Mags Magazine Testimonials

Angela Charles

The magazine is truly an inspiration to me and I hope, it also will be to everyone who reads it.

In addition to the glossy feel, the amazing photography and the many inspirational messages, the articles are reminders that we can step up, reclaim our lives and live with laughter, love and hope.

Your articles are written with simplicity, warmth and understanding.  Understanding who you are as a mentor and as an enlightened person.  I do hope that you will continue to bless us with your thoughts and joy for living.

Congratulations and may your cup runneth over.

All my love.

Lady IconicIt was an awesome day with Magdalene Cooman (founder of and author of Mags Magazine) yesterday, as we recorded my 2nd edition of the new podcast series Iconic Voices, which will soon be launched on the blog.
Getting the opportunity to meet Mags in person was truly an amazing experience as she shed light on the importance of Soulful Encounters and did not hesitate to get personal and open about her life on the podcast.
The little girl who grew up in Saint Lucia from a modest and humble home to a dynamic and vivacious woman who’s all about taking bold steps in life is the kind of energy that Lady Iconic loves to tap into!


I had the opportunity to read “Mags Magazine” over the weekend ,and thought Mags Magazine to be inspirational and educational .Mags Magazine is presented in a very professional fashion from the glossy pages to the vibrant pictures that makes you want to -keep on reading.I thought every category had a message:Live your Future- encourages us to choose our friends with caution,plan the future with a purpose,and frame your life with faith.Living with Passion- the energy/or the driving force behind success & happiness allowing us all to live a better lives.Soul Talk-These encounters reminds me of a famous line “Everything happens for a Reason”,we can all relate to these encounters,they transform & elevate our lives to a higher level.Stepping Up-It teaches us a simple concept & that is to step up to life’s challenges.Magdalene,I am so proud of you, the quality of work that you have published clearly shows your dedication,and passion for your vision.Congratulations to your Success,and looking foreward for many more editions .I would highly recommend “Mags Magazine” for easy reading. It will Connect you,makes you Reflect,and Uplift you!

Velina William, Florida


Thank you Sharon for sharing your experience with Mags Magazine. I just have this nice warm feeling in me to know that you made the time to sit, relax, read and enjoy. It is especially timely for me just before the launch on Wednesday evening. I am looking forward to many like minded individuals coming together because I know that Mags Magazine represents many, many of us who are on our soul path and finding the courage to do our unique work and to add more light to our world.

Sharon Peter, Thunder Bay, Ontario

MarcellaCan’t stop congratulating you my dear friend Magdalene Cooman on a job well in this publication of Mags- Soulful Encounters. High standard, informative, soul searching. Very powerful real life information. You’ve always been a ” Positive Thinker ” and always knew you could do great things. I salute you on a job well done. Bravo my friend.

Marcella Serville Donelly, New York

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to inspire us. I am sure every one of us in the settlement department were really impressed and inspired by your experiential and testimonial presentation. I personally found it to be unique and uplifting because I found myself in the entire presentation and to tell you the truth, I felt that I was in a private counselling and coaching session. I am sure today, you spoke to our hearts because we have similar experiences. We are either travelling the same road or have already been there and we can easily connect and reflect back.

Mussie Habte, Ottawa

D13312897_1159032257462381_6167996189070431957_n[1]on’t know what to say or where to start. Thanks for taking me on your journey to allow me to enjoy the different aspects and beautiful experience of discovering the simplicity of every day living. The depth and breadth of our world how the physical distance has little significance with our soulful living. I enjoyed reading and a few of my convictions have been strengthen.

Adela Sealy, New York