continue to trust life… all will reveal itself in time.

TuneIn today to our own ‘bothers’. What triggers them? Is there something we need to take to completion? Maybe or maybe not. Can you StepUp and be with what is, without needing to fix or solve it?


How To Destroy Opportunities That Can Give Us A Career Break, A Better Relationship….


It is easy to destroy opportunities that could give us a great career break, a promotion or a better chance at having a great relationship with a co-worker, friend, neighbour, child or partner. Even though much of world has gone digital, the human connection is still at the heart beat of making or breaking us. I take a deep interest in observing human interaction around me and very often I see situations that I think could have been dealt with differently, if only we are a bit more aware. Sometimes we think that how we behave at home is different from work but I think it is hard to separate the core of who we are. A happy person will carry that feeling of happiness everywhere they are. An angry person will carry the energy of anger whereever they are, even if they are dressed in the best garments.

From a soul perspective, I know that our souls are longing for expansion, advancement and to be filled with light. It longs to feel good about what we do on a day to day basis.

This list is not inexhaustible but here are a few things that can make or break the deal:

a) Not paying attention to who has influence and power to make or break you.

A few years ago, in the middle of a work crisis, a wise older woman wrapped her arms around me and said, “Magdalene, pay attention to every single person in the company. Acknowledge the smallest worker, for he or she has influence which is bigger than you may realize”. How true that was! Shortly afterwards, the person who opened the door to a specific opportunity for me was the cleaner who got to know more about me and was connected to the head of another organization who was looking for a person with my skill set. I was very surprised at the turn of events in this specific case. Sometimes we think that only our boss has the power to promote us – WRONG! Think of all the people who can talk to your boss or partner or child about you! I have seen cases where so much negative information was fed to the decision maker that it ruined any possibility of promotion for the worker, even when he had all the skills and could do the job. I have also seen people get promoted simply because others spoke about them in such a positive way. The more people who you have good relationships with – the better!

b) Lack of self-awareness:

Sometimes we have no idea of how our actions, body language, words and general energy comes across. I once interviewed a woman who looked so tired that even though she had an impressive resume and I believed that she could do the job, her low energy level simply drained me. Another time, someone else was so bubbly and excited that she too drained me because it was hard to keep up with her extremely high energy. I was once interviewed and did not get the job because I came across as being too confident! Since then I have learnt how to be a bit more humble and to also match my environment so that I fit in and not to stand out in the “wrong” way. Now, from a cross cultural perspective, this is very sentitive as behaviours from one country may be completely misunderstood by another country. It is important to educate yourself about other cultures, ask lots of questions if you are not sure of how you come across and be observant about how business is conducted around you.

c) Insecurities:

People who are insecure in themselves feel that others are constantly against them or attacking them. This results in a constant inner battle which makes them guard against others to the destruction of establishing productive and positive relationships. If you are constantly complaining about everyone or feeling attacked by others, it is likely that you need to do something different to change that around. Exhibiting “smart-ass” behaviours, making rude remarks or making statements that put another person down sets a RED alarm, makes others feel inadequate and immediately begins an upspoken “battle”. I recently watched one person rolled her eyes and exchanged a dirty look with someone else, while their colleague was speaking and even though it was not targeted at me, I immediately developed a dislike for the person’s behaviour. I could not help but wonder if I worked with these people, whether I would be treated in a similar way.

d) Lack of gratitude for the simplest to the grandest things:

By nature, human being like to be appreciated and the more we can say “thank you” to others, the more we attract positive energy our way. By simply not acknowledging the good in others, we diminish the light around our own soul. Find ways to show your gratitude to others. Send a card, call to express your sentiment, send an e-mail, treat a person to lunch or coffee, buy a small gift… I try to express gratitude to at least one person each day and it always creates an uplifting energy!

Imagine if each one of us took individual responsibility to touch everything we do with gratitude, generosity, good intentions, love and sincerity. The best part of it all, is that the moment we become aware of the behaviours that can cause destruction in our lives, we have the power to change it around. Our soul loves nothing more but to expand and grow in a positive light.

TuneIn to what is causing destruction in your life and StepUp to make the change required to attract amazing opportunities.