“Thank you so much for taking your precious time to inspire us. I am sure every one of us in the settlement department were really impressed and inspired by your experiential and testimonial presentation. I personally found it to be unique and uplifting because I found myself in the entire presentation and to tell you the truth, I felt that I was in a private counselling and coaching session. I am sure today, you spoke to our hearts because we have similar experiences. We are either travelling the same road or have already been there and we can easily connect and reflect back.

 How did your session impact your life personally or professionally?

Personally, I am so impacted by your presentation. Today’s presentation helped me to know what a wonderful personal Magdalene is and I was reflecting back and remembering Hidat at the Red Sea café and I came to know you “Walk your Talk”. There is a lot I will be using from your presentation,    to start, I will be conducting a mini workshop with my family at home and we will be setting our individual vision boards.

 On a scale of 5, with 5 being the highest, how would you rate Magdalene’s presentation?

Excellent! 5

What are you inspired to do now to live a more fulfilling life?

Take ACTION to change, it is never too late and inspire my family.

Any comments which you would like to share?

The second impact of your presentation is on our professional sphere. As professionals working with immigrants and newcomers who are going through the transition period, your presentation will serve as a tool to help us to help our clients.

 Thank you Magdalene and I can’t wait to read your Mags magazine.

Mussie Habte

Settlement Counsellor / Conseiller en établissement

Catholic Centre for Immigrants / Centre catholique pour immigrants